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Morgana's Journey through the Rabbit Hole

"Gwaine is of Noble birth!" Merlin's voice echoed through the halls of the citadel. Morgana paused. She knew that the cocky and over sure knight prided himself in being his own man and never let on that he was of Noble birth, never to Uther anyway. But now there was this.

Merlin was trusted by everybody, even by Morgana herself once upon a time; and was always the person people turned to, to tell their secrets. Always the one to give advice and never judge his friends by what they tell him.

This information was useful to her. She knew that Arthur had knighted commoners, which was against the rules and could work to her advantage in turning other kingdoms against her brother for not upholding the knight's code.

As far as she knew, only a few were commoners. Percival was not of Noble birth, which was no secret. He arrived with Lancelot when Morgana's Immortal army ruled over Camelot and Lancelot, even though now dead, had been known to cheat his way into the wearing the scarlet cloak the first time around. He had been banished for his efforts.

Leon was of Noble birth, so he was safe and now it seems that so was Gwaine. Elyan was the Queens brother and dead, she considered that ample revenge on Gwen leaving her control. The last was Mordred. Morgana held a soft spot for Mordred. She had known the young Druid since his was a small boy, running from Uther. She helped him escape with help from Arthur and Merlin.

But she was still intrigued as to how much she could learn if she hid in the shadows. Anything that could help her take her rightful place was welcome. She moved quietly back to the doors of the Council Chambers and heard talking within.

"Okay, clearly there are many things we have left to discuss and we will get to my sister's actions later, so there is no point in trying to escape Merlin, I know it's on your mind." Arthur said, and Morgana imagined Merlin slowly backing away to the back doors. "But first of all, you're of Noble birth?"

She waited eagerly for Sir Gwaine's explanation.

"I am." She heard him say. "My father was a Knight in King Caerleon's Army." Ahh, interesting, she thought. Caerleon could be a worthy ally, especially when he finds out that the son of one of his knights chose the Pendragon's instead of him.

"Why didn't you tell my father that? You could have been a knight a lot earlier, or at the very least you never would have been banished."

"My father died in battle, leaving my mother penniless. She went to Caerleon for help and he turned her away. My grudge against Noble's began then. And when I heard about what happened to Merlin's father, by Uther, It didn't make me want to change the way I felt." As the Knight finished speaking, Morgana couldn't believe that Uther had done something to Merlin's father.

She knew that Merlin had never met his father and now that she learnt that Uther was probable the cause. Despicable. Uther tried to keep his family together all the while destroying and tearing apart others.

"It seems there is more to add to the list of things to discuss." The King mumbled. Morgana agreed.

"Hold on. Merlin, doesn't he know what Uther did to your father?" Gwaine asked.

"No." Merlin said. He sounded depressed. It seemed that Merlin had reason to hate Uther, yet he stood by his son. She needed more information.

"Merlin, you should tell him."

"And make him feel guilty for something that was beyond his control?" Intoned the Servant. "No. Definitely not."

"Tell me." Arthur interrupted. "Tell me Merlin."

"It's not your burden to bear."

"No, it's my father's, but he's dead, so tell me." Arthur said. A chair could be heard scraping back against the floor. Arthur must have stood up to speak closely with his friend.

"My father worked for Uther." Merlin began. "He was able to control… something that not many people could. Uther asked him to call it, so he could make peace with it. But he lied. He captured it and betrayed my father."

"What happened then?" The King asked, faintly.

"He went to Ealdor, there he met my Mother. But Uther pursued him. He sent knights to kill him, so my father had to run, had to abandon my mother. He ended up living in a cave until the day he died. And he died protecting me." Merlin's voice choked and Morgana felt the need to comfort him… strangely. "His death resulted in his ability to control… being passed on to me."

"And I told you no man was worth your tears." Arthur said, "I completely take it back. I'm so sorry."

"You figured it out."

"Hard not to. Balinor was your father."

"The Dragonlord?" Leon disrupted. If Merlin's father was a Dragonlord, then now… so was Merlin. He had the ability to control Aithusa. That could help her or tear her down. "I knew I wasn't seeing things."

"What?" Merlin questioned.

"I came to and I saw you talking to the dragon. He cringed under your words. You held such power, Merlin. And the Dragon knew you. He said, 'I am the last of my kind, Merlin. Whatever wrongs I have done, do not make me responsible for the death of my noble breed.' You then told him to go and that if he ever attacked again, you'd kill him." Leon said, "I just thought I'd had a really bad bash to the head and was seeing things."

"You saw all of that." Merlin said.

"Including what he called you, my friend."

"You know what I am, and yet you still call me a friend?" What did he call him? She had to know. Merlin was a Dragonlord, she knew that now, but what else did she need to know?

"Of course," Leon said, "I know that there is no evil in you and that you are loyal to Arthur, no matter how much… power you possess. If you were, Camelot would have fallen a long time ago. It should have occurred to me aged ago that you as well as Arthur are the reason why this Kingdom is still standing."

Merlin had saved Camelot. But no… that meant… She refused to believe it. Merlin would have told her. He would not have allowed her to suffer on her own. But he did say he understood. Did he betray her?

"Whoa! Do not leave me out of the conversation." Gwaine yelled, indignantly and Morgana knew the feeling.

"I assume their conversation has taken the Emrys route." Mordred supplied.

Emrys?! NO!

"Emrys?" A quieter voiced asked. She hadn't heard it properly before so this must have been Percival.

"That is what the Druids call me." No! How could Merlin be Emrys? The Caellich said that he would be her destiny and her doom. This can't be. Not Merlin. No.

"Bloody hell!"

Bloody hell indeed. Morgana backed into an alcove and slid down the wall and on to the floor. Merlin had magic. What was she going to do now?