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It was Friday afternoon and the final bell had just rung. Dick ran out of the classroom rushing to get to his locker. He wanted to get back to the manor as soon as possible. He rushed through the hallways, expertly weaving through the crowd of students, to get to his locker. When he got there he saw a familiar redhead.

"Hey Barb," Dick said as he turned the dial on his locker.

"Hey Dick," Barbara said as she turned around, "So you doing anything tonight? Bec..."

"Actually Barb I am," Dick interrupted as he took out a few textbooks, "I'm going to my girlfriend's school's dance."

"Oh okay," Barbara responded surprised, "Well do you think we could meet up this weekend to work on that history assignment."

"Sure," Dick replied as he closed his locker and checked his watch, "I gotta go Barb," He put his bag on and walked away disappearing into the crowd, "I'll text you tomorrow."

"Bye," Barbara whispered as she looked to where her best friend had melted into the crowd.

Dick rushed out to where Alfred was waiting in front of the car. Alfred had a smug smile on his face as he saw the acrobat push his way through the crowd and run over to the car. Alfred opened the door just in time for Dick to slide in.

"Let's go Alfred," Dick said.

After Alfred had sat down and instructed the young ward to put on his seat belt he pulled the car away from the curb slowly.

"So Master Richard," Alfred began, "How was your day?"

"It was fine," Dick said as he sent Zatanna a text. Alfred stopped to let an old woman cross the street, "Could you hurry up Alfred?"

"If you didn't notice Master Richard it is a red light," Alfred pointed out.

"Come on!" Dick exclaimed.

"No need to rush Master Richard," Alfred replied calmly, "We have plenty of time."

"Whatever," Dick said as he slouched into the leather and crossed his arms, defeated.

As they arrived in front of the manor, Dick flew out of the car and through the front door. He threw his bag onto the couch as he ran to the study. He went through the clock, down the stairs and straight to the gym. He quickly changed outfits and waited for Bruce to arrive.

After ten minutes of waiting he went back up to the computer. There was Bruce, typing away at the keyboard, still in his suit.

"Bruce?" Dick asked not knowing what to expect.

"Yes Dick?" Bruce replied turning to face his ward.

"Why aren't we training?" Dick asked surprised. Normally they would train for at least an hour every day and on Fridays they trained for two. That was why he had been in such a rush to get home, so that he would have as much time as he could before the dance.

"You have the day off of training," Bruce answered.

"Really?" Dick asked.

"Yes you get to relax tonight before the dance," Bruce responded, "But don't think you aren't training, you get an extra hour tomorrow and Sunday."

"Okay," Dick said as he rushed up the stairs. He had a little over three hours until the dance started.

Zatanna was in her gourmet cooking class working on baking sugar cookies with Alyssa. The pair had mutually decided to make them in the shape of hearts and to decorate them with pink icing in honor of the dance later that day.

They had just finished decorating the first batch of cookies when the teacher came up to them as she did her rounds to see how the groups were progressing. Ms. Haden, a young teacher and a romantic at heart, was immediately interested in the design of their cookies.

"Alyssa, Zatanna I just love your cookies," Ms Haden said, "I think they're perfect for Valentine's Day. You know what girls, I think it would be great if both of you were to make some this weekend so that on Monday you two could have a Valentine's Day bake sale."

"Uh," both girls hesitated, "Sure thing Ms Haden." Alyssa finished.

"Great," Ms Haden said as she clapped her hands together, "Class come look at Alyssa and Zatanna's assi..." She was interrupted by the shrill ring of the school bell that marked the end of the day, "Have a good weekend and remember Monday is Valentine's Day."

"Bye Ms Haden," Zatanna said as she walked out with Alyssa.

"So Zatanna," Alyssa began as she rubbed her arm nervously, "I was wondering if maybe you would like to get ready for the dance at my place?"

"Sorry Alyssa but I can't," Zatanna replied, "I promised my parents I would change at home."

"That's fine," Alyssa responded. She turned and began to walk to her locker.

"Alyssa," Zatanna said causing the blonde to turn around, "Why aren't you getting ready with Jennifer and Sienna?"

"Well they don't know I'm going with Aidan," Alyssa answered, "Plus they're getting ready at Sienna's house."

"What's wrong with that?" Zatanna asked.

"Well it would be kind of awkward seeing my date before he comes to pick me up," Alyssa said. Zatanna raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Sienna and Aidan are twins."

"Really?" Zatanna asked surprised, Alyssa nodded, "I would have never guessed."

"Yeah she doesn't really acknowledge him," Alyssa said, "But anyway I gotta run, see you tonight."

"Yeah see you tonight," Zatanna said.

