I got this idea from Bluejay026 but it is not the same!

It was a downtrodden day in the Splatalot castle because it was the Hunger games reaping day. The defenders all looked different. By defenders I mean Crocness and Shaiden. Crocness looked like a normal girl and Shaiden had her hair down and no mask. Kook had brushed his hair and Thorne's mohawk was at it's spikiest point. As they walked down to the moat they were met by former defender Narisius. She was an ocean defender and was the only splatalot defender to win the games. She also had to announce a death sentence for at least 3 of the me to explain, since it was the quarter quell it was teams the first man and woman had to kill each other while the second man and woman had to kill each other. "Most people will congratulate you at the capitol. I'm not one of them. I'm sorry this happened to you. So happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor. Ladies first. The first of the two teams is... Crocness and Gildar. The second team is... well thats really bad luck Shaiden and Thorne. This will be a bad Hunger games for both teams because Crocness and Gildar are a couple and they have to kill each other and Shaiden and Thorne are brother and sister and they have to kill each other. The odds are certainly not in their favor!" Crocness and Gildar accepted their fate but Thorne and Shaiden just stood there with their jaws hanging wide open. As they were flown to the capitol they all avoided each other. Shaiden didn't believe what just happened. I have to kill Thorne? Not going to happen.

Iknow this is super short but its only the first chapter