"Three hundred ninety-one...Three hundred ninety-two...Three hundred ninety-three...Three hundred ninety-four..." Allen was in his room doing his morning exercises, one of which was four hundred vertical push ups using just his thumb, for each arm. When he was finished, he hopped down and rested on his bed, wiping sweat away with a hand towel. He was only wearing a pair of boxers, but that was okay since he hadn't planned on leaving his room until later. He panted slightly and smiled, it was always nice to get a good work out.

Of course, his morning work outs were nowhere near Kanda's. He was so strong, so he needed more than what Allen did to stay in shape. He was so dignified about it too, and serious, and focused, and graceful, and gorgeous. Wait, gorgeous? Where did that come from? Allen searched his head for the answer, completely confused why he thought that.

A knock came from his door, startling him from his thoughts. Allen stood and opened the door, "Yes?"

It was Link. "Get dressed, Walker. Director Komui has a mission to assign to you." After saying that, the Crow just walked away.

Allen nodded to himself and closed his door. He quickly dressed in his uniform, ran down to the cafeteria (with some help from some random passersby) and grabbed a quick breakfast, then went to the Research Department (once again, with some help). Once there, he saw Komui's office door was closed, and the other researchers desks were empty. No one was there.

Kanda came in behind him and rolled his eyes, "Dammit, the mission's with you."

Allen scowled, "What's wrong with that?"

"What isn't wrong with that? I hate working with a damn Moyashi."

"Don't call me that!" Allen swung at him.

Soon, the two of them were in a fist fight. Every once in a while, one of them would get in a good punch or kick, and the other would wince. Allen knocked Kanda into one of the desks, and on that desk was a large stack of papers. That stack fell onto the next desk, fanning out. Those papers nudged a beaker full of a strange blue liquid right off that desk. Kanda was just close enough to it to have it splashed across him. WHICH WAS NOT GOOD.

At the moment it crashed to the ground, the door behind Allen opened, revealing Komui. When Komui saw what was happening, he yelped, "No!"

Allen spun to see him, looking confused, but then he saw a huge pink fog out of the corner of his eye, the direction of Kanda. He spun back and stared curiously into the fog as Komui approached and stood next to him. The Director murmured quietly, looking nervous, "Oh please make it faulty...please...make it so it didn't hit him..."

Allen looked at Komui, "What's wrong?"

"That potion will make Kanda so mad if it works the way I think it will..."

The fog cleared, and Kanda wasn't there.

"Oh crap, it worked."

Allen watched the Director, completely confused, as he proceeded toward where Kanda was previously. Where a pile of clothes currently was on the ground. A light blush came to Allen's face when he got the thought that Kanda was now naked, but it disappeared when he reprimanded himself for thinking that way about a comrade, although a hated comrade.

Komui bent to the pile and picked it up, rising slowly and setting it down on the messy desks. It was moving. Allen's mind raced, what was Kanda turned into? Suddenly, out of the squirming pile of clothes came a little head. A little cat head. Kanda was changed into a kitten! Allen started laughing when he saw the little thing.

It looked so upset! When Kanda saw Allen laugh, he hissed yowled angrily at him. He was a black cat and his fur gleamed a navy blue. He looked positively sleek, proud, and adorable. The little kitten looked like he was trying to keep himself together, but was absolutely pissed. He turned and scratched Komui's hand, hissing some more.

Komui spoke quickly, nursing his scratch, "Now Kanda, I must apologize for this, but I must confess. I have no idea when it'll wear off. You got a lot on you, and all we tested was a drop. A drop didn't last more than a few hours, so you may have to wait for a while. We couldn't find a cure for this, and we don't have the time right now to search for one. You'll have to wait it out."

Kanda stared up at Komui silently. The Director suddenly scooped him up and pushed him into Allen's hands. Allen looked shocked, and so did Kanda. The cat dug his claws into Allen's arms, not liking being swung around like that at all, and also wanting to cause Allen some pain.

"What's this about?" Allen asked angrily.

"I don't have time to care for a cat. You got him into this, so you'll care for him. You won't be going on that mission, you need a partner and he was the only exorcist available, so you'll be out of commission until he's better or someone gets back."

"Wh-what am I supposed to do with him?"

"Tell people that Kanda went to Asia Branch for a while and take him with you where ever you go. Make sure he doesn't get stepped on in the hallways and that he gets fed, he can order whatever he wants in the cafeteria. He'll sleep in your room, I don't care where. Also, he can't go in the library. He'll act like a mixture between himself and a cat, so he'll end up scratching things a lot, and the books don't need that."

Allen gaped, Kanda stared at Komui angrily. "But-!" Allen began angrily.

"No but's! GO." Komui said.