She finished taking the right folders out of her locker for her homework this weekend. She walked down the hall, nodding to Aidan as he walked by. As she walked off to meet with Conner she heard someone calling her name. She turned to see Alina running up to her.

"Zatanna!" Alina exclaimed before hunching over to take a breath.

"What's up Alina?" Zatanna asked.

"Just a couple of questions," Alina replied, "First is Rob coming tonight?" Zatanna simply nodded in confirmation, "Great, he's fun. Second, do you wanna come over to mine before the dance? Allie, Ashley and I are getting ready together."

"I'm sorry Alina but I can't, I promised my parents I'd get ready at home," Zatanna lied for the second time. Although she had promised Artemis and M'gann that she would let them help her it wasn't quite the same.

"No problem," Alina said, "See you there. I bet Rob is going to get you a bouquet of roses."

"We'll see," Zatanna laughed.

She walked over to Conner who was standing near the bike rack being..., well Conner. She couldn't see any sign, however, of the perky Martian.

"Hey Conner," Zatanna said, "Where's Megan?"

"She's got Bumblebee practice," Conner answered, "She said she'd meet us at the Cave."

"Okay," Zatanna said, "Should we be off?"

"Sure." Conner responded curtly.

Zatanna always felt slightly uneasy when it was just her and Conner. At least with Wally there could be a real conversation, with both of them talking. With Conner it always just felt like she had to carry the entire conversation seeing as he barely ever asked anything. He seemed to only ever be responding to her, never changing the topic or anything. So when she got texts from both Artemis and Robin, almost at the same time, she was incredibly relieved.

Zatanna read the text messages from Artemis first, they were all about how she was almost at the Cave and excited to help out. Afterwards she read the text message from Robin. It read Can't wait until I get to so you tonight which made her lips extend into a smile.

Shortly afterwards she got back to the Cave. She passed by her room to drop off her bag before going to the kitchen for a snack and some TV. After having eaten her snack and finishing her episode she brought her plate to the sink. As soon as she had closed the dishwasher she got another text. She expected it to be Artemis with another update on how much longer until she got there but it was from Robin. It read I've got a special surprise for you. To say Zatanna was awestruck was an understatement. Although Zatanna was accustomed to being surprised by her boyfriend, this was the first time she had been given any notification to one of his surprises which made it that much more intriguing. She pondered over what this could mean, if it even meant anything.

After hours had passed it was almost time for the Happy Harbor High School Valentine's Day dance. Zatanna was sitting in front of the large mirror she had in her room. She was almost ready to go to the dance, she was wearing her purple dress, her very little makeup, some lip gloss and mascara, had been applied, all that remained was her hair. Artemis was standing just behind Zatanna, working away at the magician's hair. After several failed attempts at fancy hairstyles from a magazine, Artemis was almost ready to call it quits.

"You know what Artemis?" Zatanna asked rhetorically, this caused the blonde archer to lift her head and look at her best friend through the mirror, "Let's just go with something simple, maybe make it a little wavy."

"That would work," Artemis said before going back to work.

After working for a while Artemis stepped back and instructed Zatanna to look in the mirror. Zatanna did so and was charmed by the way her hair looked. Although it seemed simple enough it brought out Zatanna's natural beauty.

"Artemis I love it," Zatanna said as she turned her head to get a different angle. She stood up and hugged her best friend.

"Good," Artemis said, "Now let's get a picture of you and M'gann."

Zatanna followed Artemis out of the room and towards the living room. As she walked her mind wandered back to the text she had received from Robin. She couldn't stop thinking about what the surprise could possibly be and it left her slightly frustrated. Normally with surprises there is no prior information that there would even be a surprise but once warned the curiosity becomes too much and that's what was frustrating the magician.

As Artemis left to find the Martian, Zatanna saw Conner in his suit. Although he did look handsome it was such an immense difference from his usual look that Zatanna thought it was just wrong. Instead of the angry teen with a black T-Shirt that she was used to there was a teen who looked like he could be working at Wayne Enterprises or even be Bruce Wayne himself.

"You look good Conner," Zatanna finally said aloud.

"I hate this monkey suit," Conner said as he pulled at the sleeves, "But M'gann asked me to wear it."

"You really care about her don't you?" Zatanna asked.

"I..." Conner never got to finish because that was the moment that Artemis came back with M'gann.

"So let's take the picture!" Artemis exclaimed, she was more excited about this than she had expected to be. She silently thanked God that Wally wasn't there to hear her, she still had a reputation to uphold in front of her boyfriend.

M'gann walked over to her boyfriend with a smile that was bigger than any other Zatanna had seen on the Martian's face, which was hard to believe because it seemed like the redhead was always smiling. Even more surprising than that was the smile on Conner's face, one of the few Zatanna had ever seen.

