Author: MeriSalope

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King is the property of Warner Brothers and Shoot-the-Moon Productions. I make no money from the story and no copyright infringement is intended. Charlie's Angels is the property of Aaron Spelling and his heirs.

Time frame: Post Season 1, Pre Season 2

Referred Episodes:

CA: 'Target: Angels'

SMK: 'Saved by the Bells', 'The Weekend', 'Waiting for Godorsky', 'Service Above & Beyond', 'The First Time', 'Filming Raul'

forecasted SMK: 'Stemwinder Pt 1', 'All the World's a Stage', 'Flight to Freedom', 'Long Way Home', 'All That Glitters'

Additional Credits: 'Come Sail Away' by Styx

Summary: Crossover piece between Charlie's Angels & Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Who is Blue Leader?

Author's Notes: Comments & critiques are welcomed. This is completely AU. While this tale remains mostly within the time frame above, it doesn't stay with canon. Thank you very much to my beta, editors, and medical resources. Any mistakes are completely my own, and do not reflect on my excellent sources. This tale is dedicated to MyKidsMom1963, without your help CN:S never would've been finished. Happy Birthday, my friend.


Midnight, July 25, 1984

Fire crackled in the distance, consuming the last of the empty building. It had been a long night following an even longer day, and it wasn't even close to done. Not by a long shot. Now there was the paperwork to be done.

Long fingers made another furrow through thick, tawny hair. Damn, but he was tired. He needed a vacation. A vacation and a nice bottle of single malt... and a blonde. Yeah! Definitely a blonde, brunettes were just too much trouble! Maybe he'd give Elisa a call later.

Scarecrow looked down at his destroyed clothing and just shook his head. Make that a shower, vacation, single malt, and a blonde... not necessarily in that order! At least the Porsche was in the shop. He wouldn't be putting his smoky, sooty, smelly self on his flawless leather seats, but rather was using one of the Agency sedans. There was always a silver lining.

Nodding at Anderson, he limped over to the bank of firemen coiling up their hoses. The fire was almost out, the abandoned building was pretty much a total loss, and everyone but the pump truck and Engine 34 were getting cleaned up to return to the station. For once, no one had been injured. For that reason alone, tonight had been a complete success. Would have been better if the place wouldn't have burned, but beggars couldn't be choosers. No one got hurt. It was almost a good night. At least Amanda had left with Billy, that should make the reports go faster.

"All set here, Chief?"

"Egads, Stetson, you're a mess! What the hell happened to you?"

"Yeah, well..."

"Were you the fool in there?" Paul Reynolds hooted with laughter. He won the pool again!

Lee flushed, grateful for the cover of darkness. Yes, he had been the fool inside. He ground his teeth for a moment, "Yeah. So, are we still on for poker next week?"

The fire chief gave a short laugh. "Boy, I'll be more than happy to take your money any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. You just tell me when and where; I'll be the one carrying the beer."

"As long as it isn't that domestic swill you keep trying to foist on me. Shit tastes like swamp water. My place on Wednesday. I figure we'll order pizza or something. There's a new place just opened up on M. Don't forget your wallet this time!" Glad the subject change had worked, Lee made his way back to the sedan. Anderson could handle the rest of the clean-up here. God, what a night!


Amanda sat quietly in the passenger seat of the brown sedan, examining her fingers closely. The heavy borrowed jacket swallowed her willowy frame whole, but it was very nice of that fireman to let her use it. She just knew he was going to be mad. It wasn't her fault though. Not that he'd cared. Apparently she was supposed to let them both burn to a crisp. Carefully sliding her arm into the sleeve, she glanced to make sure the aloe was well buried deep in her purse.

Approaching the car, the grin fell from his face. What the hell was she still doing here? He could've sworn he told her to ride back with Billy!

Slamming into the driver's seat, he shot an irritated glance over at the woman while twisting the ignition key. Hadn't he been through enough tonight? "I thought you were riding back with Billy?"

She continued to look at her fingers, nervously toying with one of her rings. He growled with frustration, and spun the Agency's brown sedan onto the street. Tires skidded for a moment, struggling for traction on wet pavement.

