The beginning of human life was not what we imagined; we only saw a small part of a bigger universe, like the frog in the well. We assumed that we were the only living beings in the universe, and flourished in that knowledge. However, the truth could never be farther. It really began long before what scientists call the beginning, the "Big Bang."

Humans actually originated from a planet six billion tetrayears away from our "Earth", one tetrayear is equivalent to one trillion light years. The first human evolved from a fish, climbing onto land and then building up a civilization. Green forests decorated the planet and wide oceans blotted the horizon, just like our Earth. Empires grew as ages passed, technology advanced and humans expanded. The discovery of cars, then airplanes, then ion engines, then quantum travel; all of these revolutionary inventions promoted the human expansion in the universe. Once space travel was invented, humans dropped their weapons and allied under one flag, the ANE, the Allied Nations of Earth. Ten billion years after the first human stepped on land, the ANE had expanded to stretch over ten galaxies.

By the time the empire stretched across twenty galaxies, humans made contact with the first extraterrestrial ever encountered, it didn't end peacefully. War erupted between the two empires simply because of the disability to communicate. The aliens outgunned us, outnumbered us, and outmatched us. Nevertheless, humans had the will to survive. In the deepest of pits, humans would find the spirit to crawl out. This is what saved us from extinction time and time again; this is what would save us once again. We pulled together and conscripted an army. Pulling on the resources of twenty galaxies, we built a vast fleet of ships. Two enormous armies and fleets clashed in what would be known as the Battle of Franian, the turning tide in the war. We were outgunned, but we had an erudite general, Henry. In what would be called the Henry Loop maneuver, Henry moved the fleet like a scythe, agile and deadly, and destroyed the alien fleet in a pincer movement. From then on, the ANE was on the offensive.

During the "Dark Time," when the ANE suffered defeat after defeat, human morale was low. The leaders of the ANE came together to come up with a solution to this problem, they decided to merge two problems into one and spear both at the same time. They created the Special Agent program, investing hundreds of trillions of dollars into creating the human superman. First, they opened up a government orphanage, and soon, children were flocking to it like bees on honey. They began training from ages five to eight, building up mentally and physically. Twenty years after the Special Agent program was initiated, the first Special Agent, Henry, was released into the wild. It was an immediate success. Stories of one man bulldozing through an army of aliens, hacking and killing with superhuman agility, spread like a wild fire, and morale fired up. He became a legend, the one-man army, and the guardian of Earth. Later on, five more Special Agents graduated, each proving to be a worthy investment. After the battle of Franian, although the human morale was high enough to be confident in, the Special Agent program continued to pump out super soldiers, who were then sent to the frontier to fight. The second problem, the solution was classified and locked deep in the secret recesses of the ANE command.