"Conner if you could just move closer to M'gann," Artemis said as she stared down the viewfinder, "Perfect. Now smile."

Zatanna watched as the extraterrestrial couple took their first picture.

"M'gann," Zatanna said, "Maybe you should take another one where you're not green."

M'gann began to blush so much that Zatanna could see the red past the green.

"Sorry," M'gann responded changing back to her 'human' form.

Artemis snapped a few more pictures in different positions before asking for the girls to take a picture together. After several pictures they took a short break which Zatanna took advantage of to check her phone for any texts from Robin but there weren't any. Zatanna began to worry that he had forgotten, or even worse that he was training with Batman.

They waited for over ten minutes but the Boy Wonder was nowhere to be found.

"We should get going Zatanna," M'gann said.

"Yeah," Zatanna said softly, "I'll be right there." She went off to her room to go get her bag. When she opened the door she saw nothing else than her adorable boyfriend standing with a bouquet of purple roses that matched her dress. They both stood their speechless, her because he was standing there after they had been waiting for so long and him because his jaw had dropped, he was so taken away by his beautiful girlfriend that he didn't know what to do. Luckily for him he didn't need to because Zatanna rushed and wrapped her arms tightly around him.

"Wow Zee," Robin said, "I mean wow. You didn't warn me that you would looking so... so..."

"Pretty," Zatanna teased.

"I was gonna say hot or beautiful," Robin responded making Zatanna laugh and blush. They stood there in an awkward silence before Robin spoke again, "These are for you." He said as he handed her the flowers.

"They match my dress," Zatanna said and then looked at his suit, "And so does your suit."

"Well you know what they say, great minds think alike," Robin said but Zatanna wasn't buying it, "Plus I might have looked through the Cave's security footage to find out what color dress you were wearing."

"Such a romantic," Zatanna joked.

"We should get going," Robin said as he offered her his arm. She took it with the flowers still in her other hand.

They got halfway down the hallway before Zatanna remembered something.

"Rob," Zatanna said.

"Yeah Zee?" Robin responded.

"What about the surprise?" Zatanna asked.

"Well aren't you being chalant," Robin said, "You're just going to have to wait."

After quietly parking the supercycle in the forest behind the school the young heroes made their way to the dance. Conner and M'gann walked ahead hand in hand, while the younger couple trailed behind walking at a much slower pace as they star-gazed.

"I'm sorry I was late Zee," Robin said.

"It's all right Rob," Zatanna replied kissing him on the cheek.

"I just got nervous," Robin said.

"You nervous," Zatanna said, "That's new. Why?"

"It's about the surprise," Robin responded.

She was about to ask about the surprise when M'gann squealed. They looked forward and saw all the roses and Valentine's Day decorations. There were heart-shaped balloons as well as dim twinkly lights to represent stars.

"We should get in line," Robin said as Zatanna took his arm again.

As they walked toward the back of the line, someone called out for Zatanna. They turned around and saw the group of Zatanna's friends. They waited, letting other people go in front of them in line.

"Zatanna!" Alina exclaimed.

"Whoa, nice dress," Allie said and apparently Griffin agreed because he was slowly nodding, "Right here babe."

"Sorry," Griffin apologized giving Allie a peck on the cheek, "Hey Rob, nice suit."

"Thanks," Robin replied, "Got it for Christmas."

"Nice," Grayson said as he brought Ashley in closer.

"Ve should get in line," Anton said.

"Yes we should," Ashley responded and guided her boyfriend.

The line advanced more quickly than they had anticipated and so there wasn't a lot of time for small chat. As they walked into the gymnasium they saw an overdose of Valentine's Day decorations, obviously someone on the dance committee had gone a little crazy. There was an arch built of heart-shaped balloons as well as roses every few feet. There were little Cupids hanging from the ceiling as well as cut-out hearts. Every table had a floral arrangement and a different romantic poem as well as being covered with rose petals.

"We should get a table," Griffin said, "Or else we never will."

Robin looked around the room for a table but also to see where Conner and M'gann were. Luckily he found them with another group of students their own age.

"I got one," Grayson called from a table with ten seats. The group walked over to the table and sat down. The gymnasium was pretty empty and there were only a few people dancing.

"I'll go get some drinks," Robin said.

"We'll go with you," Griffin said and all the boys got up. As they walked over the table Griffin turned to Robin, "So I've never seen you without sunglasses, man."

"Yeah," Robin said, "I have sensitive eyes."

"Okay then," Griffin responded, "So Valentine's Day is coming up soon, you making any plans?"

Robin was about to respond, a smirk already on his face but he never got the chance.

