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As Allen walked through the arched doorway of the main doors, a familiar feminine voice called out to him, "Welcome home, Allen!" Lenalee pushed her cart toward him quickly and hugged him. "You've been on back-to-back missions for the past three weeks! Finally, you get some down time."

"Thanks, Lenalee. And yeah, I finally do." He looked curiously at her tea cart as she pulled away to get a better look at him. "Why are you delivering tea this late? It's nearly midnight."

"Oh, I'm not. My brother and the rest of his department have been up for nearly three days now, without any naps. I was supplying coffee every hour, but I ran out, so I had to take a quick trip to the kitchens to get more coffee beans."

"What are they working on?" Allen asked.

"Oh, Komui said something about a new Komuvitan formula. It's supposed to be able to produce more energy so that the exorcists won't exhaust themselves as much in battle, and his department won't have to be so tired when pulling multiple all-nighters."

The white-haired man smiled feebly, "Oh no."

Lenalee giggled, "I know, it's probably going to get a bit rowdy around here soon."

Scratching the back of his head with his left hand, Allen laughed too. "Yeah, Komuvitan never-"

He was cut off by the Lee girl as she grabbed his left arm and shoved the sleeve up. "I thought you were shaking...you can never take care of yourself, Allen." His arm was crumbling again, little rectangular pieces chipped off.

Shrugging, trying to ignore the pain, he replied with, "I'm fine. All I need is some rest."

"I'm going to take you to my brother. He'll fix you up."

"Come on! It's not that bad," he tried. More than anything right now, he didn't want to go through any more traumatic experiences with Komui fixing his arm.

"It is. And it won't get any better without Komui's help. Please, Allen?" Her little pout act softened him, and he went along with her as she pushed the cart up to her brother's office.

When they passed through the general offices for the rest of the department, everyone was asleep. As Lenalee quickly made them coffee, Allen passed on to Komui's office, where he was found curled up on the floor, leaning on the leg of his desk. Kneeling next to him, Allen whispered, "Hey, I hear Lenalee's getting married."

Instantly, the older brother woke with a wail, "Noooooo! Not my darling Lenaleeeeee! She would tell her big brother when she's marrying, right? She wouldn't marry at all, right? Nooooo, not my sister!" Glancing around, Komui realized that it was a lie and calmed down.

"Oh, Allen, welcome back. Did you need something?" He asked with a yawn.

"Yes, Lenalee wanted me to get my arm checked out. She'll be here in a moment with coffee," Allen replied as Lenalee wheeled her cart in.

"Hello, brother," Lenalee said, smiling warmly at Komui. Glancing over at Allen, she asked, "Do you want some coffee too, Allen?"

"Sure, can I have a lot of sugar in mine?"

"Yes, of course. Black, as usual, brother?"

Komui nodded distractedly as he searched a drawer in a filing cabinet. Coming up with a bottle, he shoved it into Allen's hands. "Drink this, it's the new Komuvitan formula. It'll revive you and fix your arm, no side effects. Don't worry, we tested it extensively."

The white-haired exorcist gulped it down, knowing that the Lees would force him to drink it anyway, either for science or his health. His arm began to regenerate as soon as it was all down, although it did taste nasty. He began to cough and sputter, the taste making him want to throw it up.

Lenalee looked over, her hand over-reached the sugar container without her noticing, grabbing a similar one filled with green crystals about the same size as sugar. Still without looking back to the coffee, she dashed the mystery container's contents into Allen's cup and set the container back where it was. Picking up the cups, by the saucers, she carried the drinks over to Allen and her brother.

"Here, drink this, it'll help it go down," she said, handing his coffee over.

He drank it readily, and calmed. The mystery contents tasted like sugar, after all. Moments later though, Lenalee and Komui visibly relaxed and their eyes dilated. Lenalee fluttered her eyelashes at her friend while Komui looked like he was having a personal crisis.

Komui strode out from behind his desk, paused near Allen, shook his head, and went over to the cart. Her brother picked up the mystery bottle and frowned, looking over at where Allen was sitting. Lenalee was now sitting next to him, inching closer with a love struck look on her face. Allen was getting uncomfortable, trying to scoot away.

"Lenalee!" Komui said sternly, "Stop."

She bit her lip, making an effort to look away from Allen. "Wh-what?"

"Allen's coffee was accidentally spiked with a substance that boosts pheromones. What you're feeling is the pheromones, not love."

"But it feels so much like love," she whimpered.

"I know, but it's not," Komui stated as he walked over and pulled his sister to the other side of the room.

