Snyder was in an intense bout of concentration. The item he had pulled out of his mattress was one prisoner's records; he had bribed a guard with some cigarettes earlier that week in order to get it. It took the guard about a week to get them, and when he did, he slipped it under Snyder's jell-o bowl tray and gave it to him.

Snyder studied the inmate's record carefully. There had just been a new prisoner that had been admitted to Pasadena a few weeks ago. Snyder had his eye on him. The man looked especially tough and hardened with age, but that was exactly what he was looking for.

The thing is, Snyder had been planning on breaking out for a long time, but he needed an accomplice. He approached dozens and dozens of inmates to find them all inadequate for a full on breakout. The other issue was trust, it was hard to find someone with some kind of criminal integrity in this day and age, if that sort of thing existed. His eyes fell upon the papers.

Name: Jack Harding. Age: 55. Previous address: 901 Enterprise Drive. Sentence duration: 10 years with the eligibility of parole. Conviction: criminal lewd activity of the second degree, fraud in the first degree, and fraudulent testimony under oath. See attached criminal report.

Snyder scanned the piece of paper as fast as he could, for he did not know whether or not the guard would be coming around soon, and he could not be sure that he wouldn't notice what he was reading, and take it from him. Snyder flipped the stapled report over to view the second page; it was an article. The title read:

Local Building Contractor Fraud: Ninjas Strike Back.

Snyder froze. Ninjas? There was no way, could it be that their paths may have crossed in one aspect? It was too much of a coincidence to be ignored, so Snyder read on.

Jack Harding, 55, the local building contractor for a small town outside Pasadena was convicted of fraud in local courts the other day, but none of the townspeople were shocked or surprised at the turnout.

"This has been going on for a decade," one of the local residents commented, "Jack Harding has been dumping trash on our land for years and covering it up. But it wasn't until those three young heroes showed up and saved the day that things really got some closure."

Apparently three local boys were the cause of Jack Harding's apprehension. We have not been able to confirm the boys' identities, but we do know that they had some sort of martial arts training which allowed them to storm his complex and find evidence of corruption that was vital to the case, as odd as it sounds. Sometimes movie heroics do work in real life.

In the end all's well that ends well, but I'm sure if we all had our own three little ninjas around the world, things would remain a little bit more peaceful.

Snyder's blood boiled as he finished the article. There was no other explanation; the three ninjas in the article must have been Sam Douglas' kids! He soon calmed down though, as he knew that this situation would be more beneficial to his proposition than anything else. Snyder quickly ripped the copied record into thin strips and threw them into his toilet, letting them soak for a moment.

Snyder paced around his cell, using his excellent coordinating skills to develop a stratagem in his mind. This is where he found the location of his imprisonment to be most favorable, it was much easier to concoct plans when there was no one to bother him. That night, Snyder was alone in section B-13, and it remained silent, except the distant sound of a flush.