Chapter 1

Every since she had first arrived in this parallel universe Lucy was scared. Scared of what would happen, what is to come. Because she was only 13 she was relatively small barely over five feet. She had always been scared. She was picked on at school. Made fun of her height helped just as little as it was. So she wasn't uncomfortable but feeling normal. Lucy was just walking home one day waiting to play with her baby sister when suddenly she fell through the side walk.

She fell into a parallel some place it was hot out. But there where building ahead of her it seemed like she could make out a city. She saw a forest to her left and a city to her right. Though Lucy was scared she wasn't stupid so she figured maybe she should think this out.

She didn't know who was in the city so maybe she should wait.

But this couldn't be dream because she was fully aware of what was happening and her arms hurt from breaking her fall.

She went into the forest her book bag was getting heavy it was a short walk. She looked in the city and saw what looked like little people from where she was. But she didn't have a good view. So she decided to climb a tree. She wasn't much of a tree climber but she managed. She loved the view and as she looked down she could see what looked like people. But maybe from the height her eyes where playing tricks on her. But if she was ever going to get some explanations for what was going on she had to find someone.

She climbed down the tree and started walking towards the city. But on her way out the forest she heard footsteps behind her and then everything went black