It had been one year since his very successful heart transplant. He had received his new heart on July 3, 2010. And now he was coming back for a reunion with the staff. Well surprising them was more like it. They didn't know he was coming.

He walked into the very familiar transplant wing and smiled as fond memories made here came back to him.

"That can't be Kuol Ketebo can it?" asked someone from behind him.

"It's me Pam," smiled Kuol hugging the shorter woman.

"Oh my gosh Kuol! How are you?" asked Ryan shockingly running to hug him as well.

"Fantastic. Is everyone else here?" questioned Kuol.

"Dr. Jordan should be in her office," said Pam. Kuol headed to Sophia's office.

"Dr. Jordan," said Kuol happily.

"Kuol!" said Sophia happily, "Wow, we weren't expecting you. Andy's not even here today."

"Who says I'm not here," said Andy from behind. Kuol turned around to find Andy standing there along with a brunette woman with an infant in her arms.

"Rena," thought Kuol knowing who she was instantly, "How is the Great Dr. Yablonski?"

"Doing well. Especially when Pam texted me and said you were here," he said turning to the brunette, "Honey this is Kuol. Kuol, my wife Rena."

"Nice to meet you Kuol. I've heard so much about you," said Rena shaking his hand.

"Same here Mrs. Yablonski. And who's this cutie pie?" asked Kuol gesturing towards the baby.

"This is our daughter Isabella," said Rena," "Say 'Hi Kuol,'" she said to her little girl who was, of course, clueless. Kuol just laughed.

"Hey this party's missing people," shouted Miranda followed by David, Lisa, and Luc along with two more babies in tow.

"Hey guys. Are those babies family members?" Kuol asked confusingly. Isabella he understood but he didn't remember any more babies in the group.

Everyone snickered, "You could say that," said David. And then Kuol noticed the rings on his and Miranda's fingers.

"Whoa you guys are married. I didn't even know you two were dating!" gasped Kuol.

"Good that was the point. We basically kept it a secret until we were engaged. Which was shortly after your transplant," said Miranda as she picked up one of the babies, a boy. David picked up the other one, a girl.

"Guys meet our buddy Kuol. Kuol this is Colleen and Dylan," said David.

"How old are the babies. All of them?" he asked.

"The Foster- Lee twins are three months old. Isabella's six months old," said Lisa.

"Wow, a lot has happened in a year," said Kuol.

"Yes it has," admitted Andy taking Isabella from Rena.

"But it's good to see you again Kuol," said Luc.

"It's good to see you all too. The Great Dr. Yablonski and his team that gave me life. I still thank you all," said Kuol as they continued to converse and celebrate their reunion together.

The End!