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Olivia stretched as she woke up the smells coming from the kitchen wafting into to the bedroom. She rolled over and glanced at the clock groaning when she realized it was almost eleven. The squad was set to arrive at one to watch the game on her big screen and dinner was supposed to be at four.

Olivia rolled out of bed and headed for the shower. She turned it on as hot as she could stand it and stepped in. She placed her palms on the wall and allowed the water to beat on her back while her mind traveled to the latest case. The one that made her question why and will it ever stop?

The case involved a school, Manor Hill, that had spent decades covering the abuse that students had endured from one instructor, a Mr. Harold Lassiter. He had arrived at the precinct at what apparently had to be one of the busiest nights ever. Amaro had instructed him top have a seat at his desk and he would get to him in a few minutes. Some point during the chaos he left the squad room and went home. He was found the next morning from apparent suicide. They were called because they had discovered Amaro's card on him.

When Amaro had filled her in on what had happened and why he had his card on him she had made a rude comment of "Nice Work" which she later apologized repeatedly for. They did discover while at the crime scene that there was a letter from a gentleman by the name of Curt outlining years of abuse. On the top of the letter was written "I am sorry". They couldn't help but wonder if maybe this Curt had staged the suicide and sought revenge on his own.

They found and questioned Curt only to discover there was a support group for the survivors of sexual abuse at Manor Hill. They arrived and with Curt's help tried to get them to speak up. Something none of them wanted to do because once you truly discuss the abuse in great detail it becomes real. Amaro was informed that the death was ruled a suicide and an investigation was no longer needed. As they discussed this and trying to decide if they should let it be more men arrived for the group. She knew then she had to stay and continue with the investigation.

They had hit multiple roadblocks throughout the investigation as well. One of course was the school which was adamant that no wrong doing had ever occurred. The other was their current ADA, Rafael Barba. All he could do was remind them that they were past the statue of limitations and there was nothing they could do.

It was times like this that she truly missed Alex Cabot, her wife, as their ADA. She always knew and understood the importance of these cases to her and would help the squad find a way around the law. Something that had not only landed her in hot water with the Bar association but at one point had gotten her suspended for a month. Not to mention she would always have the pleasure of seeing her on a daily basis, especially when cases had her working long hours like this one.

Never one to give in so easily she was able to get her way. After intensive investigation and a fishing expedition as it was called they were finally able to get one to admit to the abuse. It was the child of the current headmaster at that. Armed with that knowledge he had called a meeting of all current and former students the night before. One to never miss anyone admitting to a crime she was there.

Olivia turned the shower off and quickly dried off. She dressed in a pair of jeans and one of her many NYPD t-shirts that she owned. She stopped and leaned up against the door frame of her kitchen and watched her wife. She was swaying to some music she was listening to on her IPOD as she mixed what Olivia was willing to bet was mashed potatoes. How someone like her was lucky to marry someone like Alex was a beyond her.

"Hey beautiful." Alex said smiling as she looked over her shoulder sensing Olivia "Did you sleep good?"

"I did" She responded walking up to her and pulling her tight against her "Why didn't you wake me sooner so I could help you?"

"Because you didn't come dragging in till almost three. I thought I'd let you sleep. Besides, I have everything under control. The ham is in the oven, collard greens are on the stove, and as you can see I'm almost done with the potatoes."

"I'm sorry I should have been home sooner."

"Nonsense." Alex said laying a comforting hand on Olivia's chest "It was a rough case and you needed the time."

"Tell me what I can do to help?" She asked pouring a cup of coffee while once again she wondered how she had been lucky enough to marry Alex.

She knew fellow officers who would give their right arm to have spouses as understanding as she was. Elliot, her former partner and friend, had almost lost his wife numerous times to the job. Amaro who was her newest partner was currently going through a separation and pending divorce. He had asked her how the hell they had such a good marriage with the amount of hours they put in and what they went through. She would smile and shrug her shoulders often wondering the same thing.

Alex stared at her wife and felt her heart clench. As much as she was trying to keep the hurt at bay she could still see it. She knew it had been a rough case but she had no clue how rough till Olivia had called the night before. She could hear the doubts the case had caused in her voice and how she was questioning herself. Which was why when she said that they were going for drinks afterwards she didn't bother to remind her that they had to be up early to start cooking for Thanksgiving dinner or even bother to wake her earlier to have her help.

"Want to tell me about it?"

"When will it end?" Olivia asked as she looked up at Alex with tears in her eyes "I was sitting in the meeting when we found out he had committed suicide. We were actually talking about leaving when more men walked through the door for the meeting. Do you know that by the time the meeting officially started there were over twenty men there that had suffered abuse."

"Olivia it will never end. You know that and I know that."

"I'm not sure how much more I can take?"

Alex sat the bowl of potatoes on the counter and walked to where Olivia stood. "Are you thinking about transferring or retiring?"

"Yes, No, I don't know. It's like I never make a difference. Why keep putting myself through it if I don't make a difference."

Alex smiled as she walked into the living room and pulled a picture from the mantle. From time to time when they first started dating she would find Olivia in the middle of the night staring at the photo. Sometimes she would be making promises to the photo. As time went on and she had truly let her all the way in she understood what she had seen on numerous occasions. There had been many times that she herself had come in here and remove the photograph to show Olivia why she did what she did. Make no mistake of it if Olivia said she wanted to transfer or leave the department she would back her one and fifty percent. Until then in times like these it was her job to remind her why she did what she did.

"This is why." Alex almost whispered as she pulled Olivia to the table and sat her down handing her the picture of her mother "Because without a detective as dedicated as you are so many would go without the justice and closure they deserve, like your mother did. So many women and men would walk down the streets of New York and wonder if the person that just past them was their attacker."

"I don't feel like I'm making a difference anymore."

" Really, then tell me how many detectives would have left the last case as it was because it was past the statute of limitations and there was nothing that they could done."


"Exactly and its not because they don't care but because they are already overloaded with cases. Honey on an average day you have twenty five or more open cases. Twenty-five or more that gets your attention until the suspect is caught. It may take you years to get the suspect but you get him or her."

"But at what cost? Alex I should have been home early last night and up when you got up to help."

"No you shouldn't have. Honey our whole marriage is built around late dinners, missed anniversary's, and delayed holidays. None of which I would swap for anything. I'm thankful for the stolen moments we have. It makes the time we actually get to spend together more precious."

"I love you Alex" Olivia whispered as she leaned in kissed Alex "Now what can I do to help?"

"Get whatever you and the guys are going to need for the game together. I will handle everything else."

Olivia smiled as she stood. Alex was right she was making a difference. There maybe times that it didn't seem like she was but last night was an example of it. Over twenty men received the closure they deserved decades ago. Something that without her insistence and the rest of the squad's backing would have never happened. She placed the photo back on the mantle and stared at it for few minutes before starting to get everything ready for their guests.