Fifty Shades Forever Changed

Chapter 62

Ana's POV

I can't believe is been six months! My Teddy bear is six months old! It feels like it was yesterday that he came into our lives, he is growing up so fast, and he is looking more and more like his daddy, his messy cooper hair and those beautiful gray eyes that would make me say yes to anything he wants are just some of the features they both share, but they also have a strong temper and he can be very stubborn, even though, Christian says he got that from me.

Yesterday we went to see Grace at the hospital for Teddy's appointment and she couldn't be happier to spend time with her grandson and taking him for a tour around the hospital just so she can show him to every single doctor that works with her, and Teddy, just like his daddy, draws the attention of all the ladies. He looks so cute with his bottom middle teeth showing. I remember when Christian discovered them a couple of weeks ago.

Flashback (two weeks ago)

"Ana! Anaaaaa!" I hear Christian screaming from upstairs

I run into Teddy's nursery with Taylor and Sawyer behind me.

"What is going on? Is Teddy ok? Are you ok?"

"He is perfect…" He whispers

"Then why would you scream like that?! You almost gave us all a heart attack!" I nod my head to Taylor to let him know that is ok for them to go…

Once we are alone Christian looks up from Teddy's eyes to mine and give me the biggest smile I've ever seen…

"Look…" He takes Teddy's bottom lip gently and shows me his little baby teeth starting to show…

"Are those…"

"They are…"

"Oh Teddy!" I carry him and start crying

"Why are you crying?"

"Because…my baby is growing up so fast…I just want him to be my baby forever"

"You know he won't be a baby forever…but its ok….that way we can always have more babies…and when they grow up…we can have more….and...more"

"Jeez Grey…what do you think I am a baby maker machine? I can't just pop them out that easily…tell you what…why don't you do the next pregnancy and try squeezing a baby out of your…"

"Ok!...ok…I get it!"

"Oh Teddy…look at that…you look so cute…" He grabs my finger and tries putting it in his little mouth…

"I think he is hungry" Christian laughs

"Let's go get you a bottle baby boy"

End of flashback

Once we are back at Grace's office, we sit down with her to talk about a few things Teddy s been doing this past few weeks.

Christian takes his phone out and starts naming them..

"Can hold his head up, sits well in highchair, makes chewing motions, shows significant weight gain, his birth weight has doubled, shows interest in food, can close mouth around a spoon, can move tongue back and forth, he is losing the tendency to push food out with his tongue which I'm very grateful for…"

I laugh at him remembering how Teddy covered his Armani in banana puree right before his meeting, when we went to visit him at his office.

"Seems hungry after 8 to 10 feedings of breast milk or 40 oz. of formula in a day and as you can see he is teething" Can he be more controlling?

Grace doesn't say a thing for a minute…he just stares a Christian with a big smile on her face…


"Yes…sorry honey…well…Teddy is just showing that he is ready for more solid food…Christian you may want to take note of what I'm going to say?" She points to his phone and smiling at him

"Yes!...give me a moment…" He starts looking for the note's app in his phone

"Of course honey…" Grace smiles at me while I sit with Teddy, who is playing with my phone…


"For most infants, you can start with any pureed solid food. While it's traditional to start your baby on solids with a single-grain cereal, there's no medical evidence to show that introducing solid foods in a particular order will benefit Teddy. Good foods to start with include pureed sweet potatoes, squash, applesauce, bananas, peaches, and pears as you've been doing for a few weeks. So now…this is what you two are going to do…
First, nurse or bottle-feed Teddy. Then give him one or two teaspoons of pureed solid food. If you decide to start with cereal, mix it with enough formula or breast milk to make a semi-liquid. Use a soft-tipped plastic spoon when you feed your baby, to avoid injuring his gums. Start with just a small amount of food on the tip of the spoon. If he doesn't seem very interested in eating off the spoon, let him smell and taste the food or wait until he warms up to the idea of eating something solid. Don't add cereal to his bottle or he may not make the connection that food is to be eaten sitting up and from a spoon."

"Ok…ok…wait…don't add…cereal…" He repeats while writing everything in his phone

Just a few moments later Grace starts talking again..

