Author's Notes: Alright, so this is my first Halo/SW crossover! I know this is just one drop in a lake, but I put my heart into this. I'm going to try my hardest to not violate canon SW details, so as a result, I am ignoring SW extended universe, to help with consistency. While the Empire will get some new ships, for the most part, I will be drawing my knowledge from the movies. All Halo material is consistent enough to be used as Canon. Enjoy!

Space is massive. The Universe has a boundary, but only in their wildest dreams can a living being ever encounter it. Spread throughout the universal sea, galaxies twinkle and spin like freshly fallen pollen on a summer breeze. The Milky Way was home to the Forerunners. They were powerful and widespread, but even they were limited by the vast amount of space separating each galaxy.

Or so it was thought.

[2587, November 17th , Location classified]

The ONI-Prowler Stone Angel fired its thrusters, rotating the entire stealth corvette 90 degrees. With its stealth systems disengaged, it looked like a vulture, with its swooping wings and angled head. The Stone Angel's sensors were currently trained on a massive Forerunner structure floating in empty space. It was ring shaped like a diamond, with certain sections completely detached from the others, similar to Promethean architecture. Its surface shone with that reflective glint that was so characteristic of Forerunner structures, as staggered lines of windows shone out from recessed trenches in its surface. A blocky section at the top looked similar to a head, with a gaping mouth. That mouth happened to be a hangar bay.

The entire hangar section was all flat surfaces and angles, a Pelican sat just inside the opening of the hangar, a thin semi-permeable force field keeping the air in. The proud symbol of the UNSC adorned the side of the Pelican, as the craft's engines pinged as they cooled down. An Asian woman in a lab coat stepped out from the passenger bay, her short-cut black hair barely reaching her shoulders. In her hands, she was fiddling with a standard-issue UNSC M6H Magnum. She strolled over to the only door leading out of the hangar, into the main complex. Three marines were standing nearby, one armed with a M739 Light machine gun, the SAW, and the others with the MA5D ICWS, better known as the Assault Rifle. They were staring apprehensively at the door, as a single technician worked on getting the door open.

"Ma'am," the lead marine acknowledged the scientist, who nodded back.

"Lieutenant Powers, is this your first visit to a Forerunner installation?" the scientist asked.

Lieutenant Powers shook his head, "No, Dr. Zeng. I've been on a Halo before, helping wipe out the Flood population… Not something I look back fondly on."

Dr. Sophia Zeng smirked, "Well, you can rest easy, Lieutenant. You're only here for contingency purposes. We don't expect to find any Flood on this installation. Nevertheless, stay alert."

Powers flicked the safety off his SAW, "Yes Ma'am."

"I almost got it…" a young technician in an EVA suit tapped away at his data-pad as it was plugged into the door terminal.

The door beeped once, and whooshed open. With the exception of the technician, everyone had a gun pointed down the hallway. When nothing happened, the marines slowly started advancing down the corridor, Dr. Zeng and the technician bringing up the rear. As the moved, lights slowly started flickering on, as the dormant facility began to stir.

"No Monitor so far," Sophia remarked, "That doesn't reassure me."

In Flood-controlled Installations, the Monitors tended to be deactivated or overrun. A lack of a Monitor didn't indicate a Flood presence, but it didn't help suspicions.

"Now, Sophia," a voice echoes in Dr. Zeng's head, "Let's not go jumping to conclusions."

"Shut it, David," Sophia scolded her AI, "I'm trying to stay focused."

"Really now," David's avatar materialized just off her left prosthetic arm, utilizing the built-in holographic projectors just under the artificial skin, "Is that any way to treat an old friend?" David's avatar appeared to be a scraggly brown-haired British man in a pinstripe blue suit.

"David," Powers snapped, "don't abuse the comms."

"Sorry, sir," the AI apologized as he went silent, his avatar fading away. Sophia sighed, redirecting her attention towards the hallway she was walking down. While being able to store a smart AI in her prosthetic arm came in handy, she could do without the rude attitude that David sometimes exhibited.

