It was Christmas vacation, it was by far the best two weeks of her life, mostly because she didn't have to see Naomi Clarke at all. That was a dream come true. The two weeks were almost good enough for her to smile, but no. All the bad things that happened to her, it just made the almost appearing smile leave back into hiding.

Dixon was same old Dixon, getting high whenever he could, knowing she hated. He didn't care about anything when he was high, he just did what his brain was telling him to do, and they weren't good things.

Her father was yelling at her even more than he did at school, asking her why her grades weren't perfect, when he didn't even know any of her story. He didn't know why she cried herself to sleep every night, he didn't know she cried period. He thought she was a snotty little brat who had all the friends in school, and that just decided that she didn't want to have good grades. No, that's not it. That's not it at all. She was the complete opposite of that.

Annie spent pretty much her entire Christmas break in her room, except for Christmas dinner, of course, which was not very good at all. She hated it. That night, it was actually the night, the first night in a week that she actually cried. Everything went wrong, Annie spent the entire day making sure it would be perfect, and then her family strolled in and turned it to hell. All her hard work…vanished.

"Annie, you never do anything around the house! I never see you cleaning, you never should have been born! Fuck. Go clean something, I'm sicking tired of you staying up in your room all day, and not even thinking about cleaning something! I'm a busy man, and your mother is a crazy depressed woman who doesn't do anything around the house either! Get to work!" Harry shouted.

"You don't realize anything do you?! The endless time I put into this house. The fact that I spent all day trying to make Christmas perfect for us, and then you all come in a ruin it! You don't know anything about me, and you never will! You don't know what I go through anymore, or ever. You were never here for me, you are my father your supposed to act like one!" Annie cried.

"Excuse me young lady? If I ever so much as hear you talk to me in that tone of voice your ass will be grounded faster then you can say, "Daddy don't!"!" Harry yelled. "And just for the record, I have always been your father, and that will never change!"

"Did you know I cried myself to sleep every night? That Naomi Clarke bullies me everyday at school. That I cant walk one step in the halls and not be called ugly, or worthless or told to go die? Did you know that? Or do you think I'm making the whole thing up? Cause I don't think even I can make something like that up." Annie cried.

"Wow Annie, that is unbelievable. Get to your room!" Harry yelled.

"Gladly.." Annie said and very slowly walked up the stairs.

It was the last day of Christmas Break, Annie wasn't ready to go back to school again. She tried to savour the last amount of time she had left of home.

Annie woke at 7:00, on the first day back to school. She did her makeup, better then she ever has before. Put on her best clothing, and ate breakfast, first time eating since 3 days ago.

She knew today wouldn't be any different then any other normal school day is. But, who knows. Maybe everyone decided that she didn't deserve all the things they did to her… yeah that was never going to happen.

Annie walked out of the house. She took a deep breath. She began the long walk to school. She didn't want to take the bus, she couldn't handle the extra hour a day of being bullied. She didn't want Dixon to drive her. She had to live with his constant harassment at home. So the only option left for her, was well, walking. Everyday.

A half hour later she walked through the doors of the school. The bell had just rang. She went to her locker quickly, and got her books, then hurried to class.

She was just about at her class, when she heard laughing behind her. She knew the laugh. It was Naomi Clarke. Annie stopped immediately, and looked behind her. She knew what was going to happen. There was no one in the hallways, except the two.

"I'm surprised your even at school." Naomi said.

"And why is that?" Annie asked.

"Because, who would want to be here, when they get bullied like you?" Naomi asked.

"True. But I'm strong." Annie said.

"No, your ugly as fuck." Naomi spat. "No one likes you. You see what every single person in this school thinks about you? We all want you to die! Why don't you do it already? You will be doing us all a favour!" Naomi screamed.

"Because I don't listen to judgemental cunts like you." Annie said, then ran away to her class.

"Annie Wilson?" The teacher called. "Is Annie Wilson here?"

"She' probably at home, cutting and crying." The class laughed.

"I'm here!" Annie yelled as she ran into the class, finding her spot in less then two seconds.

"Your late. You have a detention, lunch, be there right on time. Every minute you are late, will be how much longer you will have to stay after the bell." The teacher explained.

"Okay." Annie said, as she got her books out for today's lesson.

Class was over. Annie made it her personal mission to be last out of the class. But, when it came down to it, it never worked out for her.

"Hey, ugly face Annie." Said one of the popular jocks in her class. "I hope you had the worst Christmas ever!"

"Thank you. I actually had a very good Christmas, cause I was away from all you asses, and bitches." Annie said, and walked out. But she walked straight into Naomi Clarke. She did not need this right now.

"I remember what you said to me earlier." Naomi said, in a tone that meant Annie was going to get beat.

"Yeah, so? You deserved it." Annie said.

Naomi turned away, but then turned back, and slapped Annie so hard.

Annie fell to the ground. Tears sprang down her face. Her cheek stung so much. The pain was almost unbearable. She cried so hard.

"Yeah that will teach you for wanting to get back at me, you selfish bitch." Naomi laughed.

A jock came up to her. Annie was still laying on the ground. He picked her up, then slammed her against the locker. She had all but gotten used to all the pain she would get at school. They all started circling around her, and kicking her, in every place they could. All she could feel was pain. Tears running down her face. She closed her eyes, and prayed to god that they would all just stop right now. She couldn't bare the pain anymore. It was endless. Her pain was endless.

After a couple more seconds, they all stopped, and Naomi leant down beside her. "Now, are you ever going to say that to me again?"

"No." Annie could barely make the words out, from all the tears and pain that she had endured.

"That's better." Naomi said, standing up, as her and the rest of the people walked off. The halls began to fill up. Everyone saw Annie on the ground, crying her eyes out. They all began to laugh. Every single last one of them.

Annie tried to get up. The pain was unbearable, but she still tried. She tried with all her might. Her arms and legs ached. She couldn't move her stomach. Finally after a lot of trying, she got up, and painfully grabbed her bags, and walked off.

She didn't know what she ever did to deserve getting bullied and beat so bad. She limped, and limped. She finally made it to her next class. Everyone laughed when she entered after what they had just seen-her laying on the ground crying.

"Did you get a good beating?" One person yelled.

"Are you going to go home and cut again?"

"Are you going to kill yourself yet?"

"Please do. We all hate you!"

Annie sat down, and made sure she ignored what every person said to her.

The people who sat beside her, all kicked her legs. She started to cry.

Annie was busy doing her work, when someone dropped a note on her desk. She opened it, scared of what it contained.

The note read,

"Why don't you just kill yourself. Like seriously. Can't you see we all hate you? If you don't fucking want all this stress and grief on your plate just end it! Like wow. Stupid much.

Have a horrible day, slut."

Tears raced down her race, as she put her head to her desk. She closed her eyes, and prayed that she would die right here, and right now. It would make everyone so much happier…