We were on a train on the way to the capitol. It was like being on one of those roller coasters I've read about in school. It was moving so fast, but it barely felt like it was moving at all.

"Never thought I'd find myself on this thing again." Katniss and Peeta walked into the room. Peeta was the usual mentor for District 12 tributes, but this year, Katniss decided to step in. So Katniss would be my mentor and Peeta would be Thorne's mentor.

"I'm Katniss." She wore her hair in her signature braid. She stuck out her hand.

"Kleo." I shook her hand. It felt warm and hard, because of her hunting.

"Look, It's a shame that you have to be here, but honestly, the food's great." Peeta joked.

Katniss giggled, which I've only ever seen her do once, in her interview with Caesar.

"So, I'm going to tell you what our mentor, Haymitch, told us to do on our first day. Stay alive." Katniss smiled. Peeta rolled his eyes. Katniss responded, "Hey, that advice is what made us win."

I reached out and started snacking on a truffle. It tasted sweet, and nutty. Like something in my dreams. "So, are you still referred to as The Girl on Fire, Katniss?" I asked, obviously a starstruck teenager desperate to make conversation.

"Yeah. Sometimes. It gets on my nerves sometimes." Katniss picked up a cookie and bit into it. "I missed Capitol food."

"Could you tell us how to get sponsors?" Thorne stammered. He was so quiet and still that I completely forgot that he was there.

"I'll take this one, Catnip." Peeta smiled. Katniss stuck her tongue out. "You need to get people to like you. Make an impression. Don't look too fake, though. Even though the capitol's full of posers, they can sniff them out like bloodhounds."

"Good to know." I smiled.

"So, now that we got all of the depressing stuff out of the way, tell us about yourselves." Katniss rested her chin in her palm.

"Well, I live with my Mom and my brother, Hayle." I smiled. "We live in a small house in the outskirts of District 12, right by the fence. We have a goat, and a cat, but they're both dying." I sighed and looked down at the floor.

Katniss nodded, like she understood completely what I was going through. "And what about you?" She looked at Thorne.

"Uh, I live with my Mom, Dad, and my 4 sisters. I'm the oldest. I had to order tesserae for my whole family just for us to survive. My Mom's a healer."

"You guys could really use the prize, huh?" Peeta sympathized.

"Yeah." Thorne sighed. I nodded in agreement.

"Well, then we should get to work." Katniss smiled a sly smile.