Allen sighed and carried Kanda out of the office. Once out of the room, Kanda scratched him and dug his claws into Allen's arm. "Ow! I'm sorry!" He stared at the miffed cat as he sprang to the ground, landing gracefully.

Kanda looked up at him and began meowing a lot, as if he was saying something. But Allen didn't speak cat. "Kanda, you are a cat now. I don't understand you."

Kanda glared up at him and stomped his front paw.

"I don't-" Allen began, then sighed. "How about you lead the way. I don't have anything else to do, so I'll just follow you around today."

Kanda stared at him for a minute, then meowed and turned away, walking down the hall. Halfway down the hall, he turned back and meowed again. Allen began to follow, understanding that Kanda got it. The cat led him down several flights of stairs to courtyard. Allen raised his eyebrow at the cat, and Kanda stomped his front paw and nodded his head.

Allen guessed that meant "stay here", so he stopped walking.

The cat disappeared into some bushes and then reappeared a few minutes later, then sat in front of Allen.

"D-did you just...use the bathroom in those bushes?"

Kanda bristled, as if he was ashamed of it, but he nodded.

"Well, okay then. I guess you wouldn't exactly be able to make it to the toilet in the bathroom as you are now anyway."

Kanda nodded again.

"Have you had breakfast?" Allen asked as his own stomach growled. His early morning snack wasn't enough.

Kanda suddenly got up and dashed away, Allen followed. He wondered what he said, or did to make the cat upset. Kanda was rather sensitive now that he was a cat... He followed him all the way to the cafeteria, where he slowed and began to walk. When they reached the kitchen window, Kanda nudged against Allen's leg, looking up at him.

"Do you want to come up?" Allen asked, taking a wild guess.

A nod. So Allen bent down and picked Kanda up. Allen repeated his usual morning order to Jerry, with the addition of soba. Kanda purred for a moment when Allen mentioned his favorite food, but shook himself, getting rid of the noise quickly. The white-haired boy smiled and laughed at the embarrassed looking cat.

He let Kanda down when Jerry handed the food over, then carried the load over to an empty table, Kanda close at his heels. He kept his food in a pile, but put the soba on the table next to him as the cat leaped from the floor, to the bench, to the table top. Kanda began to eat it, his paws on the side of the large bowl as he leaned in. It was cute.

Allen ate his food quickly, just as Kanda finished his meal. He watched as Kanda licked the fur around his mouth and scratched an itch on the side of his head. Adorable. "Where now?"

Kanda looked at him, then opened his mouth and closed it a few times.


Kanda looked around, searching for a way to get his point across. He saw a finder with a glass of milk and ran across the cafeteria, Allen following, to hop on the table and rub against it. He looked from the glass of milk to Allen and back again repeatedly, staring at the other exorcist meaningfully. The finder looked pretty damn confused why there was a random cat and a handsome young exorcist eyeing her milk.

"You want milk?" Allen asked.

Kanda nodded.

"Come on then, I'll get Jerry to put it in a dish for you."

Kanda hopped off the table and dashed toward the window, he waited for Allen to catch up and stared up at him until he ordered. Jerry got the dish of milk and handed it to Allen, then smiled out the window at Kanda, "What's the kitten's name?"

Allen shrugged, not knowing what to call him since he was supposed to pretend Kanda went to Asia Branch. "I don't know, what do you think?"

Jerry smiled at Kanda, who was staring at the milk dish anxiously. "He reminds me of Kanda, because of his fur. How about Yuu?"

The cat looked up at Jerry, and looked about to hiss, but changed his mind. He nudged Allen with his paw and meowed at him. Allen set down the dish and Kanda set to it, lapping at the milk hungrily. "How about Yuu?" Allen asked Kanda. "Can I call you that?"

Kanda paused and looked up at Allen, then cocked his head. Kanda then nodded slowly, nudging the bowl of milk. It was almost as if he said "Sure, as long as you take care of me like this."

Allen smiled, "Good. Your name is Yuu then."

(Line Break)

A week later, Kanda was still a cat. Every day, Kanda would wake up, nudge Allen out of bed early, and he would watch Allen exercise. Then, Allen would take Kanda down to the courtyard to use the bathroom. After that, it was breakfast. Then, Allen would follow Kanda around for a while, just roaming the halls. Lunch, which was sushi and some water for Kanda, apparently he wanted some fish. After lunch, Allen usually hung out with Lenalee or Kanda. Dinner was filet mignon for Kanda. Then another bathroom break for the cat. Finally, time to go to sleep, where Kanda slept at the end of Allen's bed.

Kanda was kind enough to Lenalee, but he didn't like her baby-talking him. Kanda scratched Lavi if he came within a foot of him. If anyone stepped on Kanda's tail, and they did, he would go nuts, hissing and clawing. Allen was treated the best of all, since Kanda would purr at and actually communicate with him. Everyone called him Yuu, and even though he didn't need to in private, Allen still called him Yuu. It made him feel like they were friends.

