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"My house is...gone?"I asked.

"Yes, it seems that way."Kanaya answered.

"Well fuck this shit let's go find it!"I told her, getting to my feet."I can't wear a skirt for longer than two hours. It just isn't comfortable at all."

"Well Gamzee said that your brother dropped some clothes and various items at his hive before he woke up. Your brother probably knew that your hive was going to disappear."

"How? How could he know that?"

"Well, he was a sprite wasn't he? All sprites do have more knowledge of the game than we do."Kanaya pointed out.

"True, true-wait. Are you implying Jesse purposely stole my house to set me off on a perpetual goose chase?"I asked, totally curious about her conspiracy theory.

"Kind of?"

"Well. Shit. I don't mind being stuck with Eridan or anything but you guys don't really have any comfortable beds. This thing barely even qualifies as a RUG it's so uncomfortable."

"Maybe you could try to get accustomed to the sopor slime repurcurcoons?"

"Eh, sure, not like I have-wait. Yeah we are so off topic. Anyways, what should I do now? I could get the awkward encounter with the Amporas over and done with, or get my clothes or whatever from Gamzee's hive."

"Gamzee is currently awake, hence, he is not there. I assume he does not lock his hive, but I think breaking into his hive while he isn't present is a little..."



"Awkward encounter it is then!"


"I don't think I can do this."I told Kanaya, poking my head out into the hallway. It was hard to tell where the Amporas were with all of even the smallest of noises ricocheting off the walls and back to my aching head. I was just sort of glad that the effects of my hangover were fading fast, the head ache and random flash backs however, were not. Not anytime soon.

"Yes you can."Kanaya assured me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Nope. I think I will take the cowards way out and swim to Gamzee's hive. I'll risk my rep to avoid that much awkward."

"...Something just occur ed to me."Kanaya suddenly interjected.

"You never told me your name."

"Now that I think about it...I never told Eridan either."I replied, thinking it over."Thanks Kanaya for increasing the awkward bar for me. Seriously, this is enough awkward for a face palm times five combo here. But my name's Alysen."

"No last name?"

"Not as far as I'm concerned. Humans usually take the last name of their lusii, females change theirs when they are courted. I don't like my lusii and my lusii never liked me so end of story."

"Ah. Well, go tell Eridan your name. I'm not even going to make you speak to him about the party. Just tell him your name."

"You serious bro?"



"You can not just scream your name from here."

"God damn you're quick."

"So I've been told."I sighed, then took a tentative step out into the hallway. I looked over my shoulder at Kanaya, who gave an encouraging nod. I drew a deep breath, delaying the inevitable My feet were heavy as I trudged towards where Eridan (probably) was-the library. I stayed pressed up against the wall upon hearing a rather loud argument.

"She can't stay! She's dangerous!"Yep. That was definitely Dualscar.

"She isn't dangerous, she hasn't done anyfin to hurt us at all!" Eridan?

"Well she ain't too trustworthy, she hasn't even told us her name!"

"Alysen."I whispered to myself, becoming more and more depressed."My name's Alysen."

"Just because wwe don't knoww her glubbing name-"

"Means we can't trust her! Did you know she fought a whole armada of the deadliest fish this sea had to offer? Not just once either, she did it THREE times. THREE Eridan! Doesn't that sound the slightest bit fishy to ye?"

"NO. I wwas wwith her one of those times-"


"-and her brother wwas there too!"

"Like that made it any less dangerous!"

"She gave me a gun! It wasn't like I was unarmed!"

"She gave you a GUN? And ye just TOOK it from 'er?!"

"YEAH. Because she's not STUPID enough to endanger my life on a coddamn WHIM like that!"

"HA! Ye admit she's dangerous!"

"What? No-"

"Eridan. Just because she's pretty, doesn't mean you can be fooled into thinking she means no harm! Did ye know what she told me?"Silence."She told me 'er title. Eridan, she's a jester, and a princess. Those don't mix well together. She's a recipe for disaster, a threat to our after lives!"

"So?"Eridan prompted quietly."She reely wwants to be my gillfrond. No one evver-"

"That doesn't matter!"Dualscar snapped."Just because of yer guppy love doesn't mean-"

"It means evverything to me. That's wwhat matters. Maybe if you can't understand that I'll just leavve." Dualscar's voice softened.

"Eridan..."But it was too late, Eridan had already passed me by, barely giving me a second glance. I wasn't sure if he could see me anyways, I know I could barely make out his blurry figure. I resisted the urge to wipe his tears away. How could I take away his when I could barely bring myself to wipe away mine.


I followed him into his room, I wasn't sure what possessed me to, but I did. I still refused to wipe away the tears streaming down my face, just the snot that started to flow with it. I was the dirtiest, filthiest piece of pond scum ever. I didn't want to touch myself, I didn't want to be myself, I never wanted to exist at all. I was overtaken with bone crushing guilt, depression, and self pity. Through my blurred vision I could sort of tell Eridan was captchalogueing a crap ton of his stuff.

"My name's Alysen."I offered in the same hoarse whisper as before. I stood rigid, hands balled into fists at my side, and tears dripping off of my chin. My nails dug into the skin on my palm, waiting for his answer. I couldn't form a single thought, none that I would want to dwell on anyways. It was starting to get harder and harder to breathe. Of all the times to get a panic attack...

"My name's Alysen."I said, a little louder, taking really, really short breaths as my lung contracted further. I felt like I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. God, I was such a little wimp. It's a wonder why Dualscar thinks I, of all people, was a threat. Seriously. Passing out from someone not talking to me? Weak much? Suddenly, Eridan grabbed my wrist and led me out into the hallway. Though I still couldn't see much, it felt like he was leading me the same way Jesse had when he broke me out only a week ago.

"Ugh, land dwwellers. Wwhy the fuck are YOU crying for? Stop that."I wiped them away with my available hand, revealing a hatch and an empty room with a closed door.

"My name's-"

"I KNOWW."Eridan softened."I knoww."He rested his forhead against mine. It was pleasantly cold."I'm sorry you had to hear any of that, Alysen. Dualscar's just...not used to so much peace at one time. He's been jumpy n' paranoid for a wwhile noww. Its not his fault or anyfin..."He broke away from me and started to undo the latch.

"Wwhale I guess you're lucky you're stuck wwith me and not him."


"We're gunna find your brother stupid. And also, your hivve."

"That'd be pretty convenient, yeah."

And then, he opened the door, letting in the setting sun's rays and the smell of sea salt. It felt pretty good to be me. Eridan climbed the ladder as some waves sloshed water over him, extending his hand for me to grab.


Pretty good.

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