Begin again

Chapter 1.

Lexie sat up in the very uncomfortable hospital bed. Everything ached everywhere and she was tired of being in that damn bed. Where was her nurse? Meredith? Mark? Anyone? The last thing she remembered was being on that plane, it crashing and her legs being stuck underneath it. She felt like she would pass out any minute from the pain, so she pressed the nurses red button on the remote, and waited for someone to come. Where was her damn doctor? More important where was Mark? Meredith? Derek? Cristina? Had they survived too? Her memory was blank. Her eyes darted around the hospital, hoping that just maybe she'd see one of them walk through that door at any given time.

In another part of the hospital Derek paced the floor of the hospital room his wife was being kept in. The machines were beeping and a ventilator was breathing for her. It was hell getting her to this point. The doctors worked profusely over time trying to get her heart beat back. She coded on the table three times and now they weren't sure if she was going to wake up at all. The neurosurgeon that was on the case said her brain had lost oxygen during surgery and that it could be hours, or days until she recovered if not more. Derek sat down next to the bed, and put his head into his hands, blowing out a deep breath. A single tear slipped down his face and he looked up when he heard footsteps.

"Derek Hey." Cristina quietly said as she walked into the room.

"Hey." Derek answered, looking back to Meredith who looked so fragile laying there. She looked so damn helpless and there was nothing he could do but wait.

"I can't believe this is happening." Cristina said in a hushed tone. "We were on a plane.. And the plane crashed.. And now, and now Meredith.. Oh God is she going to be okay?"

"I hope so." Derek told Cristina, as comfortingly as he could. "I really hope so. I need her."

Cristina sighed and sat down on the opposite side of Derek. "I haven't even spoke to Owen yet."

Derek shook his head. "You should. You two are married. Just think, it could be him, or you in this bed. Make the best of it."

Cristina sighed and took Meredith's limp hand. "I'm sorry." she whispered to both Meredith and Derek before walking out of the room.


Lexie Grey's eyes widened when she heard footsteps come into the room. She had almost fallen back asleep. "Oh thank god." she said to the doctor who came in the room to check on her.

"Lexie. You're awake. Good." April's perky voice really got on Lexie's nerves sometimes, but she was happy to have someone there with her now. Maybe the red-head could answer a few questions. Maybe she knew where the other doctors were.

"Could you please get me some morphine? I'm dying here." Lexie complained.

April giggled at that, even though really it wasn't even funny, but she was happy to see her friend alive. "Yeah sure." the resident said as she slipped more morphine into Lexie's IV.

"Good, that's better." Lexie sighed, relief finally hitting her.

"Where is my sister? Mark? Derek? Arizona? Cristina?" she frantically asked April who in turn gave her very sad eyes. Lexie then knew something was horribly wrong.

"Answer me Kepner!" the brunette spat, shocking April.

"Well, are you sure?"

"Of course I'm fucking sure! Tell me damn it!" Lexie cursed.

April was shocked with her demeanor. Normally Lexie didn't speak this way, but she had to forgive her this time, and she was sure God would forgive her too since she'd been through what she'd been through.

"Okay, Meredith first." April sat down next to Lexie's bed. "Meredith suffered really severe injures." All Lexie could hear as April explained was a bunch of medical bull shit and then her finally say "And now, she's on life support and we are waiting. That's all we can do is wait."

The brunette's brow furrowed. She wanted to cry right then and there, but she wouldn't, not in front of April.

"Mark is fine. He had to undergo surgery as well to repair some damages he had to his collar bone. He'll be in a neck cast for a couple weeks, but then he should be fine."

That made Lexie sigh a big breath of relief.

"Derek barely had any injuries at all, except for his hand. He fractured 4 of his fingers." she paused. "Arizona may lose her leg, and Cristina was very lucky to get out of the crash with only minor contusions. I think she's quite traumatized though."

Lexie nodded trying to take everything in. "And me?"

April opened her chart to hide her face behind it. She couldn't even look Lexie in the eye with everything that was going on. After this she would go pray, because that's what Lexie needed. She needed someone on her side.

"You will be fine. We are keeping an eye on you're infection to make sure it doesn't spread to your other leg. You were trapped under that plane for a while, and you are very lucky that you weren't paralyzed. Callie did a wonderful job healing your broken legs. It will be at least 6 weeks before you can walk again, but hey, I'd consider that lucky with what Meredith is going through."

"Thank you April." Lexie sighed, a tear finally escaping her eye. "Do you think someone could take me to see Meredith?"

April brought her eye's to meet Lexie's finally. "Not right now Lexie. Not until we are sure the infection is gone. You know the risks. You're a doctor."

"But she's my sister!" Lexie nearly jumped off the table until she forgot she couldn't, being that her legs were broken and all.

"Thank you." the young Resident said once more before April nodded and headed out of the room.


