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Alex's POV

Since it was Valentines Eve "supposedly", Deacon and I were making cookies.

Although, we were eating most of the cookie dough we still had enough dough to make the cookies out of.

Anyways when we were almost done with cutting out the heart shape dough, I felt something hit me from the back.

I turn around and see Deacon with flour on his hands.

"So it's gonna be like that huh?"

Then I grab the flour near me and throw it at him. Which was kind of a downer since it didn't hit him.

"Nice throw Alex", he says back.

Then he starts laughing.

Well two can play this game.

I reach for the frosting that was in the bag that we were going to use to decorate the cookies after they were baked.

Finally it hits Deacon on the face.

"That will shut you up." I yell back.

"Well then, battle begins NOW."

Then everything goes quick. It turned into a full out food war. We throw anything we could find at each other.

I got flour in my hair.

Chocolate syrup on my cheek.

Every part of my body was mostly covered in something.

Just like Deacon, I think I looked the worse. In this situation, I could see that we will have a lot of cleaning up to do.

The kitchen was covered in food.

Before Deacon and I could throw anything else at each other Aiden came in.

Oh shit.

Then Deacon leans over to me and whispers.

"Don't make any sudden movements and don't make a sound."

"He's not a rabid animal coming to eat us Deacon"

I whisper back angrily.

"Well maybe not but just don't provoke him."

Well guess we have a lot of explaining to do.

We stood there standing still.

Usually, Aiden would have started yelling at us but I was so wrong.

He started walking slowly towards me and when he is finally close enough that I could feel him breathing he swipes one of his fingers on my cheek were I had chocolate syrup thrown at me thanks to Deacon.

He licks his finger off and says, "Yum."

Then he walks away. In shock I just stare back at him where he just disappeared to. "What the hell was that?" says Deacon.

Still in shock I turn to him and say, "I have no idea."

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