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This story takes place with all three of the original ninjas, they are all a little older than they were at the end of knuckle up and chronologically, these events occur after High Noon at Mega Mountain. Ages are 16, 15, and 12.

It was five o'clock p.m., another day in prison, and one man was alone in a single seven by seven prison cell. Small timers got bigger cells for some odd reason, but Hugo Snyder was having no problem making things work. Seven hundred push-ups a day, twelve hundred sit ups, these were things that made up his daily routine. Prison had hardened him, not only physically, but mentally as well. Each and every day he pushed himself harder; he had not stopped training since he had been convicted of arms dealing and sent to Pasadena Correctional Facility nearly five years ago.

Eighty nine. Ninety. Ninety one. Ninety two. Snyder counted out his push-ups as he strained his chest and triceps just a little more. He was beginning to perspire to the point that his hands were slipping on the hard concrete cell floor. Counting kept his mind off his thoughts as well. There wasn't a day that went by that he hadn't thought about the incident on that tanker five years ago, but today his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of steel-toed boots scuffing the ground around the corner from his cell.

"Here you go, you faggot," Snyder heard over his shoulder. He whipped his sweaty neck around to see a prison guard standing in the doorway of his cell. The guard was holding a tray of purple jell-o in a small dish, and he slid it nonchalantly through the slit in the bars, as the door remained locked. They didn't take any chances with him.

Snyder walked over to the tray and sneered. All of the workers at the prison hated him, yet they always seemed to give him his favorite jell-o. "On time, as promised," he said while taking the tray.

"Aww cut that out, you've been saying that for five damn years!"

Snyder snatched the tray from the man and sat on his bed. As he began to munch vigorously, he began to think. During his time being incarcerated, he had gotten used to thinking a lot. Generally his thoughts revolved around the three boys that had been the reason for him being in this place. "How could I have been so careless?" he thought. As he had mentioned several times to his understudy, Mr. Brown, they were just kids! Somehow, they had underestimated the level of skill they had been taught by their grandfather Mori Tanaka.

After finishing his food and shoving the tray into the slot, he walked back to his bed and sat down. He reached into his mattress when the guard was not looking, and pulled out his most sacred item.