It was getting cooler though, temperatures were dropping quickly. The stone floor of the order was freezing, meaning that Kanda was being carried more than walking on his own. He spent most of his time in Allen's arms, and he fell asleep there sometimes. it was odd behavior for Kanda, but not for a cat.

Allen was going to bed, peeling off his uniform and putting on his pajamas. Kanda sat on the bed, he yawned cutely and plopped himself down, falling asleep. Allen laughed quietly, crawling under his blankets. He yawned to and curled up, feeling Kanda rest against his leg through the blankets. Allen fell asleep easily, drifting off into a dream about Kanda turning back.

Halfway through the night, he woke up. He saw a figure loom in front of him, a pair of green cat eyes. Kanda nudged his cheek again with the top of his head, Kanda's ears flattened against Allen's skin. A soft meow into the quiet. Allen blinked, as everything cleared in his vision, he saw that Kanda was shivering.

"You cold, Yuu?"

The cat nodded.

Allen grabbed him around his middle and dragged him under the blankets. Kanda curled up right next to Allen's stomach, relaxing into him. Allen felt the soft kitten against him and smiled, then thought of the real man pushed up against him and flushed red. Those thoughts came to him more often as of late, and it was making him so confused. Eventually though, he fell asleep.

During the night, Allen pushes himself closer to the other figure in bed subconsciously. The next morning, Allen awakens to his face pressed against a muscular chest. At first, he's comfortable and warm, still tired, so he doesn't want to wake up. He wants to stay there against the mystery person and sleep.

But, realizing that that wouldn't be okay, he opened his eyes. Right in front of him was Kanda. A very naked Kanda. He was sleeping, lying next to him in bed. It seemed like he had changed back in his sleep, and the two were now pressed against each other, only Allen's thin pajamas lay between them.

As Allen stared, he thought back to the week before when he thought that Kanda was gorgeous. He was. His hair was soft and beautiful, his body sculpted perfectly, his face looked almost angelic when he was sleeping. Allen bit his lip, hating the direction his mind was going in. He stared at Kanda's lips, wanting to kiss them, wanting to be held against the larger man until they were each breathless.

Kanda stirred, opening those silver eyes. He saw Allen staring at him, the anxiousness and confusion, and a few other emotions that couldn't be identified. He noticed immediately what was different from usual. He was human. He was naked. He was lying right next to the Moyashi. He felt that usual, strange stirring at the pit of his stomach. That piece of him that made his heart ache when the younger boy was around.

"U-Um...You wanna get dressed, right? I could run to your room and get you some." Allen said, starting slowly but the words soon fell out of his mouth like a waterfall. "I mean, you don't want to stay naked do you? Of course not. I'll go then. Yeah. I can find it, I'm sure." Allen nodded and crawled out of the bed, flushing completely red, getting a quick glance of Kanda's unmentionables as the blankets fell back. He nearly fainted.

Allen was out of the door as soon as his feet hit the floor. He leaned back against the wall next to his door, blushing and panting as if he'd run a marathon. His heart beat fast, thinking of how amazing Kanda was, all over, he hadn't even started yelling at him that morning. Albeit, Allen didn't give him that much time to. Still. It was progress in the direction that Allen was starting to understand that he desperately wanted to go in.

Allen managed to find his way to Kanda's room (with help from a few finders). He stepped inside, it had been left unlocked just in case something like this happened. Allen walked in and closed the door behind him. Allen hadn't ever been in Kanda's room before. It was nearly empty, but very similar to his own layout.

A bed in the corner, a nightstand, a desk, a closet on the right, and a full length mirror on the wall. All of it was standard issue, not like the furniture that Allen had bought soon after he arrived to lighten the dark room up. He could spot the small personal touches though. A weight set, a stationary set that looked like a gift from someone in the Asia Branch.

There were a few random pictures that must have been given to him. Allen recognized a few faces. Bak, Lenalee, Komui, Johnny, Jerry, Zu Mei, Alma... He smiled softly, seeing a sketch of Alma's soul, the woman that Kanda had been chasing, tucked next to the picture of a smiling young Alma and a grumpy looking young Kanda. Allen saw a few darts sticking into pictures of Lavi, the Earl, and a few of the Noah and laughed. He looked over the whole room and didn't find a single picture of himself, which made his heart clench.

Allen went to the closet and got out some clothes for him, a pair of boxers, boots, and the uniform. He found a hair tie too, because he figured Kanda would want one. Before leaving, he sat on the bed. He wanted to see what it was like to sit on it, it was such a strange thing to wonder, but he needed it answered. He didn't think he'd ever be back in that room again.

