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CHAPTER 2: Sometimes it is pretty much annoying to hear other people say that you look like your parent especially if you know that, the said parent of your is not good looking~


"Hey don't you guys think this brat awfully looks like Kagura?" Gin-chan asked as he picks his nose.

"I think you're right Gin-san." Shinpachi seconded.

Hearing them agree with that idea, made me stare at the baby I am carrying.

It seems to me, she's at the age of 2 to 3 years old. Just like me, her hair is orange and her skin is a bit pale. Looking at her, she is somewhat a complete replica of me, though a baby version. But that thought just lasted within a mere second when she opened her eyes. It wasn't blue like mine, it was a crimson red one… a pair of ruby eyes. Those eyes are quite familiar to me, though I can't seem to remember who's that person who shares the same redness of her eyes.

"Well, it's clear to us that Kagura's not the mother though. Maybe her parents has the same physical features like her." Woah! A perfectly normal answer from Gin-chan? How OOC.

"Is that even possible?" Shinpachi asked.

"It already happened to me remember? You accused me that the child left here in our office was mine just because he looks like me? But it turns out to be that I'm not the father of that boy." Gin-chan answered looking pissed off, remembering the fact that all of us was convinced then that he was really the father.

"Maybe, she's Pappi's daughter-aru. A daughter from another woman, meaning my illegitimate sister-aru."

"That's also a possibility." Gin-chan approved my hunch.

"W-wait… Let's not draw out conclusions like that, Kagura-chan, Gin-san. Umibouzu-san couldn't possibly-"

"Heh! If Pappi could cheat when Mami was still alive, how much more if she's long gone-aru?"

"That's a good point Kagura."

"No it isn't! Let's not be harsh to Umibouzu-san, especially when we are still not sure, who's this baby's parent is!"

While Shinpachi was making his annoying speech, the baby smiled at me while stretching her cute little arms. I smile back to her and she suddenly touched my cheeks. But what surprised me the most is when she,

"Mami!" called me like that.


I am just spending my day off taking care of a baby. Well, if it was a normal toddler, I would just put it in a sack and give it to Danna and let him handle the rest for me. A parfait or two would motivate him to do so, but this brat caught my interest.

"How is it possible that a child almost look the same as me, and share the same hatred towards Hijikata-san?" I mumbled to myself.

He has the same color of my hair… and his face… his face looks like mine. He's like a baby version of me. But the only difference is his eyes. It was blue. A pair of ocean blue eyes… same color as hers.

"Daddy…" he called, facing me with his head tilting.


"Pulay!" he said.

"Pulay" I wondered. "Oh you mean play?" Damn with the baby talk. "Here" I tossed a straw voodoo doll on him with a picture of Hijikata-san on top.

Well, as expected, he happily ripped off the head of the doll while giggling and singing his 'Jijigata die' song. If someone were to see us, they would definitely conclude we're father and son.

"What the heck am I thinking?"

So to make myself divert in thinking such things, I decided that the best way is to go to the park and use China to relieve stress. The brat? I'll just have Yamazaki take care of him.

I was about to go out when this kid suddenly let out an annoying loud cry.

"T-taichou…" Yamazaki called while he was holding the kid. It looks to me that the kid hates him, since the brat kept on pulling his hair.

"Daddy!" the brat cried looking at me. I just scratched my head, annoyed with the current situation I am having.

"Now what? I'll be having a brat with me the whole time? I'll just be like Oga from Be*z*bub?"


"Hey baby, want to play outside-aru?" I asked her while lifting her body up and down.

"Pulay?" she repeated while tilting her head. How cute! "Pulay!" she said again but now clapping her hands. It seems that she had liked the idea.

"With that said. Gin-chan! Shinpachi! I'm going out-aru!"

"Just be careful Kagura-chan." Shinpachi reminded.

"Damn that brat. She really has the appetite. She's in par with Kagura. My strawberry milk~" Gin-chan cried looking at the bunch of cartons emptied by this baby.

So, here we are at the park. I was on my way to sadist's favorite bench. A nice way to start my entertainment. I could shot him with my umbrella while he's asleep. Yup, not a bad idea.

But maybe, I'm not that lucky since I saw him not asleep. "Weird." I mumbled. I went closer to challenge him and the punishment is to tend this baby for me, but I was surprised seeing him, holding his own baby.

"Hey Sadist, when did you had a child-aru? Did you got drunk and went all the way to a club or something" I asked him while taking my seat.

"Don't compare me to Danna, China. I don't do those kind of things. The worst thing I might do while being drunk is to try killing that bastard Hijikata." He answered monotonously.

"You do that, whether you're drunk or not-aru."

Sadist just shrugged his shoulders when he noticed the thing I am holding.

"Say China, where the hell did you got that" he asked pointing at the baby. "Don't tell me she's yours? You must be kidding me, to think you had a boyfriend?"

"Hey, shut it bastard. Before I finally lose my patience and feed your stinky, mouth with my bullets. And besides, she's ain't mine. I just saw her outside the house."

"you too?"

"What do you mean-aru?"

"Just like you, I just picked this brat outside with a note attached."

"Me too! But wait a sec. does that mean that brat is not yours-aru?"

"Obviously idiot."

"But he looks like you."

"Same with you."


Omake: Skip this if you want. It doesn't have anything to do with the next chapter.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, good-looking princess which has been locked up in a tower by an evil witch. The only thing she do is to brush her long, long, not to mention long orange hair… the name? It is…


But her daily routine changed when she had met a bishounen prince. The prince instantly feel in love with her beauty so he decided to save her.

"Princess, put down your beautiful hair so that I could rescue you." He said.

The princess did what she had told. The prince started climbing up using her long hair… but the problem is, he is a sadist. He can't help himself say these things;

"Princess, once we get out of here, marry me. I'll tie you, whip you, and cuff your hands."

Hearing that made the princess annoyed, when the sadistic prince was about to reach the top, she cut her hair making the prince fall.

She used this chance. She jumped at the prince's body which has his bones broken and covered by her hair, using it as a cushion. The princess ran while shouting…

"So long sucker! Mwuhahaha!"

And she lived happily ever after…

~The end…

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