Since he had heard that he was alive, thanks to his wife´s heart, Chase began to see life with other eyes, giving greater value to life itself, health and friends, not that he did not do it before, but the experiences of last few months, had completely changed his way of thinking and acting. One day, Chase, feeling strong again, decided to spend a year traveling through the country, visiting the places that once he and Cameron wanted to one day visit.

Meanwhile, in Princeton, many things happened. Kutner married Abigail, Wilson married Amber. Taub's daughters were born. And Cuddy and House, began dating.

When Chase returned home however, a new complication arose in his life, he had caught a severe cardio-pulmonary infection, which left him severely weakened and is in danger of being retired due to disability. Of course, this fact, left Chase furious after all, quit his job, with only 34-year-old was not in his plans.

Thinking about it, with Amber´s permission, Cuddy, had the idea of putting Chase as supervisor of the cases handled by House and his team. The end of each case, Chase made a report, which was delivered to the board and all examinations and procedures had to be signed by Chase.

The time has passed and everything seemed back to normal, with Chase overseeing , House´s human side seemed to surfaced a little, however, according to Taub, House´s human sides, had surfaced since the night of Cameron´ suicide, whom he loved as a daughter.

One day, however, everything changed drastically. After a traumatic end, after months of dating, House came with his car in Cuddy's house, which of course resulted in his arrest.

So stuck with House and department diagnoses bankrupt, each went his way, including Chase, who due to his poor health, moved in with Kutner and Abigail.

Days like this were happening, Thirteen resigned from the hospital in order to enjoy her last years of life, Foreman became dean of medicine, and Taub, turned out to be a plastic surgeon.

One day, Chase, Taub and Kutner had a surprise, House returned to PPTH and wanted them back to work. Of course, at first, Chase was apt to not accept the offer, after all, there was little time, he started working, writing articles for a medical journal. But after Abigail insist too much, he accepted an offer from House.

That day in the morning then, Chase, Taub and Kutner, entered the office and found House, chatting with two new doctors.

'' My three musketeers. That's good to see you guys. You guys are late.'' House said wryly.

'' according to my count, I'm a week in advance.'' said Taub.

'' As you guys are named girls?'' Kutner asked politely.

They are named'' Park and Adams. Girls, these are Taub, Kutner and Chase; say that his heart has belonged to a woman.'' House interrupted the conversation quickly.

'' Thank you for comment, House ... so let's work?'' asks Chase grumpy.

The rest of the week went smoothly, everyone did their jobs properly and even House seemed not ready anything crazy, which was a relief to Foreman and Chase.

One afternoon, however, the former intensivist, was alone in the office, lost in thought, when suddenly, Adams enters there, with test results in hand, surprising the man, who barely had time to wipe away the tears.

'' Dr. Chase, you okay?'' She asked

'' I am. These are tests?'' Chase said, trying to change the subject.

'' Yes , the tests were negative for HIV. You sure you okay?''

'' I said I'm fine. Where are the others?''

'' House disappeared, Park is on the clinic and Kutner and Taub were investigating the patient's home.'' She said, embarrassed.

'' ok, so let's work.'' Chase growled.

The rest of the day went weird for the young Dr. Adams, who dying in shame, trying not to stare Chase, under any circumstances.

However, that same evening, after a day of work, she was packing things to go, when suddenly, Chase came to her heels.

'' I'm sorry about today is that I cannot stop thinking.'' he said.

'' okay, no problem.'' she replied.

'' is serious, Adams, my sister thinks I have to get over what happened, but I can not. I have not even pulled the wedding ring.'' He smiled dryly

'' You married?''

'' was. Next month will make four years.''

'' Four years? Four years for what?''

'' four years ago, I became very ill, I had a hole in my heart and I needed a transplant urgently ...''

'' I'm sorry.'' Adams interrupted.

'' Then my wife, desperate to save me, took her own life, to give me her heart ... on a Christmas night.'' He said, whimpering.

Shocked, Adams was silent, waiting for Chase to finish the story. She never imagined that a pretty boy, had gone through everything.

'' I'm sorry, Chase ... at least you ...'' she said, when he interrupted again.

'' I'm alive, true, but I do not want to be here, the costs of someone. Much less someone I loved.'' He said.

'' hey, I have an idea for you, trying to cool your head.'' She said

'' An idea for me to cool down? Sounds cool''

'' how about we take a juice together tomorrow at lunch?''

'' I think a great idea. Thanks for your invitation. Until tomorrow, Dr. Adams.''

'' until tomorrow, Dr. Chase.'' Adams smiled, seeing the young man move away slowly. Perhaps this was the beginning of a good friendship.


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