Mark's eyes popped open and he frantically searched the room to see what his surroundings were. Okay, he was in a hospital bed. Where was Lexie? Meredith? Derek? Last he remembered was the plane crash. Oh God, Lexie was stuck under the plane. He tried to sit up so he could look around better, but a pain shot from his neck all the way down to his back. He felt around, and felt a neck cast on his neck. If he was there, that means they had been rescued. Last thing he could picture was him lying on the ground next to Lexie, holding her hand, praying to whatever God was up there that they'd be rescued soon, and from the looks of it that had to be exactly what happened.

"Mark, buddy." he heard a familiar voice sound at the door.

"Derek? Is that you? Where's Meredith? Lexie? Did they survive? Oh Derek, I'm losing my mind here."

Derek sat down next to Mark's bed and put a hand on his best friend's own hand.

"Lexie and Cristina will be fine. Lexie's legs are broken from the plane's impact on them and Cristina had a few minor contusions on her legs. Meredith on the other hand is on life support." Derek's face fell when those words came out of his mouth.

"Oh man. I'm so sorry." he tried to console his friend.

"They did everything they could. Now we wait." he didn't feel like explaining everything right then and there. He had just wanted to check on his friend and make sure he was okay.

"I want to see Lexie. Please Derek?" Mark pleaded.

"Here." Derek brought a wheelchair over and helped Mark into it. "Careful. You don't want to straight your neck while your collar bone is healing."

Mark didn't' even care. He just wanted to see Lexie, to look at her face and look in those beautiful eyes of her and tell her that he loved her. He thought he told her before he blacked out, but he couldn't remember at that point in time. Derek wheeled the wheelchair into the room and Mark thanked him with his eyes. The neurosurgeon though, turned on his heel and walked out of the room to go back and check on Meredith.


Cristina sat in an on call room, her head in her hands. She felt like crying, but maybe right now wasn't the right time. Maybe she really should go try and mend things with Owen. She almost died in that plane crash and she got to live. This was her second chance. This was their second chance. She lifted her eyes when she heard the door click open. The lights were off so she couldn't see who came in, but she half smiled when she heard the familiar voice.

"Cristina?" Owen Hunt asked?

"Yeah. Over here. Turn on the light." Cristina spoke in an even tone.

"I'm so glad you're okay after hearing everything that happened. I was so worried about you, and about everyone else."

Cristina frowned and looked Owen straight in the face. He had just cheated on him. Was it the right time to forgive him and make amends or should she just divorce him right there, and move towns? She couldn't decide in that moment. She just sat there staring at him.

"Cristina.. Say something."

Owen scooted closer to his wife and went to put an arm around her, but the brunette backed away from him. "I'm fine. Get out. Please? I need some time. Please just go away."

Owen looked very hurt. His blue eyes gleamed over like he was going to cry at any minute. Cristina couldn't bare to look at him any longer. She was still trying to process the crash. Her best friend was on life support for God's sake. She couldn't deal with that right now. "Cristina please?"

"I said get the fuck out!" the traumatized woman shouted! "Get out!"

Owen Hunt didn't mutter another word. She needed time obviously. She'd forgive him. She'd be okay. God, he didn't even care if she forgave him. He just wanted her to talk to someone, especially him, but Cristina wasn't talking. She instead threw herself down onto the on call bed and cried.


"Arizona.. Honey, wake up." she heard her beautiful wife say. She didn't bother to open her eyes. Her head was pounding. She lay there for a few seconds and opened one eye to see her wife sitting right next to her holding her hand. "Hey." the blonde ped's surgeon spoke up finally.

Callie sat up right in the chair and grabbed Arizona's hand. "Oh thank God. You're awake."

Arizona tried to sit up, but everything spun and she couldn't. She felt so dizzy. "No, don't try to sit up. Wait until the meds wear off baby."

The blonde tried to muster a smile, but it came out only a half of one. "Did you fix my leg?" she finally asked.

Callie's eyebrows furrowed and she rubbed the spot right in between them. "We were able to clear most of the infection out, but it will take a day or two for us to know if it's completely gone or not."

Arizona blew out a frustrated breath. "Am I going to lose my leg Calliope? Just tell me straight."

Her Latina wife sighed and looked into her baby blue eyes. "Not if I have anything to do with it Arizona, but you're alive and that's all that matters."

Arizona raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, maybe but how am I suppose to save the tiny human's lives if I have to hop around on one foot?"

Callie chuckled at her wife's attempted joke. "Hopefully it won't come to that." she stated in a comforting voice, before leaning over and kissing her wife on the forehead. "I'm just so glad you're alive. I thought I was going to lose you."

Arizona sighed and looked away for a moment, thinking of everyone else who was in the crash. She knew Lexie had it pretty damn bad and so did Meredith. She hoped they would be okay, but for now she was so tired and she needed to shut her eyes and get some more rest. Whatever meds they were giving her were making her pretty damn loopy.

"I love you Calliope." were the last words she mustered before the blonde fell back into a deep slumber.