Hello my peoples! I am Random4LOLs. This is a Ninjago story with Doctor Who monsters. Anyway, I hope you like this story. And I'll try to update as often as I can. Now read!

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Kailee's POV

"Look, Kailee! Look!" I saw Cora, Kate, and Molly running towards me. "Look what we found!" Molly held up a small Caterpillar. "I have one too!" "Me too!" They each held out small, green Caterpillars. "Cool! Hey, I have an idea! Go find some boxes or wood and make them a home!" "Okay!""Hey we can give them or crumbs that we-" Their voices trailed off.

*Present Day*

Kailee's POV

I turned around. They were still chasing me. This place is so weird. Talking snakes? I ran around a corner. Just my luck. A brick wall. I was in an ally. I turned around. They were turning the corner. I looked in the corner of my eye and saw a fire escape. Perfect. I started to climb. Rather than run up the stares, I pulled myself up by the railings. The snakes started to climb the stares but couldn't get their big, ugly tails over the stares.I stopped and looked at them. "How's it going?" I asked."Oh, very funny!"A blue snake cried up."No, it's not! I'm serious! How'sit going?" He started playing along. "It's going pretty well. There's this really annoying girl who I can't seem to catch. Have any advise?" "Cut off your tails. You'll run faster." That made him mad. "Get back here!" I began to climb again. When I got to the top of the building, I ran over to the edge of the building. It was at least five stories high. A drop would surely kill me. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I whipped around to see the snakes. The blue one picked me up by my shirt and lifted me up and over the side. "How's it going?" He asked. "Oh, you know. Just hanging." He chuckled. And then he dropped me.

So there's my first chappie! I hope you liked it.

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