"F-Fan fiction stories?" England asked curiously, scrolling through the different categories on Fanfiction . Japan nodded and smiled lightly at the British nation.

"Yes," he rested his hands on his knees. "I know you like reading. I'm sure you'll like this website England san."

"I guess I could check them out." England replied as he closed his laptop and placed it on the side. "Though I probably won't like it."

"Bloody hell!" England began to shake the screen, staring at the text in front of him. It couldn't be, did Rose just die? It was suppose to be the Doctor who died! "Why did you die? Rose! Rose!"

After creating his account like instructed from Japan, he began to scroll through different fan fiction stories. Not only Doctor Who though, he has read Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, James Bond, and even Big Bang Theory fan fiction stories (he would never admit to America that he actually liked that show).

"Hey Britain!" a cheery voice echoed across the dark room (he was too into the story that he has forgotten to turn on the lights as it got dark). "I actually remembered the time difference! Ha ha!"

"Too. Into. Story." England quickly muttered in reply and fixated his gaze back at the story. Wait, what? Did Captain Jack just do-what? Bloody hell..

"What's up dude?" America quickly peeked over the Brit's shoulder and only saw a bunch of small black text. What the hell he asked himself. "What are you reading over there?"

"Fan fiction stories. Now shush."

"You don't shush the hero! Let me read it!" he quickly knocked England off his chair and clicked back to the first chapter to the horror of the Brit (he didn't remember what chapter he was on). After a few moments, he asked, "What the hell is this? It's good but.."

"It's a fan fiction story. You know the show Doctor Who right? Though I doubt you even watch-"

"I love that show dude! Especially David Tennant! He's awesome!" And the minute he said those words, he probably got the most biggest hug from the Brit ever in existence. He probably would have spilled "I love you" if it weren't the fact that America out of joy lifted him up in the air.

"Fan fiction?"

"Yeah," England replied, clicking the sign up button and handed the laptop to America to fill in the fields. "You know what those are, correct?"

"Yeah I do but when did you get obsessed with something like this?"

"Japan introduced me to the website actually. I read a few and I was hooked from there."

"Cool. Okay, I just filled in all the fields. Now I just have to check my email and I can log in, right?"

England nodded. "Exactly lad. Exactly."

"Like OMG! Lily, you don't just do that to Robin!" He screeched at the screen, slamming his fists into the keyboard. The same thing happened exactly to America and now he was the one shouting at his screen. "And Ted, suck my jingle-berry!"

For the last few weeks, the two have been constantly on their phones or laptop in attempt to just check for updates or read a new story. It has obviously pissed all the nations across the globe, especially Germany who was already tired about the mess in the World Meetings. They didn't these days bother to even show up at all. It wasn't any better when they did though for it just ended up with the two huddled up in the corner fan-girling. You know, he was surprised he haven't attempted to kill himself right there on the spot.

Each of their boss weren't anymore pleased. England, the one who was always on time, failed to hand in paperwork on time, sometime not all. America, sure he was pretty goofy and lazy but he still managed to put work before play. Now, he would just simply on his phone twenty four seven and the new gossip among Congress was that the teenager phone phase was happening to the nation.

"We need this to stop." Germany shouted across the World Meeting room. Luckily, this was one of those days that the two nations stayed back to tend to their fan fiction deeds. He knew they needed a plan. "America and Britain have been at this for enough. With their whole fan fiction obsession. What is fan fiction exactly?"

"Ve~" Italy raised his arms. "It's basically like fan literature!"

"Ja, I see. Well any ideas how we can stop this?" Switzerland raised his hand and quickly, Germany pointed to him.

"Why don't we just shoot them?" he suggested, pulling out a rifle. "I will do it if you want."

"No violence unless it is absolutely necessary." Germany quickly glared at Russia. "I'm talking to you too Russia."

"Aww. Alrighty then." Russia lowered his pipe and went toward more important things like scaring Latvia.

"Any others?"

"I got one!" Hungary stood up on her two feet and pulled out a small chalkboard, writing out who knows what.

"What if we just suggested them a bunch of fan fiction stories and have them read it? Like you know, sex, gore.." yaoi, definitely. She thought to herself, smirking. "-until we scare them for good."

"Not a bad idea actually." Germany replied. "Ja, I think we shall go along with that plan then. Any complaints?"

"Yeah, I do!" Switzerland once again raised his hand. "I think Japan is not telling us something!" (how he does it, who knows?)

"Ve~ What is it Japan? Tell us!" Italy and the all of the nations turned their head toward the Japanese nation. He began to sweat and sink into his chair. Finally, he no longer could keep it bottled.

"I happened to be the one who got England into fan fiction stories." he chuckled softly and like the skilled yaoi ninja he was, dashed off.

"I KNEW IT!" Switzerland chased after the Japanese nation and the rest of the nations were left sitting there, not being able to comprehend what just happened within those last few seconds.

"I'm awesome. I know." Prussia smugly smiled and crossed his arms, as if he didn't realize the weird silence. "Yeah. True story."

"You're not even a nation Prusse." France said.