"Begin with a once-a-day feeding, whenever it's convenient for you and your Ted, but not at a time when he seems tired or cranky. And he may not eat much in the beginning, but give him time to get used to the experience. Some babies need practice keeping food in their mouths and swallowing.Once he gets used to his new diet, he'll be ready for a few tablespoons of food a day. If he's eating cereal, gradually thicken the consistency by adding less liquid. As the amount your baby eats increases, add another feeding."

"How will we know when he is full?" I ask

"Teddy's appetite will vary from one feeding to the next, so a strict accounting of the amount he's eaten isn't a reliable way to tell when he's had enough. If he leans back in his chair, turns his head away from food, starts playing with the spoon, or refuses to open up for the next bite, he has probably had enough. Sometimes a baby will keep his mouth closed because he hasn't yet finished with the first mouthful, so be sure to give him time to swallow"

"How should we introduce new food?"

"Introduce other solids gradually, one at a time, waiting at least three days after each new food. This way you'll get a heads-up if he has an allergic reaction to one of them, signs of an allergy may include diarrhea, vomiting, a swollen face, wheezing, or a rash. If he develops an allergic reaction during this process, start waiting up to a week between new foods.

To play it safe, I recommend that you hold off on feeding him the more allergenic foods like soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, fish, and nuts.

Even though it's a good idea to get your baby accustomed to eating a wide variety of foods, it'll take time for him to get used to each new taste and texture. Each baby will have unique food preferences, but the transition should go something like this:

1. Pureed or semi-liquid food
2. Strained or mashed food
3. Small pieces of finger foods

"I think we are gonna start we the cereal right baby?"

"Yeah…is more safe…then we can start adding more food to his new diet…" He puts his phone back to his back pocket and takes Teddy from my arms…

"I think that's all…thank you so much for your time Grace…" I hug her

"Not problem at all…I love seen you three…I hope you are all coming to dinner this weekend"

"Of course we are mom…Elliott won't stop calling me…he says he wants us there early so he can take care of Teddy, he says he needs to practice for when his little one gets here…"

"Oh Elliott…you guys are so lucky to have such a calm baby…I just hope he gets one like Teddy as well….and if it's a boy…I just hope he is not like Elliott…he gave your father and I a hard time…he just wouldn't sit still for two minutes…" She starts laughing...

After having lunch Christian, Teddy and I go to the mall, Christian wants to buy me new dresses now that I feel comfortable with my body…I've been training with Claude, running every morning with Sawyer and keeping a healthy diet and didn't just get my normal weight but my body is also the fittest its ever been…

After 5 dresses and 5 pairs of new Jimmy Choo's we pass by a new baby store…and I can't help but drag Christian in with me and Teddy…

After 2 hours, we finally walk out the store, with Sawyer and Taylor carrying 7 bags each of baby clothes, bottles, shoes and diapers.

"I think we are ready to go home" I look down at Teddy who is sleeping peacefully in my arms

"I wanted to buy you more things baby…" Christian pouts

"Christian you almost bought me the whole store…I'm perfect with what you got me…thank you…but you know how I hate to spend money on me…"


"Why don't we don't something for you?"

"I don't need anything…"

"Neither do I, but I let you buy me things anyway…"

"Ok…I know what you can get me…"

"Really?…that was fast…ok…tell me…"

"I saw a new sex store downstairs…"

"Christian Grey! Your son is here!"

"Would you let me finish?"


"I was gonna suggest that he can stay with Taylor and Sawyer for a couple of minutes while we go there…"


"You said you wanted to get me something…"


"Ok then…this is what I want…let's go…"

Once Teddy is safe in the car with Taylor and Sawyer Christian and I go into this new store and I can't help but blush when I see all kinds of vibrators and dildos on a red table…Christian sees me from the corner of his eye and smiles at me…ok he is enjoying this way too much…

"Stop laughing at me and let's just get whatever you want and get out of here" I whisper


After 15 minutes and a few thousands for his 'toys' we are on our way home.

"Oh Mrs. Grey…we are gonna have so much fun tonight…." He whispers in my ear and I can feel myself getting anxious to know what he has in mind…

"I can't wait….Sir"