"Are you kidding?" Grayson asked, "You're asking the guy who put on a private fireworks show for Zatanna, before they were going out, if he's doing anything for the most romantic of holidays?"

"Good point," Griffin acknowledged, "I think a better question is what are you planning for Valentine's Day?"

"I'll tell you later," Robin answered with a smile, "I'll be needing your help."

"Of course," Anton responded.

They brought the punch back over to the table and were greeted by an extra couple.

"Here you go Zee," Robin said handing her a glass of punch.

"Thanks," Zatanna said as she took the glass and turned to the new couple, "Rob, this is Alyssa and her date Aidan. Guys this is Rob, my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Rob said.

"Alyssa is my partner in my gourmet cooking class and Aidan is with me in French," Zatanna said, "He's got some interesting theories about the supposed team of sidekicks."

"Does he?" Robin asked with a small smile, "A fellow fanboy."

"Yeah, I guess" Aidan responded.

"Enough talk," Alina said as she stood up, "It's time to dance."

"Yes," Alyssa agreed as she stood up dragging Aidan behind her.

They danced for over half an hour in their group; jumping up and down, doing choreographed dances with the girls singing along to the songs and taking turns showing off. By that time they were tired and decided to go sit back down. A few moments later Jennifer, Sienna, a few other girls and their dates came to the table.

"Alyssa," Jennifer said, "What are you doing with these dorks?"

"I'm having a great time with my new friends and my date," Alyssa replied.

"Which one of them is your d-" Sienna began, "Aidan? What are you doing here? You don't have any friends."

"Actually, he's my date," Alyssa responded.

"Your date is my loser brother?" Sienna asked.

"Back off okay," Robin said as he stood up.

"Stay out of this shrimp," Adrian, Jennifer's boyfriend, said as he and the other guys moved forward. Robin really wanted to just punch Adrian, but couldn't. Griffin, Grayson and Anton all stood up.

"You don't want to do that Adrian," Griffin warned. Griffin was the freshman boxing champion, second to Mal Duncan, and nobody wanted to fight him.

"Oh yeah?" Adrian taunted as he stepped towards the boxer, "Why not?"

Griffin didn't get a chance to respond because Ms Haden walked over to them.

"What's going on here?" Ms Haden asked.

"Nothing," Adrian answered as he went to Jennifer's side.

"Just a little disagreement Ms Haden," Sienna said as she turned towards her date.

"We're leaving," Jennifer said before she and the others turned and walked away.

"That was intense," Grayson said as they all sat back down.

"Hey Rob," Aidan said, "Uh thanks for sticking up for me."

"No problem Aidan," Robin responded, "Us fanboys have to stick together right?" Robin gave him a small wink.

"Yeah, I guess so," Aidan replied.

At that moment the DJ decided it was time for a slow song. The group smiled at the first slow dance of the night. As each couple, starting with Aidan and Alyssa, walked to the dance floor Robin did not move. Zatanna stood up and turned to see her boyfriend still sitting in his seat. Curious she sat back down next to him.

"Don't you wanna dance?" Zatanna asked. She was confused, normally he'd be leading the charge onto the dance floor but he simply remained seated.

"Yeah, just one second," Robin replied, he took a deep breath, "Do you remember the special surprise I mentioned earlier?" Zatanna nodded excitedly, "Well it's time for that surprise." He raised his hands and touched the rims of his sunglasses before taking another deep breath and taking them off.

Zatanna was looking straight into two of the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen. They were a magnificent shade of deep sky blue that was slightly darker than her own cyan eyes.

"I thought it was time for you to see what my eyes were like," Robin said.

"They're beautiful," Zatanna replied. Robin chuckled.

"I'm glad you think so," Robin said before giving her a quick peck on the lips, "Now let's go dance."

The four heroes were walking back to the supercycle. Robin had put his glasses back on and Conner had lent his jacket to M'gann.

"So how was your night?" Robin asked M'gann and Conner.

"It was really fun," M'gann said, "Conner and Mal had a dance off. Conner won." Conner gave one of his rare smiles.

"It's only because you made me watch all those movies," Conner said amused, "What about you two?"

Zatanna looked to Robin as a wide grin spread on her face, "It was pretty great."

"Yeah, it was," Robin said before kissing Zatanna softly.

When they finally arrived at the Cave it was around ten thirty. Robin walked Zatanna to her room. They stood in the doorway, still holding hands.

"So, Zee, did you like the surprise?" Robin asked.

"I loved it," Zatanna replied, "I can't wait to see what you have in store for Valentine's Day."

So I hope you liked it, especially my little twist. In every story I've read Dick reveals his eyes shortly before his name I decided that one doesn't necessarily lead to the other. Anyway please review.