The Way It Feels: Deathnote oneshot

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A/n: I apologize in advance for this.

Light opened his Deathnote. It was about 11 P.M., and he was in the middle of a Western novel his class was translating for school, going through and doing it all now as not to trouble himself later. He put down the Western book and focused his attention on the Deathnote. Oh, how it felt to kill….

Ryuk flew around the city, a very busy city somewhere within the Kanto region, maybe Tokyo. He had gotten bored with just watching Light do nothing but his homework. "Light," he had said. "Do something amusing." Light had, of course, ignored him and turned his attention back to his paperwork.

"Light!" He heard the sound of Light's younger sister, Sayu at the door.

"Well, that's my ticket to go." Ryuk said as he flew out of the window. That exchange had been hours ago. He had been flying around, searching for a human with a particularly average lifespan. Someone who wouldn't be expecting to die today. The Shinigami smiled cruelly as he cast his glare to a good-looking young adult. Unlucky dude, Ryuk thought as he pulled out his Deathnote and pencil. Oh, how it felt to kill…

He looked through his files of criminals he had kept for times like these, searching for one he hadn't crossed out in red ink. "Hmm, who will fall under Kira's feet this time?" Light whispered to himself as he searched. Light saw a young adult and decided to write his name down. His name was Hiroki Nagaoka. He had been convicted of rape. "What a troubled soul…" Light crossed out the man's photo and proceeded to write the criminal's name in the Deathnote. Light looked out side of his window and rolled his chair over to it. Looking at the sky above him, he put his hands behind his head and reclined in his chair. Oh, how it felt to kill…

As Ryuk decided the circumstance of the death, he decided he wanted to have as much fun with this death as possible. He wanted to enjoy this… Ryuk looked at the dark sky, no stars in the sky. Tokyo sure had a lot of light pollution… A thought hatched in his mind. He had remembered something about a BB killer in America, how he'd tortured his victims before killing them… Putting a smile on his face once more, this one bigger than the one he had previously, he let his murky black wings close as he began to descend to the ground. Oh, how it felt to kill…

Light and Ryuk would probably agree that it was the best feeling in the world.