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The italic's are Bella's thoughts.

There's always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they're civilized like this clan was. You never know when they might get too hungry to resist. -

Jacob Black, Twilight, Chapter 6, p.125.

Bella's POV:

Driving home was harder than normal. Tears had swam up in my eyes and threatened more than once to fall. I had embarrassed myself, even though it seemed Ms. Denali was just as entranced as I was I couldn't help but feel as if I had done something wrong. I had morals and it was like this woman who was my teacher had just stomped all over them.

These feelings I had began having had seemed so right when my lips were scooting closer to hers and she had softly tickled my side with her fingertips. But now that I had distanced myself from the captivating woman I could listen to my brain, she was older than me and if that wasn't enough she was my very female math teacher.

I had never felt this way about anyone and it confused me. I had only met Ms. Denali a few days ago but a minute ago I was ready to allow her to claim my lips? I didn't understand the internal battle I was currently having and at the moment I'm not really sure I want to. I don't understand anything about this situation and trying gave me a headache.

Pulling into the driveway, I didn't bother with checking my appearance. Charlie wasn't at home so I wouldn't be bothered.

Making my way up the little path that led to the front door proved a difficult task for me, it felt as if my heart was slowly being ripped apart and being stitched back together only to be ripped violently again. God, This pain was consuming me. Stumbling up the walkway with one hand on my chest, and the other hand unlocking the door quickly.

Once inside I didn't bother with removing my clothes I stumbled up the steps and threw myself onto my bed. Now both hands had come to my chest, clawing at the skin there. I would give anything for this pain to subside. It was going to kill me, it was burning me from the inside, the pain was slowly spreading from my chest to various parts of my body causing me to twitch and squirm in pain. I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I could hear myself trying to get screams out but it sounded like I was choking not screaming. My lungs refused to work. I need to call...Charlie. Need to get help.

Turning myself over so that I was positioned on my stomach I got on my hands and knees and threw myself rather roughly from the bed. Landing on the soft carpet, I pushed myself back up again and dragged myself across the room and into the hallway.

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. This is it. Oh god. I'm done for. Charlie. I'm dead. What about mom? I'm dying. Ms. Denali will just have to deal with not having me around. I'm gone.


Lying on my back I closed my eyes and I thought I could feel my heart constrict. It was no longer painful, I had gotten used to the burning somewhat. I could feel myself still trying to scream but it was no use. I was dead and I was making my peace.

Suddenly I could feel the pain slowly retreating. It flowed out of my body and I could breathe again. Jolting up I let out a sob. One hand clutching my heart and the other reaching above my head trying to grab the staircase railing. Lifting myself up I stumbled back into my room and collapsed on my bed.

My last thought was the joy of feeling the air flowing in and out of my body.

Then everything went dark.

A pair of strong but cold arms were tightly wrapped around me. I could see the bright stars twinkling above me. I sighed and turned around, facing the person who held me so tightly as if I was going to run away. "Hello, Tanya."

She smiled and freed one of her arms to stroke my cheek softly as if she was afraid I was going to shatter like a china doll right before her eyes. " I'm sorry I caused you pain, My love."

The look she gave me caused my heart to break. I took her hand from my face and pressed the cool skin to my lips.

"It was not your fault, My dear, dear, Tanya. I love you."

Jolting awake I rubbed my eyes and sighed. Stripping the covers away from my slightly sweaty body I got up from the bed and padded into my bathroom.

The pain from yesterday was gone. I had thought I was going to die, it's funny looking back how one of my last thoughts concerned Tanya Denali.

Never mind I needed to get ready for school. Taking a shower and getting dressed was an easy task. I had not missed the claw marks I had made on my own skin. It looked like I was trying to rip my own heart from my body.

I didn't know if the pain would come back and if it did I really didn't want to be driving when it made its appearance. Taking my phone from my jeans pocket I called Angela to come pick me up. Hurriedly stuffing a doughnut in my mouth I made my way outside and when Angela pulled up I gratefully got into the car.

"Hey Ang. How's it going?"

She smiled at me as she backed us out of the driveway. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and her glasses were on top of her head.

"Hey Bells, Did you study for the test in third?"

For the rest of the drive me and Angela talked about our preparations for the big Science test. In truth I hadn't studied but I wasn't concerned with learning formulas when my heart was on fire.

Walking into the building with Angela proved to be hard for me, I couldn't get my feet to move. I didn't want to see Ms. Denali again. Angela just shrugged and took my arm, dragging me towards the building. I smiled at her impatience and followed like a good girl.

Once we made it into the building I thought I caught a flash of strawberry blonde but when the students cleared no one was there.

Stupid imagination.