Of Mice and Love

Chapter One: Meeting the Newcomers

"Don't worry Slim, I can do this." I said to Slim, his eyes are bright blue, his black hair are short and he is wearing a tan hat, he's tall and slim, hell, that's why people called him 'Slim', Slim is worried about me because I was doing a man's work. Yup, I said it, man's work, know why? I'm a woman, well according to Slim, Curly, and Boss, I'm a girl to them. Curly and Boss is my family, Curly is my cousin and Boss is my uncle. And basically, I'm the only woman in the whole ranch beside Curly's Wife. And I've gotten used to them. I've joined at Tyler Ranch three months ago because something happened in my past...bah, I rather not talk about it. I've done cultivator, sweeping and raking up the grains, now the only thing I've haven't done is putting the grains into the machine, that is why Slim is so worried, he's afraid my hand will be caught in the machine.
Slim is like my father. And Slim looks at me like I'm his daughter. "I know, I know, I just-" "Wants me to be safe, I know." I said, finishing his sentence. Slim tug his smile on the corner of his face. I smile back. There was news that two men are coming this morning and supposed to work, but they haven't showed up. And that's get Uncle pissed off, blaming at all of us, complaining about two men didn't show up for work today. I sigh, shaking my head, eating my breakfast, then I went off to work with Slim, I'm on Slim's team so that made the day whole better for me.
"Stacey!" I heard someone called my name, I stopped what I'm doing, looking around to find that voice, I saw the hand waves, it was Slim, I walk to him, "What is it?" I ask Slim while I wipe the sweat off of my forehead, "Boss wants you in his office now. Here, take the horse." Slim said, gesturing at the horse, I nod and jump on the horse, and click my tounge, the horse ran.

At Uncle's house

I walk inside of the house and knock on the door, "Come in!" a male voice said, I walk in and ask, "You need me, Uncle?" Uncle is old, but not really old, he looks like he's in 50's or something. He has gray hair with piercing blue eyes that can kill you, "Yes, I have two men coming today and I want you to show them where the bunkhouse is, where you and all of the men are living, okay?" I nod, just in time, another is knocking.
"Come in!" Uncle said, using the same tone as me when I get in. I look up and see Candy, the one-hand man who works as a sweeper, came in with two guys. One man is so tall and strong, he has hair on his half, he look like he is losing his hair, and the tall man looks so dumb. Another man is shorter than the tall man, but he has caught my eyes. He is a broad shoulder, curly brown hair and hazel brown eyes that you can fall into. Candy pointed at them, "These guys just came." Uncle nods and began eating, I was staring at both of the guys, they must be that men who was supposed to work this morning. Candy smiles at me then he left, closing the door behind him.
"You were supposed to work this morning," Uncle said, after taking a bite of his bread, looking at the guys, "Where's your work slip?" Uncle ask, the man is giving him the work slip, "Wasn't Murray and Ready's fault, said here you two are supposed to be working here this morning." Uncle said, the short man said, "The bus driver lied to us, we had to walk ten miles to get here." Uncle sigh and ask,"What are your name?" he ask the short guy that has caught my eye, "George Milton," George said, man, his voice is so deep. Then Uncle ask while looking at the tall guy, "What's your name?" "this here's Lennie Smalls." George answered for him. Uncle and I was looking at him at the same time, "Don't you let him talk?" I ask, for the first time since they got here, George and Lennie looks at me at the same time, "Say, what's your selling me here?" Uncle ask while smiling, "What you get for this guy? Are you taking his pay from him too?" George said, "Hell, no, sir. I'm not taking his pay from him, he's strong as a bull and he can drive a cultivator, he's a good worker, I'm not saying he's bright, he ain't." he said, "but he's a damn good worker." George said trying to convince Uncle to let them stay and work. I look at Uncle and he nod and said, "Okay," he's giving in, "catch your grain team after dinner, but I do not want any trouble from you two, understand?" George and Lennie nods. "Now, my niece here," Uncle said while nods his head towards me, "will show you where your bunkhouse, now get out." I nods at Uncle and I walk to the door, opening the door and I walk out of the house.
George and Lennie are having a conversation. "You said I was your cousin." Lennie said gleefully. "Well, it would save a whole lot trouble and I'd shoot myself if I was any relative of yours." I stop and turn my head to George and Lennie, they both stopped walking and George said quietly, "Oh, shit. You heard that?" I nodded and said, "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." I smile at them, "Come on, let me show you where you gonna live." I walk to the bunkhouse and that bunkhouse is where I live with Slim and other guys.
I walk inside and see Candy with his dog, Dusty. Candy went and sit down beginning to pet Dusty, "That's a hell of an old dog," George nods at Dusty, "Yeah, and he's gettin' older too." Candy said smiling at George. "What the hell is this? Killing Lice, roaches...what kind of beds are you giving us anyways?" George ask Candy, I look up and see George is holding a lice thing, (I do not know what is called.) Candy said, "Now wait a minute young feller," Candy walks up to George and Candy smiles, "Now I remember, the last guy was here was a blacksmith, he used to pour this all over his bed even though there is no lice, and he-he even wash his hand everyday, even after he ate!" Candy laughs, I smile.
"Stacey!" I turn around, Candy, George and Lennie turn around too, and we see Curly, "Yes?" I ask him, "See my old man?" he simply ask, I nod and said, "He's up at the house," Curly nods and looks at Lennie, walks up to him, "You two boys my old man has been waiting for?" Curly ask, "Yes, we just came in," George said, what is up with this guy? Can't Lennie speak for hisself? I thought. "You just don't let this big guy talk?" Curly ask while looking at George, George looks up at Lennie and he nods, "We just came in." Lennie repeated George's words. "Well, next time answer when you're spoken to." Curly said dangerously close to Lennie and he looks at George, looks at me then he walks away. I sigh, shaking my head, "What the hell, Lennie didn't do nothing at him." George said, clearly offended. "That's Curly, Boss' son and my cousin," I said, looking at outside, "What he has against Lennie?" George ask, I look at him and smile, "Well, Curly is a lotta little guys-hates big guys." I said. "Well, we don't want not trouble and that bastard better stay away from Lennie." George says while putting his blanket on he bed. Candy ask, "See the glove on his left hand?" George nod, "That's full of Vaseline, he's keeping it soft for his wife." Candy finished talking, "Well that's a nice thing to tell around." George said, I chuckled.
Candy laughs and said, "Come on boy," then Candy left outside.
Leaving me alone with two guys, one that is so tall and strong, but too dim-witted, and another that is so handsome and very strong-willed and happened to catch my eyes.

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