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The next morning they scouted the area and they shared smiles. This place would be the best place to ambush and then destroy the droids.

"Hey guys," Tenel Ka suddenly said as they used the Force to set some boulders in place. "There's a lightsaber on this list. IF I understand this correctly we aren't too far away from where it is hidden."

Everyone in the group looked at each other. They all knew what it would mean to have a real lightsaber. Sure a training lightsaber could deflect blaster bolts but after a time they would short out if they were too powerful.

Jacen had a feeling that his big brother had a plan of some type.

"Ailyn, take Tenel Ka and Jacen and get that lightsaber." Bail said.

Ailyn nodded and gestured for them to follow her. Jacen took a deep breath but followed after her with Tenel Ka.

They carefully made their way to the spot where Tenel Ka figured the lightsaber would be. Jacen let out a sigh when he saw that it appeared to be in a tree; a tree that had no branches low enough to climb up with.

"We will either have to use the Force to jump to the lowest branch or you the Force to levitate someone up there." Ailyn stated.

Jacen felt some fear at the thought of having to use the Force to levitate either girl that high. He was still learning how to control himself when using the Force to lift objects that were x big. Sure he knew that size didn't matter but still lifting an X-Wing would be different then lifting a block. You could do more damage if you dropped the X-Wing then if you dropped the block. He would be lifting a living being into the air and there was no medical help close if he dropped one of them.

"You have to believe in yourself Jacen." Ailyn whispered. "The others are counting on us to get the lightsaber."

"Lift me up." Tenel Ka whispered. "Both of you have been training much longer than I have. You are less likely to drop me."

Jacen could feel that she was nervous but she wanted to do it.

Ailyn nodded.

"Alright," Ailyn said. "Let's get started."

Jacen closed his eyes and reached out to the Force.

He linked to Ailyn and together they lifted Tenel Ka into the air.


The sensation of floating was disconcerting but Tenel Ka ignored it as she went higher. Soon she was nearly at the lowest branch but there was no way that she could safely get on it.

Tenel Ka looked into the branches and nearly gasped. Just out of reach was a lightsaber. There was no way that she would be able to reach it except with the Force.

Closing her eyes Tenel Ka stretched out her right hand, reached out with Force and imagined the lightsaber coming to her hand. She felt the lightsaber come to her and nearly dropped it in both shock and pain.

Tenel Ka took a deep breath before she reached out with the Force again.

You can lower me to the ground. She called out to Ailyn and Jacen.

Within a minute her feet touched solid ground and she had a strange urge to lie on it.

"We need to get back to the others." Jacen said.

Tenel Ka nodded and they quickly but cautiously headed back to the canyon.


Raynar was pleased with how their trap for the droids was coming. They truly were showing that they were miniature Jedi.

He knew that it was silly but he was truly feeling that he was useful and enjoying himself.

A few minutes later he heard footsteps and confirmed via the Force that it was only Ailyn, Tenel Ka and Jacen.

Everyone turned as Tenel Ka showed them the lightsaber. Raynar was a little awed by its beauty and he wondered who had made it.

"Should we make sure that it works?" Raynar asked slowly.

Bail nodded and gently took the lightsaber from Tenel Ka. Bail then took several steps from the group. Raynar held his breath as Bail examined the lightsaber before igniting it. The lightsaber hummed to life revealing a blue-green blade.

Raynar felt a smile of relief come to his face and he knew that everyone else was feeling the same way.

"We need to draw the droids here so we can destroy them." Annika reminded them.

"The lightsaber will work great for that." Padme said. "Someone should take it, find the droids and lead them here so we can ambush them here."

"Bail and Ailyn have the most training so one of them should do it." Jaina stated.

"Lightsaber, Blaster, Force?" Ailyn asked Bail who smiled. "First one to win four times gets to be droid bait."

Raynar watched as the two closed their right hands into fists.

"Lightsaber, Blaster, Force shove!" Ailyn and Bail said in unison. Bail had his hand up palm forward: Force. Ailyn held an invisible lightsaber. Bail won this round.

Raynar watched as the game went on until Bail had won with blaster.

Bail nodded to everyone and then used the Force to jump down the walls of the canyon and then headed for the droids.

Raynar hoped that they would be able to draw all the droids here.


Bail walked through the woods looking for the droids. He knew that they were close but how close he wasn't quite sure.

"There's one of the miniature Jedi!" A battle droid suddenly said. "Blast him!"

Bail ignited the lightsaber and deflected several blaster bolts back at the droids destroying several before racing towards the canyon.

"Sir, we found one of the miniature Jedi." Bail heard one of the droids report. He truly hoped that the tactical droid would order a pursuit. If not then he would then slowly lead the droids to the canyon.

Bail paused by a rock near the edge of the tree line and waited.

After a few minutes he heard the droids coming towards him. He waited until he knew that they could see him before hurrying off again.

He did this several times. He smiled when he heard that the whole group was going to be coming to deal with the miniature Jedi.

Bail did take some offensive being called 'miniature'. He was the tallest student in his group and the group above. It was his Ashlan genes at work.

A minute later he heard the STAPs coming. He cursed himself for forgetting those blasted things. They would cause him some trouble since they would see him and – wait; he could steal one and help shot up droids. That would help things as well.

This would truly test his abilities and his control of the Force.

Bail looked up and smiled; his ride was here.

Bail crouched and called on the Force as he leaped from his hiding place and somehow destroyed the droid on the nearest STAP and commandeered it.

Thinking quickly he shot the ones that had come off and then headed in the direction of the canyon and the trap that waited for the droids.

Everyone I am on a STAP so don't start the attack unless there is more than one. He informed everyone.

Alright, Jaina replied.

Bail quickly did a circle in the air as he waited for the droids to get a little closer before going a little closer.

These things are so dumb. He thought.


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