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Chapter 4.

Derek looked at Meredith confused and Meredith looked at Derek confused. "It's me Mer. Your husband. Derek Sheppard." Derek spoke in a hushed town. A tear trickled down his cheek as he looked at the woman in the bed. She looked so pale and fragile. Her cheeks were normally pink and today they were just plain pale. Everything was wrong. It was all wrong. Why didn't she remember him? Wait. He had to think like a doctor. He tried, but he couldn't. It was too much.

"I don't know any Derek Sheppard. Where's my mother? Shouldn't she be here?" Meredith asked, a frown coming to her lips.

"Your mother is dead Meredith. She's been dead for years now. Remember?" Derek reminded her as lovingly as he could at the moment. He was so hurt though. How could she not remember the past 9 years with him, their daughter for Gods' sake.

"No." Meredith started to cry.

He wanted to go comfort her, but she wouldn't let him near her. "I'm sorry for your loss." he simply said, trying to hide the sadness playing on his features. She didn't remember him. He didn't understand.

He quietly slipped out of the room and backed into a wall, tears streaming down his face. "I d-don't understand." he said mostly to himself before he started all out sobbing. He slid down the wall and onto his ass and cried more than he'd ever cried in his life. He didn't even cry when he watched his own father get shot. This was just too much.

"Derek? You okay man?" Alex Karev's voice could be heard over his crying.

"Meredith- Meredith doesn't remember me. She doesn't remember Zola." he sobbed. "She lost her memory. I d-don't understand." he said through sobs.

"That means she doesn't remember us either, or being a doctor?" Alex questioned.

He slid down beside Derek and put a comforting arm around his shoulder. Derek shrugged it off though and stood up quickly, almost knocking Alex over backwards. "I don't need your pity Karev. Go do something." he spat venomously.

Alex threw up his hands and went to say something, but instead he figured he'd better leave Derek alone. He was just as upset as Sheppard though. Meredith was his friend, had been his friend for years. Why didn't she have her memory? It had to be just slight amnesia from her surgery or something. At least that's what he prayed it was.

He went to turn around and walk away but instead he stood his ground, placing a firm foot in front of him and his arms crossed over his chest. "You know what Derek? No. I'm not going to go do something. Meredith isn't just your wife. She is one of my best friends." he started. "You're a damn doctor. Instead of pushing people away because you feel sorry for yourself, why don't you fucking think like a doctor?"

This caused people to stare. "What? Mind your own damn business!" Alex spat.

Derek shot daggers at Alex. He hated to admit it, but the other man was right as much as he didn't want to believe it. He sighed and put a hand on Alex's shoulders. "I'm sorry. I know. Thank you." he apologized.

Alex raised an eyebrow and backed up a few paces from Derek. "Whatever Dude." he

said and turned on his heel to head the other direction. He couldn't deal with Derek any longer. Instead he would go see how Arizona was doing after her surgery that he so wonderfully kicked ass at.

He beamed to himself and jogged in the direction of her hospital room.


Cristina sighed heavily and looked at her phone checking the time. She had made an appointment to see the pysh since Owen wouldn't let her return to work until she did. She'd fake it. That's what she'd do. Fake it til ya make it. she thought to herself as she turned down the hallway to the psychiatrist wing. She put on a bright fake smile as she entered the office and raised her eyebrow when the nurse spoke with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Cristina Yang. I'm here to see Dr. Thomas." she spoke in a robotic tone.

"Okay. He'll be right with you" The nurse said in an annoying voice. It irritated Cristina so much, but she didn't say anything she just turned around and headed to sit down.

It felt like hours that she sat there, twiddling her thumbs, tapping her foot and just waiting. She even opened her phone and browsed the internet but it just felt like it would take all damn day for this damn doctor to clear her to go back to work. That's all she wanted anyway. She didn't want to think about the fucking plane crash. She wanted to go back to work, break bones, play with hearts, anything to make her forget about what had happened.

"Cristina Yang. The doctor will see you now." the annoying voice spoke again making Cristina jump slightly.

She faked a smile when the doctor came out. "Right this way doll." he said. Doll? Cristina thought. Great he's a fucking dinosaur.

Cristina followed the old man to his office and sat down when he motioned for him to sit across from him.

"So Dr. Yang, you want to be cleared to go back to work yes?" The man asked.

"Why else would I be here?" she spoke sarcastically.

The old man scratched his mustache and ignored her tone. "Yes. Well. Let's see here." he went over some papers with his eyes, his glasses pushed just barely above his nose. "You were in a plane crash recently and your Chief thought you should see us before you could get back to work."

Cristina raised and eyebrow and nodded.

"Well do you think you are ready Mrs. Yang?" asked.

"Yes. I am ready. I'm not dead. I haven't lost any limbs. I'm ready to go back to work." Cristina said dryly.

"Have you experienced any trauma from the accident? Nightmares? Things like that." the psyche asked.

"No." Cristina lied.

This was going to be the most annoying thing she ever had to go through, but she'd lie. She'd lie all she had to get Owen to clear her so she didn't have to think about that crash, about her best friend nearly dying, being stuck in those damn woods in the freezing cold weather and having to huddle up to anyone she could just to stay warm. Lastly she didn't want to think about her stupid husband cheating on her.


