Chapter Three: Best workers

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I jump down the table and I bow at all of the guys then I smiled. I loved to sing. Always have been. I turned to look at Slim, he smiled fatherly at me, I smiled back at him, he walks to me and said, "I knew you could do it kiddo." his hand are on my shoulder, I think I made him proud.

I've been here at the Ranch for three months, I wanted to find a work that everyone likes me.

Oh, I moved here with my Uncle, Curly and his Wife, parents died, murdered by someone that I will take revenge of. I will avenge my parents for someone who killed them.

"Stacey!" I shake my head to wipe away my thoughts to look at Slim, he looks at me with concern. "You okay?" he asked. I nodded, he knows about my past, about my parents dead. But he didn't know about others that is on my mind constantly. My ex-boyfriend beat me up and...raped me.

I was 16 at that time, I finally got rid of him when I moved here with my Uncle. "Sorry, just a lot of things in my mind right now." I said and I walked away, "Stacey! We have to go to work!" Slim yelled, I didn't hear him because I'm hard of hearing. I'm serious. I am hard of hearing. I nodded, understanding him.

I walked to the wagon and I already see men are sitting down and sit on the floor, I sighed. I'm the only person who hasn't gotten a seat yet. But someone jumped down the ground and looked at me, "Stacey," I look at George who is in front of me, I didn't even see him. "You can take my spot." he nodded at the wagon, I look at it and I look back at him, gasped. "You-please, you take a seat, I'll grab the horse and go to the field. I"ll be fine." I said, stammering. I never wanted to take away anyone's place of the seat.

"Please," George said, his hand reached out and I look down, I look up at him for momentarily. I nodded silently and I walked to the wagon and I hopped on, bending down, reaching out my hand to him, smiling at George.

George put his hand on my hand and I haul him up to the wagon and sit down together.

"Thanks," George said softly, I look at him and I smiled at him, I nodded back. "No problem," I said.

Maybe George isn't so bad after all...

Arriving to the field, I jump out of the wagon and pick up the pitchfork, everyone else jumped out of the wagon as well and return to their position of work.

My position is putting the field in the machine that cuts off the field. George is with me too so, he knows what to do.

I looked up to see George working, I smiled a bit to see how hard worker he is and he's only just arrived today.

I looked back at Lennie, George is right, he is strong as a bull. Lennie have no problem picking up the bag and put it on the cart while two men are carrying and having a hard time with it.

I gotta say, they're the darnest best workers I've ever seen...especially George.

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