She stiffened and flushed pink when she reached the wall, "I'm so sorry, Allen. I didn't mean to."

Allen, who was looking pretty confused, spoke. "Don't worry about it, I know that, Lenalee. Wait, does this mean everyone is going to be acting like that to me?"

"Well, yes," Komui said. "Though, the responses depend on personality and strength of will. But yes, people will start coming on to you."

"When will it wear off?"

"I'm going to guess...a week or so."

"I don't know if I can deal with this..." Allen muttered.

"I would suggest avoiding crowds," Komui said with a weak smile.

Allen got up and left, not able to deal with being around anyone. As he passed through the general office, everyone's head popped up and stared, or rather drooled, as he passed. His cheeks tinted pink, since he wasn't used to the attention. He decided to go to bed, because he simply couldn't deal with it.

The next morning, when Allen left his room for breakfast, he found himself being followed by a couple of girls. They smiled sweetly and giggled every time he looked back at them, which made him feel a little self-conscious. When he got his meal, Jerry looked at him strangely and crooned, making Allen retreat to a table. The table was filled within seconds, girls and guys alike becoming entirely attracted to him.

Allen noticed that as Kanda passed, he wasn't affected at all, and he summed it up to willpower. He wasn't entirely correct. Kanda was already extremely attracted to the younger man, and had a way of hiding it extremely well. He didn't appreciate having to see Allen surrounded by people who were blatantly flirting with him. After all, he couldn't do that because of his pride, so why should they be able to?

Lenalee approached, but didn't dare get near her friend. Kanda noticed and asked her, "Why has the Moyashi suddenly become a pimp?"

The Asian girl smiled weakly, "I accidentally gave him one of my brother's potions to drink, and his hormones were boosted. He's going to be like that for a little while."

The samurai nodded and took his meal to a distant table, just so no one could tell he was staring enviously at the full table.

A week later, the effects were beginning to wear off. Not much else had changed. Well, except in how people interacted with Allen.

He now had a fan club that met three times a day. Of this fan club, two members were almost always with him to take notes and creep him out. A handful of people confessed their undying love for him every day, each of which he turned down gently. His friends kept their distance after each had a mishap after seeing him for the first time after the infection, which left him sort of lonely.

The silver-eyed boy found himself longing to be with someone, namely Kanda, who didn't seem affected by him. He was the only one of his friends that hadn't had a mishap. They trained together every day, during which they had little to no conversation, but that was enough for Allen, who enjoyed the company of someone who wasn't ogling him. That he knew of anyway.

Kanda had secretly become a seething ball of jealousy. He did everything he could get away with to keep anyone from harassing his Moyashi. The raven-haired man kicked fan club members out of the training room, blocked doors by "accident", and glared at anyone who waited outside the bathroom while Allen was inside. The white-haired exorcist did notice that sometimes his followers were thankfully scarce, but didn't know why.

Allen found that as his day progressed, the effects dwindled. He was perfectly alone by noon, and that was fine with him. In fact, he needed the time to think, since his emotions were all out of whack. He was disappointed, for some reason, that Kanda hadn't been effected by the pheromones. It wasn't just that he wanted the samurai's attitude to change, it was that he wanted to be "loved" by the other man.

On the way back to his room to get a change of clothes for training, Allen got lost. He found himself in the hallway that Kanda's room was in, which made him wonder if his mind subconsciously drew him there. While he was pondering this, the samurai approached. Allen spun around, suddenly aware of the presence, and stared.

Instead of making fun of his blunder, Kanda kissed him. Allen's mind was rattled as the raven-haired man's tongue pushed through his lips and probed his mouth. Kanda drew the younger into him, holding him close as he made sure that the kiss was memorable. Allen began to respond by wrapping his arms around Kanda's neck and gripping his shirt.

When it ended, Kanda breathed, "Don't you ever drink something like that again." An annoyed little scowl, like that of a three-year-old who's in the middle of a tantrum, appeared on his face.


"Because all week, I've had to watch you get hit on by pretty much everyone."

"Jealous?" Allen teased, thinking that Kanda was going to be stubborn.

The older pressed his lips to his once more before responding, "Completely."

Looking up at him with wide eyes, Allen was flushed pink as he said, "Tell me why."

"You know why."

"Yeah, but I wanna hear you say it. You can't just expect me to let you go, after you kissed me twice, without making you say it."

"Fine, fine." Kanda leaned in and whispered huskily in his ear, "I love you."

"I love you too, and I promise I won't."