That was the fourteenth time she was pushed up against a locker today, and it wasn't even lunch yet.. Annie Wilson is the most hated person in the school. Everyone picks on her, and her dad, the principal doesn't even notice. Probably because he is too into his work to give a damn what happens in his families life. Dixon is on drugs all day everyday, which means he doesn't know what he is doing when he makes fun of Annie. Her mother cries everyday because she knows they wont be together anymore soon. Annie's family is seriously messed.

"Haha, OMG guys, look who that is…!" The most popular girl, and the schools mean girl Naomi Clarke said laughing slightly. "Its that ugly girl who thinks she's perfect!" she laughed harder. "Why don't you ever transfer back to wherever the hell it is that you came from? Or even better, why don't you go kill yourself? No one likes you!" Naomi said, then her and her posy walked away laughing. Annie could feel everyone's eyes on her, again. Everyone was laughing, yelling at her to kill herself and that she should just leave. She couldn't take it anymore, she started crying, and ran to the nearest bathroom. She didn't understand why it was her who was always getting picked on and bullied. She never did anything wrong. She wasn't ugly at all, at her old school everyone had thought she was one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She defiantly was not fat either. Why did everyone hate on her so much? It killed her to the extent she literally wanted to end her life. She never did though, for the reason that she wasn't going to give up and she wasn't going to give them the pleasure of basically killing her… and the fact that sometime she knows there will come a person who wont give a fuck what the rest of the school thinks, they will like her for her. She knows it will happen, but when in the question.

Her cheeks were puffy, symbolising she had just been crying. Everyone was used to seeing her in tears now since they all have been making her life a living hell. Annie walked into class-late. Everyone laughed. Some yelled out, 'were you cutting again?' the rest all laughed. The teacher tried to calm his class. Even though Annie was now crying again, he wouldn't say anything to her to make her feel better. He just went on with his class.. Annie looked at her wrist, and sure enough like every other day she ran to the bathroom with tears in her eyes, and one thing on her mind she cut. Her wrists were all covered in little cuts. She hated her life.

Dixon walked up to Annie, for once in his life, not high. He gave her the biggest hug, then right in front of her sniffed his drugs. She couldn't take it anymore. Her eyes started to tear up, she started crying.

"Dixon stop throwing your life away like this! You are my brother, and even though you help with making my life a living hell you are still my brother! Your going to kill yourself! Just stop… Dixon please.." Annie pleaded. Dixon just laughed.

"Yeah, do you think you can tell me what to do? Haha, yeah no. Bye Annie, you slut." Dixon laughed then walked away.

'Here it goes again' she thought. She leaned against her locker and slid down still she was sitting on the ground with her knees by her face she started to bawl her eyes out.

Annie walked into the house after school that day. She hasn't stopped crying yet. She knows nothing will ever get better. Annie wonders why she just doesn't end it right now, take that bottle of pills and swallow them all. Just kill herself. She'd be a whole lot happier up there. But she knows she can't. No matter how much those people have killed her inside, she can't give them the benefit of the doubt. They are right. She knows that.

Annie walks into her room, lays down on her bed and starts sobbing harder into her teddy bear. No one ever comes into her room anymore. No one even cares about her. They don't care if she is about to kill herself. She even bet that if she didn't go through with it sometime, and it worked that they wouldn't even give a damn that she was dead.

Maybe she fell asleep, she didn't know. She woke up the next morning. She felt so much more better today, but she knew that wasn't going to last forever. Who was going to tell her to kill herself first? Or push her into a locker? Or tell her she is ugly and fat? That she didn't belong in this world? That she isn't human? Who's going to say it first? Who's going to give her a black eye first? A broken arm or leg? Who will be the first person that makes her feel like killing herself again? Who will it be?

Annie got dressed all the same, not caring how good or bad she looked. They were still going to make fun of her anyways. Even if she came to school with the prettiest dress on that anyone had, they'd either think she stole it from Naomi Clarke or something else. She will never win. She didn't even bother putting makeup on anymore, she would cry it al off anyways, then it will make her look even worse. She hated herself. She told herself that everyday. 'why couldn't you be prettier, or be skinnier. Why couldn't you be better?'

Annie walked to school, without eating breakfast or bringing money or a lunch for lunch. She was going to start starving herself. Maybe then, she will be accepted. Annie was the first one in the halls. She quickly went to her locker before anyone else got here and grabbed her books. But then Naomi Clarke came up behind her and slammed her fragile body into her locker, her head hitting the top of it and she fell to the ground. Naomi laughed and walked away not even caring what she did.

Annie woke in the nurses office. She saw all the laughing faces in the window. She started to cry.

The nurse finally came in and asked, "does your head hurt dear? You have a pretty horrible concussion… your dad would like to talk to you." Principal Wilson came into the nurses office.

"Annie, why in gods name would you hit your head repeatedly against your locker? Ms. Naomi Clarke here told me that's what you were doing and that she was trying to help you but you wouldn't stop. Annie I am very disappointed in you. You are a disgrace to our family."

Annie began to cry harder. Why was everyone out to get her? What did she ever do to them? The Nurse and Principal Wilson left the room leaving only Annie and Naomi.

Naomi laughed hard. "You know, it is really easy to get your dad to hate you. Everyone knows you are pretending to be strong, to make us think that you are not thinking of suicide, but we all know you are. Hint number one," Naomi said forcefully taking Annies arm, "is this. You cut all the time, and I am almost positive there are more cuts on your legs because you ran out of room on your arms. Haha, your pathetic. Do you think I would be doing all this if I was in your situation? Fuck no. I'm not a immature little bitch." Naomi finished.

"No, you wouldn't be doing all that I am. Because you would never be in my situation. Your fricking Naomi Clarke, the schools mean girl and most popular girl. And the biggest bitch of all." Annie countered.

Naomi laughed. She still had a hold of Annie's arm, she took out her phone and took a picture of all the scars on her arm. "Well, maybe if I was you I wouldn't get any deeper on my bad side, because there is a lot of other things I could do to you to make your life more of a living hell then it is already." Naomi looked at her phone, she sent the picture to everyone in the school. "Sent." Naomi smirked then walked away, but before she exited completely she turned and looked at Annie and said, "Annie, you have a good day now."

Annie looked out of the window, everyone had a serious face looking at the picture they had just received then started laughing so hard. Annie started crying so hard.