Dr. Zeng lost her left arm two years ago to a Flood combat form that had broken past the Marine's defense. She could have had an arm flash-cloned, but Sophia chose to replace her arm with a prosthetic of her own design. It sported a crystalline matrix capable of holding a ship's smart AI, above-average strength, and realistic skin. The icing on the cake, though, was an energy sword she managed to fit into the palm.

As the group approached the end of the hallway, the door slid open, revealing a large two-leveled circular room. They exited onto the top level, which was a circular walkway around a center pit. A large holographic representation of the ring-station flickered into being, as the holographic consoles and lights powered up.

"I've got nothing on the motion tracker," Lieutenant Powers reported, "Area is secure. Fan out."

Everyone went to a different part of the room. Powers led the other two marines to the bottom level while Sophia and the technician attended to the holographic consoles.

"Mark, are there any terminals?" Sophia addressed the technician, who nodded.

"One right over here, Dr. Zeng."

She approached it, pulling David out of her arm and inserting him into the terminal.

Within a few seconds, the holograph in the center of the room was replaced by a larger-than-normal David.

"This is just brilliant!" he remarked, "So much data here! I absolutely love Forerunner systems!"

Powers called out from the bottom level, "Hey, David, do we know the purpose of this station?"

"Hold on a second, lieutenant, still processing the information." The AI appeared to think for a few seconds, "Ah, there we go. This-"

Suddenly David's avatar disintegrated, as the entire structure began to shake, accompanied by a high-pitched humming noise.

Dr. Zeng lost her balance, falling and slamming her head into a nearby terminal.

The world went black.

Outside the station, the Stone Angel sat in the center of the ring, idling. Inside the Prowler, Captain Toshiko sighed, playing with a strand of her hair. When she had signed up to ONI, she had imagined a life of intrigue and adventure. Instead, she was shuttling scientists around the galaxy, without so much as a Covenant patrol group to spice up her life. That isn't to say she didn't do a good job. She was one of the better Prowler captains in the fleet. Toshiko could get the best performance out of her three decade old stealth corvette. Unfortunately, her ship was just that; three decades old. There was no way this old clunker was going to see front-line action. Unlike the most recent line of Prowlers, hers harkened to back during the Human-Covenant war.

The Stone Angel was top of the line back in her day, but it barely measured up to contemporary standards. The ship was perfectly capable of running dark, but its active camouflage was worse than those found aboard the new Rome-class frigates. Not to mention that the weapons systems couldn't manage to put a dent in the recently commissioned line of Tigershark corvettes. Hell, the ship couldn't outshoot a Longsword!

So Captain Toshiko of the Stone Angel was stuck playing chauffeur to a group of eggheads. Not that she had a problem with scientists. It's just that her job was a bit… lackluster.

"Bond, anything interesting?" Toshiko groaned, leaning back in her chair.

On a pedestal in the cramped utilitarian bridge, a holographic pedestal lit up, and the avatar of the Stone Angel's smart AI materialized. Bond had chosen to represent himself as an old legendary spy from Earth, James Bond.

"Nothing so far," Bond stated, "Just footage from the survey team. Everything's fine so far… hold on…"

Bond's avatar flickered out of definition, as alarms started to blare.

"Buildup of Radiation, captain! It's coming from all around us!" The sensors officer yelled.

"Take us out of here!" Toshiko shouted, as the Stone Angel began to shake. Then everything went white.

It wasn't a long time ago…

"Dr. Zeng! Sophia!"

Voices slowly began to rouse Dr. Sophia Zeng, as she groggily opened her eyes.

"I feel like shit," she groaned.

The technician handed her an ice pack, "Use this for now."

Sophia sat up, holding the ice against her head, "Urgh, David, status report."

"It's bad news," David's voice echoed over the intercom, "I accidentally activated the station. It… The Stone Angel is gone."

In a galaxy far, far away…

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