It was a very quiet ride through the midnight streets of Georgetown. Occasionally one of them would cough from the residual smoke fumes, but neither spoke a word. Lee's jaw flexed as he took advantage of the street lights to look at his companion while they sat at a red light. A single tear coursing down her cheek had him slamming his foot on the gas, sending the car careening through the intersection and zipping quickly for the parking garage. He was not feeling guilty!

Moments later found the abused POS shuddering in an empty slot while Amanda stared determinedly out the windshield. From the corner of her eye, she could see his fingers flexing on the steering wheel. She bit her bottom lip and opened her door. Without a word to the indignant man, she exited the car and trudged towards the elevator doors. She wasn't saying a word to him until he apologized. Maybe not even then.

Reaching the doors, leaving him to fume in the car, she pressed the button to summon the lift. They swooshed open and she stepped in. Behind her, his car door slammed. Should she wait? The woman turned to press the correct floor just as the filthy man entered the car. Of course he made it. She really couldn't expect any less of the crack agent. She should've moved quicker.

Refusing to look at him, she watched the door slide closed then glanced at her watch. Seeing the time, she closed her eyes. She wouldn't be getting much sleep tonight... even if she were to return to the garage and head immediately for home. Which was exactly what he thought she should be doing, of course. She bet it never even occurred to him that she had a few acres of paperwork of her own, no thanks to him.

The tension between the pair was palpable as the car descended in silence. She could feel his eyes lasering into her back but she refused to give him the satisfaction. Scant seconds later deposited them at Field Ops, only a few feet from the bullpen. They both stepped forward at the same time, the man bumping into the woman carelessly. She fell back, swallowing an exclamation as his elbow brushed her hidden burns. Tears instantly filled her eyes while she sunk her teeth into her bottom lip, battling nausea. She needed to get home and tend her wounds.

Not sparing his nemesis a second glance, Lee stalked past the Marines guarding the doorway and into the bullpen. He had to get started on his reports before he was called in to be debriefed. If he was lucky, he might make it home by dawn. Grabbing the appropriate forms, he slouched into his chair and began scrawling his version of the night's events. Damn, but he was tired!

Holding her wounded arm protectively close, Amanda smiled tightly at the sergeant opening the glass door for her. Beads of sweat were visible on her white face as she made her slow way to an empty cubicle across the room. Filling out her own reports would be interesting as she was right handed, but doable. Typing, however, was completely out of the question. O, but this hurt!

Settling into the chair, she took deep cleansing breaths. She wanted nothing more than to strip out of the heavy jacket the nice fireman had draped over her thin shoulders, but knew she couldn't. Not if she wanted to continue to conceal her injuries. She'd worry tomorrow about how to explain them to everyone. At least Mother and the boys were going to be gone for the next week. That made things a bit simpler.

Her hands trembled as she reached for the forms. She might be home in time to see the boys off to camp, if she could get this task done relatively quickly. Maybe Mr. Melrose would allow her to bring her report home rather than stay and type it. It wasn't like her to leave a job half done, but right now she just wasn't up to the challenge of facing a computer keyboard.

Moving her injured arm as little as humanly possible, she wrote neatly and concisely. Voices swirled around her as she concentrated on the task. Only the fact that it needed to be done kept her in the chair. She'd have to excuse herself soon to apply more aloe. She needed to keep her arm moist.

Abruptly, the sickening scent of smoke filled her nose. Lee stood behind her chair, and dropped his own report on top of hers. Of course he expected her to type it up. Why wouldn't he, she was merely a civilian aide, after all. He leaned against her left shoulder, muttering, "Billy expects to have these typed up before you leave. I'm heading into Debriefing. Meet me there when you're done."

The agony of her burns caused her vision to swirl madly as she again battled nausea. His voice seemed to be coming from a distance, rather than right over her left shoulder. She blinked, trying to regain focus when he did the unthinkable. Unaware of the injury, he patted her bicep to get her attention. A thundering silence roared through her throbbing head; darkness overwhelmed