Chapter #1: 1926

A young girl the age of 14 sighed as she sat at the dinner table, waiting for her mother to return from getting her father. She had been sitting there for 5 minutes, playing with her fork and feeding her baby brother a little bit of food. Her family wasn't the greatest, especially when her father was addicted to drugs and...body parts.

Her name? Eilleen Rosemary Clemetis Montgomery. She had curly golden locks of shiny hair, and deep blue eyes that were as light as the sky. Her skin was slightly pale, but beautiful and flawless. She had a cute button nose, and wonderful cheek bones that went perfectly with her dimples. She looked just like her mother, Nora. She was a kind and gentle girl, but she had a flair of evil somewhere in that thin body. Eilleen never really felt appreciated by her parents, especially her mother. They loved eachother very much, but her mother wanted a baby. Not a teen. And she had gotten that. Eilleen's baby brother.

Light footsteps were heard coming down the hall, and her mother appeared, wearing a gold satin dress. She took her seat at the end of the table, waiting for Charles. Heavier footsteps followed soon after, and Charles, Eilleen's father, joined them for dinner.

It was always quiet when they ate, so it was a suprise when her father spoke out. "Is that baby a boy or girl? I can't tell.." His words sounded drowsy. He had gotten high again.

" Funny you're saying that about your son."

Charles chuckled. Eilleen didn't want to listen to them argue, like every other night, so she turned to my brother. He just sat there, all happy and smiley. She put my index finger in his hand, and his tiny hand closed around it. He was the only thing Eilleen liked here. Well, her mother was alright on her good days.

Eilleen turned to my parents. Her father had just thrown the wine glass he had used to drink out of , and her mother just sat there and said,'' Well break all the glasses then!"

Eilleen's brother burst into tears, and she got him out of his high-chair. She rocked him back and forth carefully, and heard her mother ring the small silver bell on the table. She scolded the nurse, and Eilleen got up. " I'll be excusing myself now..."

She walked up to the nursery and placed her brother into his crib. He calmed down, and the nuse came in. " I'm sorry about the way mother treats you. It's not fair."

"She's just stressed, is all. Now shoo." Eilleen smiled. She always had a special relationship with the nurse. She left and closed the door softly, walking into her room.

This had all happened just weeks ago, and now here she was, tears brimming her eyes as she saw her mother and father. Mother had murdered her father and commited suicide. She didn't knowe why she was crying over them, she just was. They were her parents anyways. She was alone. Eilleen hated being alone. No one there to help her or anything.

Eilleen. Her head popped up. Join us. It sounded like her mother. Eilleen didn't know what it was, but she had dragged herself to the kitchen. It was like her body was being taken over. She groped in the cabinets for a bottle, little known what. Her fingers wrapped around a brown bottle, and Eilleen pulled it out. Poison. She unscrewed the lid, and downed the whole bottle. She felt like throwing up. She did, but it was blood. Eilleen fell to the ground, and died.

She stared down at her lifeless body as a ghost. She felt a gentle hand on her shoulder, and turned. Her mother stood there, quiet and somber. She wrapped her arm around her daughter's shoulders, and led them to the basement, where the newly created infantata was lurking, created from the baby morfed into a monster by Charles Montgomery.