Chapter 11

10:15 a.m. July 25, 1984

Lee paced the small cage of Billy's office while the section chief took Francine's report. Amanda King had completely vanished, and Miguel Vargas was no longer in his holding cell. They'd only now discovered Vargas' disappearance. It seemed the Marine guarding the cell was no longer standing duty at the Agency, and was also no where to be found. Further, the last time anyone had seen Corporal Johnson was last night when he pushed Amanda into the elevator. Kelford was still missing as well.

He interrupted the blonde rudely, not caring in the least. "Billy, what the hell is going on here? People don't just disappear. This is one of the most secure installations in the world. Where is she?"

"Too right, Scarecrow." The three agents stared at the voice emitting from above. Like in almost every other room of the building, there was a speaker embedded in the ceiling tiles. The system was there to sound general alerts and other types of public announcements. Unlike the others, however, this one was also hard-wired directly to the unseen head of the Agency – Blue Leader. "Vargas was moved last night. Mrs. King is under Dr. Kelford's care until she heals from her wounds. I'm told she should be able to return in about ten days."

Francine arched a slim brow at the words. Granted she'd been burned, but why did Amanda need direct Kelford's care? Better question, why was Blue Leader the one telling them this?

Lee opened his mouth, but before he uttered a sound, the voice continued.

"I trust Smithers has been disillusioned, Melrose. Mrs. King will not be transferred to Cryptography or any other department in this facility, do I make myself clear? Further, she will be attending the next session of Station One. Mrs. King is a valuable addition to the Agency, and was operating under my directive this week. Scarecrow, you will cease your fruitless search for the Seraphim immediately. She carries a higher security clearance than you do."

Billy cleared his throat before responding, "Understood, sir. I have already made it clear to both Smithers and Stetson that Mrs. King was not being transferred. I trust the message has been received."

"Good. As you were."

Lee carefully avoided Billy and Francine's eyes while leaving the office. He had some thinking to do, may as well return Paul's jacket in the process.


Mary Finkle glared at the man perched behind the desk in Personnel. "I don't care where you find one. I need another body in the Steno Pool. Preferably one who spends more time typing files than making eyes at the field agents. The last one you sent me was useless. She didn't even bother to call in, just sent someone to collect her things."