"Ms. Santiago? Darlin'? What's wrong?" Dodge looked down into huge emerald panicked eyes that shifted back and forth from the dog to Dodger. The sheriff followed the blonde's eye movements. She snorted and rolled her eyes, "Speedy." The dog perked up his ears and wagged his tail a bit, "Go on, get outta here." His master jerked her head towards the bard. He lowered his head and tucked his tail between his legs and sauntered off into the darkness. Carmen watched the dog walk off, making sure he didn't come back before she realized she still had a grip on the sheriff. She looked up into those soul capturing eye, the flickered with concern.

"Are you ok Carmen? Why don't you sit down here and I'll fetch you a glass of water." Dodger directed her to a leather sofa that had parts of it covered in cowhide. She watched the deputy walk soundlessly into the kitchen. She couldn't help but notice that Dodger had a nice ass. As her prized view disappeared her eyes wondered all over the interior of the home. It was modern for the most part. Oak wood floors and pine logs that made up the walls and most of the support beams for the structure. Granite counter tops, a stone fireplace, and little pieces of Texas everywhere. The ceiling was high with wooden rafters, then she was taken aback a little bit when she spotted several heads of various animals hanging from the walls. She could only name a few: a bobcat, coyote, a hog of some sort, a longhorn cow, and a deer that had huge antlers. Her mouth practically hung open at the assembly of game animals.

While Dodger is fixing the young lady her drink, a million and one thoughts run through her head. Wow, I cant believe she actually showed up. I wasnt gonna hold my breath just in case she blew me off. Oh gosh, my hands are all sweaty. She looks down at what she's wearing, Aw Dodger, c'mon now. This is not how you impress a lady with your food and dirt stained shirt and BOXERS! At least go put a robe on for heaven sakes. Sheesh. She calls out to the blonde, "Ms. Santiago, I am going to go put something more appropriate on. Be right back." Carmen was still in shock about the whole ordeal with the dog and how stunning the home was, she simply nodded her head.

The deputy came into the living room a few minutes later, with the glass of water, sporting a swanky black and gold trimmed robe that came down to her knees. She decided to throw on her slippers to complete her evening attire. "Here you go miss." She handed her the cold glass, Carmen took a few sips to rehydrate her vocal cords. They were quite parched from yelling Dodger's name at the top of her lungs. Dodger watch the blonde intently, she decided to apologize for her dog's actions. "Ms. Santiago?"

She looked up into intense blue eyes, "Carmen, its okay to call me by my first name. Ms. Santiago is my mother." she chuckled.

Dodger smiled, relieved to know that she was back to her old self, "Well, Carmen, about Speedy." She cleared her throat, "Sorry about him scarin' ya. He is all hot air, mostly. He wouldn't ever put his teeth on you." She reassures the city girl with a perfect crooked grin.

Carmen looked down and bit her lip, it eventually turned into a broad smile. "You know Sheriff?" she rose from the couch and walked slowly towards the tall woman, her face with anger as the only readable expression, her tone deadly. "He scared the hell out of me. My life flashed before my eyes. And you know what?" She had too look up into the eyes of the Sheriff, who's own eyes were flickering dangerously with rage.

Dodger didn't know why all of a sudden that this blonde that she's saved from her "ferocious" dog, let her get off on a speeding ticket, and paid for her lunch, is mad at her. What the hell is she going off about? I just apologized to her and I don't apologize to just anyone. She better have a damn good response before I throw her out. She looked down into Carmen's sparkling green eyes. Dodger could feel her blood boiling, "What?" she growled in response.

"I want you in it." Carmen smiled and kissed Dodger with all the passion in her body, taking the cool, sweet talking sheriff completely off guard.

End of Ch. 6

A/N: Okay, I'm so sorry this chapter is short but it's short for a reason. Just hear me out guys, there's a method to my humorous madness. I really would like to thank all my readers, especially Olaenda, Zelwicka and Emmaray96. Thank yall soo much. From Texas with love. BlackIrish88