"Hello, readers! My name is Chris McLean, host of the Total Drama series. Maybe you've heard of me," Chris said with a laugh. "Today, I'm starting a bit of an experiment for our fans. You see, season 5 of Total Drama is in production, but if Revenge of the Island was any indication, it'll take years for season 5 to hit TV. And because it will take so long for us to make new episodes for you loyal viewers, I've been racking my brain about how I can keep you guys interested in the show while you wait for the new season. Then it hit me: We needed to interact with you guys more!"

Chris walked over to a computer and motioned to it.

"So, I got to researching about what it is you fans enjoy to do. I stumbled upon all sorts of things. Fan art, tribute videos, blogs. It was some pretty cool stuff. However, the thing that interested me most was the content right here on this website. After coming here, I knew one thing was for certain: You guys LOVE to write fanfiction."

Chris chuckled to himself.

"And not only that. You guys also love writing about the contestants from the show getting into relationships with each other. Actually, you guys seem to like doing that A LOT. I mean, holy heck, this website is filled to the brim with...what do they call it, shipping?"

"How the heck should I know?" the voice of Chef responded from behind the camera.

"Come on, Chef. You're not just here to work the camera for me. You're supposed to know these things."

"Yes I am," Chef retorted. "You specifically told me: 'Chef, I need someone to work the camera for this fan thing I'm going to do. That's all I ask of you.' You didn't mention nothing about having to know the lingo these fans use."

"Whatever, the point is, you guys like writing about our contestants hooking up," Chris continued. "Which gave me the idea of how I could have the show interact with all of you while we wait for season 5 to start up. We're going to make all this shipping that you guys enjoy so much come to life! With each new update, Chef and I will bring in two of the teens that you guys like to ship, and we'll put them together. Then, we'll sit back and let the sparks fly. After all, according to all of you, the people we bring in are destined for each other. What could go wrong? What do you think, Chef?"

"I'm thinking I'm starting to regret helping you with this train wreck waiting to happen," Chef responded.

"Don't be like that, Chef. After all, this is for the fans, remember?"

Chef grumbled behind the camera as Chris continued.

"Now then, let's get this show on the road. The first ship we have ready for you readers is a fan favorite, despite it being a bit of a controversial one. First up: Noah and Cody!"