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Subtext: Yes, a hint or a pinch. Not overly sexual. Flirting and maybe a roll in the hay or two.

Violence: As of right now...no. Maybe later on

Let this tale humor and enlighten you. Love comes in may ways, shapes, and forms. And absolutely when you least expect it. Read on my friends.

A Tall Texas Tale

By: Blackirish88


In a small, very small town, in the great lone star state, Texas for those unfamiliar with the nickname, was one sheriff, the only law enforcement that went by the name Dodger. Dodger didn't mind being the only official in the small town of Rosewood, well she had her four legged partners. A red and white pit-bull named Speedy and a thick mare named Lady Blacksmith, or Lady for short. She would patrol the small populated town of one hundred on the big black horse with her K-9, trotting along side. Some times she'd be in her bronco suv on hot days, like this one, parked on the side of the "highway" or the main street, with the windows rolled down to let any stray breeze in, which was a rare treat. Her black Stetson was pulled down over her face, blocking out the infamous Texas sun. For normal law enforcement in bigger cities, sleeping on the job was a no-no. But for Dodger it was a daily ritual, especially during the summer. No one dared to come out during daylight hours. There were only two reasons you'd come out to the unforgiving heat: One, you're stupid and wanna die and Two, you aren't from around these parts.

"Confounded heat." Dodger mumbled, "Is it too much to ask for a breeze around here? Sweet baby Jesus its blazing today." The brunette wiped her brow with her black and gold embellished bandana. She happened to look in her rear view mirror and noticed the road was cloudy. Then she spotted the cause of the haze, a red convertible Jaguar was barreling down the dirt road, leaving a thick cloud of dust behind it. The car zoomed past the parked camouflaged truck, "What in darnation?" This got the sheriff excited, "Boy howdy! 'Bout time I get some kind of action 'round here!" She squared away her cowboy hat firmly on her head, flashed her white teeth in a feral smile, and made the truck come to life with a roar and gunned it after the sports car, sirens blaring.

The strawberry blonde didn't see the cop she'd blown by until she checked her mirrors, saw red and blue lights, and a hand telling her to pull over. "Aw shoot. The law. Aint got time for this!" She muttered under her breath. She figured she could charm the chaps off the ill-witted cop easily, with her being a Southern bell and all. She done it before, men were simple creatures. She pulled over and put on her best damsel in distress face and cranked on the waterworks. This blond bombshell hails from Austin, the capital of Texas. Raised in the city but corn in the country, she had the best of both worlds. She was the daughter of a rich cattle-rancher who owned and produced some worlds famous beef. Her daddy gave her anything she wanted. Her mother was in the fashion industry. Inventing new styles for contemporary western wear but also chic at the same-time. She was popular in every school she attended and loveable where ever she went, Carmen Santiago was a social elitist. Carmen seemed happy, always putting on a mask to fool everyone into thinking she was. She liked it when trouble found her or vice verse. There was something about getting away that thrilled her. She was an undercover criminal. Why? To break the mundane roll of country prep and boring gatherings she'd have to dress up for, spending hours with people she detested."Alright let's see what I'm getting into." She thought, as she saw the tall deputy getting out the truck and walk towards her jag. "Hmm, not bad lookin' body. Let's see if the face is just as pretty."

Dodger always tilted her hat down until she was at the car window, for intimidation purposes. Being a cop was dangerous, being a woman officer was even more so. She had done things to masculate herself like cutting her hair a guy and working out so that her bust line wouldn't show as much. From a certain point you couldn't tell she was indeed a woman. She approached the window and addressed the blonde woman in low drawl, "Howdy ma'am. Do you know what I stop you today?"

This was Carmen's time to shine, "Why no officer. Did I do something wrong?" The blonde had put on her best act. She just knew that she'd be out of this one in no time.

"Well, you were coming down this thoroughfare might fast. Took me a minute to catch up to ya. May I ask where the hell ya going so dang fast?" The dark deputy asked. She wasn't about to let this city girl off so easily just because she was woman, remember she is too, and no one is above the law. Not even this green eyed, drop dead gorgeous of a southern belle.

She had to think fast because her usual charms weren't working. She was beginning to thing this cowboy was a little sweet in the jeans if you know what I mean. "Well, you see sir. I-" She was interrupted by the sheriff.

"Sir? Sweetie, I am as much man as you are." She tilted her hat back to reveal her full lips, high cheek bones, and stunning sapphire colored eyes. The look she saw on the girl's face was priceless, in fact it made her day.

Carmen was stunned and speechless. She'd been batting her eyelashes and putting on a show, for a woman.

End Ch.1

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