"YOU MEANIE!" he dashed off himself and once again, they did not just get what has just happened. But they do know one thing, time to end England and America's fan fiction obsession for good.

"So what story should we reccomend them first?" Germany asked after their lunch break which took longer than usual. Japan and Switzerland walked back, looking as if they were just in war. Prussia came back with an alcohol in his hand and awfully drunk like usual of him. It's so sad that he has seen weirder things at World Meetings before.

"Ooh!" Hungary exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. "A GerIta story! How about Ladies at the Beach?"

"What is GerIta, Germany?" Italy asked, a pure look upon his face. Germany simply remained quiet and wanted badly to steal Prussia's beer and drain it down his throat. He couldn't explain something like that to the innocent and (apparently) a virgin Italian nation. (A/N: how the fuck is he a virgin? He dates so many women, you can't even count!) Perhaps he would just let it go.

He ignored Italy and replied to Hungary, "Very well then. Despite.." he coughed slightly into his fist. "You know?'

Hungary nodded and pulled out her cellphone. "I'll text them to read this then." she giggled slightly and after struggling with technical issues, finally sent the message to them.

"Okay then. Just got through to them."

"Ja, good job. Now we'll just wait for tomorrow." the rest of the nations nodded and they moved on to other subjects. Italy later that day unfortunately kept bugging him about what GerIta was and he soon lied through his teeth saying it was a kind of bread. He knew that Italy would believe whatever he said. It backfired on him when Italy muttered apparently of how he would like GerIta with butter, giving him a nosebleed from the thought of that.

England received a text the same day as him and America were lounged casually in his study room or unofficially fan fiction room. It was strangely from Hungary who told him to read this fan fiction story called Ladies at the Beach. He didn't pass any recommendations given to him so he convinced America to read this story with him.

He tugged it none too nicely, eliciting a breathy moan from between Italy's open lips. Now Germany looked up, noticing the flush across Italy's toned skin.

"Italy, the knot's not coming undone." Germany stated the obvious as he felt a flash of heat burn through him at Italy's oddly erotic, flushed face.

"Ve~ But I still can't get them off."

Now Germany suppressed an unexpected need to groan. Why did this male send such heat through his veins?

The minute the two read that, well..they weren't surprised. Not a hint of shock on their face even as they imagined the Germanic and Italian nation well *cough*. They wouldn't even be surprised if it really happened.

"That was alright I suppose." America stated after a long amount of silence.

"Not that erotic in my opinion." England shrugged and decided to favourite the story anyway. It was nicely written, just that all the erotic magazines he reads in private in comparison was nothing. I mean *cough* what?

"What do you want to do tomorrow by the way?" the western nation asked, a wide smile stretched across his face.

"We should probably head to the World Meeting. We've missed almost every day and I'm sure Germany is pretty angry at us." America nodded and took out another hamburger from his bomber jacket and stuffed it in his face.

"This is the most we have every spent time together, huh?"

"I guess..I missed.." England sighed and smiled at him. "..chilling out with you?"

America blushed a bit and rubbed his nape, trying to hide the smile. He always strangely felt happy whenever England used American terms. It made him feel more comfortable and peaceful around the Brit. Of course he would never admit that. Like ever.

"I'll take your guest room then." he added, realizing the silence. Yeah, he could read the atmosphere, who said he couldn't?

"Okay then." England pat his head and picked up his phone. "You probably want to get change and take a shower. I'll take you out to McDonalds later today."

"I thought you hated McDonald?" America smirked and leaned in close, his hands stuffed in his bomber jacket.

"I do hate it! And it's not because I'm doing this for you! I just don't want you to start complaining how my food is rubbish which it is not! That's all it is! Really!" a blush was clearly on the Brit's face but he pretended he didn't see it.

"Alright, alright." he laughed and picked up his own phone before heading toward the guest's room. He would try to come up with a solution why England was blushing but he really needed to go back to his Star Wars fan fiction story. Damn you Luke.

When the two nations arrived, they expected to see them normal as usual, picking fights with each other or with France. However, what they didn't expect was for them to still be fan girling in the corner with each other, exchanging laughs. Apparently that GerIta story wasn't enough.

"America..England.." Germany yelled across the meeting room and when he realized he was being drowned from the massive chatter, grabbed Hungary's pan from her bag and tossed it toward each of theirs heads, leaving a giant mark.

"Oww! Bloody hell!" England groaned and glared at the Germanic nation. "What the bloody hell was that for?"

"You don't hit heroes and their sidekicks dude! That's just uncool!"

"You two have been fan-girling with your fan fiction nonsense for hours!" he screeched, tired of their shit. "Stop with that, can you?"

America pouted, "But Craig Tyler-"

"NO! You will put away your phones and-" just then, the lunch bell rang and the nations stormed out of the meeting room as fast as that. He lowered his finger and felt his mouth droop down. The two nations laughed and followed behind, their faces staring straight at England's phone.


Hope you enjoyed ^_^ I hope to update sometime soon. But I also have other stories to work on as well (and not to mention my portfolio.)