I know, long time coming.


Jaina Solo sighed as she scrubbed a mosaic on one of the walls in the Jedi Temple. She was in part of the Temple that wasn't used but you never knew when something would be needed.

If she hadn't been guarded by the Temple Guardian Mace Windu she would have slipped off.

She glared at the stupid mosaic and wondered what idiot made it. It made zero sense and features of nearly everyone in it were blurred. The only beings in it that didn't have blurred features were a male that stood in the shadowy part of the mosaic, a female who was in the light part and something wearing a cloak in the middle.

The female had blond hair that put light to shame, eyes that were the strangest shade of blue that she had seen. She wore robes that appeared to be pure white. In her right hand she held a dagger like weapon held in a defensive position. She looked too perfect to be human.

The man was wearing a hood that hid his face but you could see poisonous yellow eyes that seemed to glow with their own light. The cloak was black and gave the male a surreal appearance. Like the female he held a dagger like weapon but it was in an attack position.

The figure in the middle held something in one hand between the shadows and the light. In the other was another dagger like weapon which was being held over it's head; as if it was rallying troops or about to strike a finishing blow.

"It was a gift given to the Jedi Order several thousand years ago by the Ashla/Bogden Order." Mace said, breaking the silence. "The female is the Light Side of the Force and the Male is the Dark Side. The Figure in the middle is the Chosen One. The device that it holds in the right hand is an ancient set of scales. They were used to measure the weight of objects. The weapons that they hold in their hands are unknown." He continued.

Jaina rolled her eyes. The Ashlans were an interesting people but in the end their Order was gone; no one to carry on the traditions of the lost Order.

She immediately scolded herself for the thought. Nak and Mika were Ashans and they with the Ashlans on Inamreg kept as many traditions as they could alive. Nak and Mika were always willing to show different dances with and without the light-whips they carried.

Jaina groaned when she saw that the tools that she was using were covered in grime.

"This kind of cleaning is for droids." She grumbled as she set the tools into a cleaning solution. "This type of cleaning can be done by anyone." Mace stated as she picked up a damp cloth.


Raynar Thul stared in wonder at the mural that had been cleaned a few days ago. He had been walking around in the Temple and had stumbled onto it. It was a beautiful work of art.

He had asked the Temple Guardians many questions about it and had learned that like so many other murals and mosaics in the Temple this one had symbolic meanings. This one showed the power of the Force.

Even though there were both Light and Dark Side Users they were both awe-inspiring and terrifying.

This is what he loved about being a Jedi: learning.

It was important to him to prove to everyone that he was where he belonged.

Many didn't believe that he had what it took to be a Jedi but he would prove them wrong.


Bail sighed as he examined the shrine that he had been cleaning for the last hour. It was a nice shrine and seemed to be dedicated to those that had fallen in some battle or other.

It really was an honor to be able to see it; he just wished it was because he wanted to see it not because he was being punished.

Bail ran a dirty hand through his silver hair. As a child he had wished that it was a normal color but as he grew older he was grateful that it was unique.

"It's time to take a break." Master Cin told him after a few more minutes.


Luke Skywalker looked around the room where several Jedi Knights and Masters stood. They were discussing what to do about some issues that were cropping up among two students: Jaina and Jacen Solo.

Jedi Master Meer Aissur and Knight Ric Shiva felt that something drastic was needed but that the troublemakers shouldn't be kicked out of the Order unless it was a last resort.

Tionne felt that they needed to be talked to.

Ayrin Bitters Sibwarra and her husband Dev felt that Jaina and Jacen needed to learn a valuable lesson of working together with others.

At least Jaina had the habit of thinking that taking the time to think the situation through or asking too many good questions was a bad thing.

Luke loved it that young Raynar Thul asked questions during his lectures. It showed a desire to learn and fully understand what he was being taught. Luke didn't want a blind follower.

He knew that Jaina was a girl of action so when she was paired with a student that liked to think things through Jaina became frustrated.

So far his wife and sister had remained silent.

Luke understood his sister's reluctance to talk since it was her children that they were talking about.

Mara was probably thinking.

"So are there any suggestions of how we can help them realize the importance of teamwork since that seems to be the problem?" Luke asked.

"I say that we send them to Rega IV with a few other students to find things that some Masters scatter in a certain area and they have to cooperate to get them." Mara said after a few moments of silence.

Ayrin Sibwarra smiled.

"A scavenger hunt where they must work together to get what they are searching for is a good idea." Ayrin said after a few moments of compilation.

"So who should we send with them?" Meer asked.

"I think that Bail Solo would be a good choice since he has common sense." Dev suggested. Luke nodded and saw that they others agreed with Dev's suggestion.

"Padme Skywalker would be another good choice. She is alert and cautious. Maybe she will learn to act a little faster." Tionne said.

Everyone nodded again. It would be good for Padme to learn important skills as well.

"Annika and Ailyn Jixton are good choices since they know how to survive in unfriendly conditions just in cause someone does something stupid and they lose their equipment." Meer put in.

"Raynar Thul would be another good choice since it would be a good chance for him to gain some self-confidence." Leia said.

"Tenel Ka might be another good choice." Luke mused. "She would also learn how to apply her new skills in the galaxy."

Slowly everyone nodded.

"We have reached a decision then." Luke said.

Ayrin and Dev stood.

"Then we will head for Rega IV to prepare for the scavenger hunt." Ayrin said.

"We wil tell them tomorrow that this will be happening." Luke said. They will then leave the day after that."


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