Suddenly, something caught his eye. A corner of something was peeking out from under Kanda's pillow. Allen pulled it out and stared at the picture. It was a drawing of him. It looked so real, like a black and white photograph. He gasped, touching it lightly with his fingertip, outlining each dark line. A small coffee stain darkened the corner, and the paper itself was wrinkled.

He put it back, stood, and left the room in a daze. His mind was foggy with questions, but he knew he couldn't ask them. Allen's heart beat fast as his mind lagged, getting caught up in the thought that Kanda slept with a picture of him. He bit his lip, telling himself not to get his hopes up, telling himself to calm down. He knew it was probably just a misplaced picture or someone had planted it there.

Allen eventually made it back to his own room (only having to ask for directions once). Kanda was sitting on the bed, the blankets covering him. "What took you so long, baka?" Kanda said, looking pretty annoyed.

Allen couldn't say he snooped, lest he wanted to get the shit beaten out of him, so he muttered a reply as he handed the clothes to him and walked out of the room. "Got lost. I'll be in the cafeteria."

He made it to his destination after a while, walking in alone. He ordered from Jerry quickly, and as the chef made his meal, he looked at Allen with concern. "What happened to Yuu?"

"He ran away. I don't think I'll be seeing him again." Allen said quietly, not looking at Jerry's eyes.

Suddenly, Jerry dropped what he was doing and leaned out the window to Allen, holding the exorcist's chin in one of his hands. He spoke quietly so no one else could hear. "Now, I figured out something. That cat was Kanda, wasn't it? So where is he now?" The cook looked into Allen's eyes meaningfully.

"How'd you-?"

"Oh, hon, that cat was the spitting image of him, and he had the nasty attitude to boot. Now what really happened?"

Allen sniffed, "He changed back...so it'll go back to before now."

"You don't want that, do you?" Jerry asked. Allen shook his head, looking upset. "I thought so. I don't think too much will change though. Kanda seemed pretty determined to stay with you when he was a cat."

"But Komui ordered us to stay together. So now the order doesn't matter anymore."

"Don't worry too much and go sit down. Some things'll surprise you." Jerry said with a wink.

Allen nodded and took his food, sitting at the table and began eating. Not long after, Kanda came in. He had obviously just worked out and had a towel draped around his neck. He walked up to Jerry and ordered soba and a glass of milk. Jerry made a show of asking Kanda about his trip, Kanda ignored him. When his food was prepared, the samurai turned and walked to where Allen sat. He sat across from him and began eating like nothing was different.

"You could have at least waited for me to get dressed," Kanda said halfway through his soba.

"I thought it would've looked strange if I was waiting for you outside my door. I would've looked like an idiot," Allen replied.

"You always look like-"

"Don't start!" Allen growled. He knew he loved him, but they two of them couldn't help but set each other off.

"You set yourself up for it, baka Moyashi." Kanda said, teasing him.

Allen was finished his meal at this point, and the glass of milk was the only edible thing left on the table. "Don't call me that!"

"I'll call you what I want."

"Do I get to do the same?" Allen asked, "Because you can't be a hypocrite. That'd just be unfair."

"I don't care," Kanda said, rolling his eyes.

"Yuu BaKanda. That is your name." Allen said with finality.

It was as if he exploded, "DON'T CALL ME THAT!"

Allen rolled his eyes, biting back insults, "Hypocrite."

"Shut up, Moyashi. I hate it when-" Kanda began to say, quite angry.

Allen, in a split second decision, picked up the glass of milk and splashed it on him, "Drink your milk, cat." He spat angrily.

That's when Kanda's fuse really did run out.

Kanda jumped across the table and grabbed Allen's collar, growling and squeezing tight. He punched him, and Allen kicked him hard in the shin, making Kanda loosen his grip enough for Allen to squirm out of his grasp. The two of them exchanged blows for a few minutes, tumbling into a heap. Eventually, Kanda had him pinned to the ground. For the next minute or so, the two glared at each other, ignoring everything else.

And then they were making out. They met each other halfway, pressing their lips to the other's quickly. The entire cafeteria stared, dumbfounded, at how fast the scene changed. Allen was gripping Kanda's lapels, keeping him down, and Kanda was keeping his balance with his hands on either side of Allen's head. They kept it like that until they were dizzy from lack of air, finally pulling away.

"Damn..." They each murmured, thinking the exact same thing.

"Can I call you Yuu now?" Allen asked playfully, half expecting to be hit again.

Instead, a short, sweet kiss was added. "Fine. But only you can call me that." A wide grin spread on Allen's face. "But I can call you Moyashi."

Allen nodded and leaned up, pressing yet another kiss to his lips, soft and chaste.