Arizona sat up in her hospital bed and looked around the room. Her leg was finally starting to feel better. In fact she hardly felt any pain at all. She smiled remembering that she'd just had a lovely reunion with her wife and their beautiful daughter. Seeing Callie and Sophia almost made her forget about the plane crash period, but then it came back to her and she frowned. Would she ever be the same again? She felt like the same person yes, but she was willing to bet that anyone could see a change in her. She didn't lose her leg though and that was something to smile about. She had her wife and her daughter. She lived. She was grateful.

The blonde pediatric nurse swung her legs over the hospital bed and got up. She wondered when she'd be able to go back to work fixing the tiny humans. She loved what she did and any longer in that hospital bed, she'd just plain go crazy.

"Cal. Do you think you could ask Hunt to come in here please?" Arizona asked her loving wife.

Callie smiled gently and placed her hand on Arizona's shoulder. "Sure honey. You're going to ask him when you can go back to work huh?" Callie chuckled.

"You betcha. I am so tired of being in this damn bed and I haven't even been here that long." Arizona replied rolling her eyes.

Callie sat down on the bed next to her wife. "Are you sure you're even ready?" she asked in a gentle tone.

Arizona sighed and her memory took her back to the plane crash.

She looked down at the bone that was sticking smooth out of her leg and winced in pain. She watched all around her as Mark and Lexie clung to each other in the cold air and Derek kept administering CPR to Meredith whose heart kept failing on her. Arizona couldn't do anything but watch. She wanted to help. Cristina paced back and forth and kept throwing sticks to the fire that was going out quicker and quicker. The wind was freezing cold and through all of that ,all Arizona could think about was getting home to her wife and child. How selfish had she been? Meredith was dying and so was Lexie and all she could think about was if the infection in her leg was going to kill her or if they'd have to amputate it and she'd be a one-legged freak. Her wife would never love her if she only had one leg.

"Arizona?" Callie's voice shook her out of her own head.

"Yeah. Um. What?" she asked dazed from her memory.

"Are you sure you are ready?" Callie repeated the question.

"Yes." she replied. She was ready. She really was. Or at least she hoped she was.


"Ugh. How long am I going to be in this god forsaken wheel chair?" Lexie spat frustrated.

"Honey." Mark started. "Just be glad you're alive." Mark encouraged her.

"I am. I'm just. It's not fair ya know." Lexie sighed as she wheeled herself down the hallway of Seattle Grace Mercy West hospital.

"I know. Here relax. I'll push you." Mark said.

"No. You'll hurt your neck more." Lexie argued.

"Oh stop it. I'm fine. Let me help you." he urged.

"Fine." Lexie sighed and lifted her hands from the wheels and placed them in her lap. She looked around the hospital.

The hospital was busy as ever, people bustling and rushing about. "Hey stop." she told Mark when she spotted Derek. She hadn't seen him since the crash nor her sister so she was glad to see his face.

"Derek!" Lexie said excitedly.

"Lexie. Hey. You're alright." Derek replied.

"Yeah. Two broken legs, but I'm alive right? How's Meredith?" Lexie wondered.

"She is awake." Derek paused a tear running down his cheek.

"If she's awake, why the long face bud?" Mark asked, curiously.

"She has amnesia." Derek replied his lip quivering. He bit down on it to stop it and wiped the single tear that had dripped from his eye.

"She what?" Lexie's eyes went wide. "How? What happened?" the younger Grey questioned worriedly.

"I don't exactly know." Derek informed Meredith's sister. "She woke up and she." he paused more tears spilling from his blue eyes. "She doesn't remember me, or Zola. She doesn't remember the past 9 years."

Lexie shook her head in disbelief. "That can't be true. I'll go see her. Maybe it was just that her memory was fogged for a little while."

Lexie just couldn't believe that her sister didn't remember her, Derek, their baby Zola, Meredith being a doctor, their dad Thatcher, any of it. She wouldn't believe it.

"Mark. Take me to Meredith please?"

Mark and Derek wanted to argue but Lexie Grey was Lexie Grey. She was stubborn as all hell and if she wanted to see her sister, by God she'd see her sister.

Mark pushed the wheelchair slowly and made his way to Meredith's room who was sitting up in her bed, flipping the channels on the small TV that hung on the wall.

"Meredith?" Lexie asked. "Meredith do you know who I am?"

Meredith turned off the TV and looked over to the younger brunette woman. She shook her head slightly confused. "Who are you?"

Lexie couldn't stop when the tears started falling down her cheeks. "Who are you people? Why am I in the hospital?" Meredith questioned.

Mark stepped in to answer the question since little Grey obviously couldn't. She was too busy sobbing with her head in her hands.

"You were in an accident Meredith." he pointed to Lexie. "That there is your sister Lexie Grey."

Meredith's eyes went wide and her eyebrows came together. "I don't have a sister. I'm an only child. Is this some sort of joke?"

Mark shook his head in disbelief. "No Meredith. You don't remember anything? Your husband Derek? Your daughter Zola? Your sister Lexie? The plane crash we were all in?"

Meredith shook her head no and a frown pulled on her face. "I have a daughter?"

Mark nodded. "Yes. She's beautiful. You and your husband are very happy and you have a wonderful job here at the hospital. You're a doctor."

Meredith cocked her head to the side and stared at Mark like he'd lost his mind. "Why don't I remember any of this?" she asked the graying man.

Mark sighed and put a loving arm around Lexie's shoulders, trying to comfort the crying woman. "I don't know, but we are going to figure it out okay?"


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