Fifty Shades Forever Changed


It's been two weeks since I told Christian that I was pregnant, two weeks since he went to see HER, and I haven't talk to him since our confrontation the morning after his betrayal. Yes betrayal, he knows how I feel about that woman and yet, he went to her and talk to her about our private life. Now here I am, 22 year old woman, married and pregnant, sleeping along in her bed because her husband decided to go on a business trip saying that they will talk when he came back. The thing is I don't know if I really want to talk to him.

You've been miserable since he left.

Of course I want things to be ok between us again but what he did really hurt me. I always tell him that he can talk to me about anything and everything, just like I talk to him; he keeps me in the dark most of the time. And the truth is that, it hurts that he can talk to her about anything even after everything she has said to me the few times we have met.

I'm at Bellevue, Grace call me a few days ago saying that she wanted me and Christian to come for lunch on Sunday, so here I'm; Sawyer told me that Christian was going to return from his trip at noon so Taylor was going to drive him here.

While we are all sitting in the living room, Graces offers me a glass of wine, I rejected it by telling her that I've been taking some medication for a terrible headache I've been having for the last week. Which is true but, they are also harmless to the baby, Dr. Greene recommended them when I talk to her a week ago.

Moments later Grace tells us that lunch is ready. While we are going to the dining room, the doorbell rings. A few moments later Christian enters the dining room and says hi to everyone, he comes to me and tries to kiss me but I move my head to a side so he ends up kissing my cheek.

At the table everyone is talking about their week, work, sports and business. I kept silent through the all lunch, when I glance at my watch I notice it's already 5pm. Where has the time gone?

Grace tells us to go to the living room to continue our chat; I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. When I walk out minutes later I almost get knock on the floor when I hit a chest that I'm very familiar with.

"Are you ok?" he grabs me by my arms to give me stability

"Yeah, thank you" I get out of his hold

"Can we talk?"

"I don't think this is the time or place to do that Christian" I sight

"I really want to talk to you Ana, I want to fix this, it's my fault that we are like this"

"Yes it is, but, I don't want to have this conversation at your parent's house ok?"

He just nods at me

A couple of hours later we are in the SUV. Neither Christian nor I say anything on our way to Escala.

Once we get there I went to our bathroom and start to prepare a bath, while I'm getting undress Christian walks into our bedroom.


"In the bathroom"

He walks into the bathroom.

"Can we talk?"

"Can you wait until I finish my bath?"

"You keep making excuses to not talk to me! Do you want to fix this or not!?"

"For your information Christian, this is not something that I need to fix! It was you that fucked up! And right now I don't want to talk about it!"

"I want to explain to you what happened! We need to talk about this!"

"Now you want to talk! Well, I don't want to talk! I'm tired of dealing with your shit! You are going to have to wait until I want to listen to you! Now, if you don't mind, I want to relax with a nice bath and without you in the same room!"

I push him out of the bathroom and shut the door in his face.