Helga felt her heart pounding, practically trying to leap from her chest. She thought she'd lost the guys chasing her, but she kept running anyway. The designs from her employer's art department were still slung in a canister over her back, forgotten like the white flats she had been wearing before she kicked them off, allowing herself to run faster.

"This is so not worth ten-fifty an hour." she thought to herself as she sprinted. Helga was working part time at an advertising agency as a secretary and messenger to get through college. At least that was the case most of the year. It was currently the middle of summer and she wasn't going to be taking anymore classes until the spring semester of next year. It wasn't that she wasn't motivated enough to finish getting her degree, but she needed to save up more money to get it.

More gunshots fired behind her and Helga did her best to not scream as she pressed her body harder. For once she was glad that she'd forced herself to make time for the gym in her busy life.

She screamed and threw her hands up in the air as a large man cut off her path, shining a bright flashlight in her face.

"Please! I didn't see anything, I swear!" she screamed, terror in her voice.

A gun cocked behind her as her persuers came to a stop behind her. Helga breathed heavily and searched for an escape route.

"She's pretty." One of the men chasing her panted.

"Don't even think about it." Another one, with a deeper voice, ordered bluntly. "Boss's orders. We take care of her or they take care of us."

"Well why do we always have to just do what he tells us without even asking any stupid questions?"

Now was her chance. Helga broke into a sprint, ignoring the shouts of protests as she leaped off the edge of the cliff. The fall to the ravine below went slower than she imagined it would. A gun shot and landed a bullet in her shoulder. She yelped out in pain, but was silent the second she hit the water.


One of the men, a large black man with a shaved head and meaty fingers, glared at her body, which had washed up on the rocky shore farther up the river. "Well she's dead. Our work is done."

"Shouldn't we dispose of the body?" The smaller white man asked nervously.

"No one comes to this area of the river. The body has already been disposed." The black man turned on his heel and headed back for his car, his associate trailing behind him.


Arnold stared out his window as his plane landed. He'd been in San Lorenzo with his parents since he'd finished high school. He built houses, climbed mountains, learned all about the plants and animals in the area, and much more.

He always said he'd come back home, but he never expected it would take Gerald and Phoebe's wedding to get him out of the actual jungle and back into the urban one.

He stared at his old home below and suddenly realized how excited he was. Especially when it came to the fact that he'd get to see Helga again. He only hoped she would be as excited to see him.

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