1. Contact

As he reached for the light switch, Chris heard someone say, "Stop right where you are, or you will die." Years of training kicked in as he turned to the sound and leaped. As he was a Special Agent who was used to people being surprised by his speed and agility, so he was surprised when he landed on the floor with the speaker not there. He quickly removed his night vision goggles from his belt and put them on. Several things raced through his mind. This guy apparently is special. Normal people don't move or react that fast. His eyes narrowed as a thought jumped on him. Unless it wasn't a person! Unless the speaker was an alien. This thought rang alarm bells through his brain. That means that the aliens are ahead of schedule, and the others are unaware. I must alert West Command. No, I should organize a resistance first.

All of a sudden, he dropped to the ground as several objects swished above him. His earplugs immediately recognized the sound and registered the objects in a heartbeat. "Items recognized as Sorak'amm Darts." whispered the ear plugs, "Known for their accuracy and portability, the Larekekk are known to use them." Larekekk. Shoot. This is getting worse by the minute.

Larekekks are the equivalent to human scouts. Their job in the Seminar Army was to venture into enemy territory and get a handhold. They would be the scouting party, responsible for sowing confusion into the enemy lines. Then the main force would come in and defeat the enemy. In this case, they would be used as assassins, killing as many soldiers as possible in an effort to reduce the amount of resistance.

While he was listening to his earplugs, Chris was also trying to locate his assailant through the direction of the darts. Instinct took over as he located the origin and took out his knife. It had a titanium backbone and its edge was serrated. Made specifically on Earth, it was a nasty weapon and companion. It had accompanied Chris throughout countless wars and dangers. It had saved his lives some many times that he stopped keeping track. Now, it was the perfect weapon yet again.

He got into a crouch position and leaped. He twisted to the left, narrowly missing another dart. He landed on the floor rolled to the new origin of the dart. Chris then pictured a Larekekk in his mind and thrust his knife into where its weak spot would be. He was immediately rewarded with a incomprehensible scream. Chris then twisted the knife and tackled the Larekekk. The Larekekk struggled for a few seconds but then fell limp as his life force vanished.

Chris sighed while disentangling himself from the Larekekk. He immediately stopped the sigh and resumed a serious face as he remembered one of the lectures that the instructors had said before, "Never let emotions escape your iron grip. Keep your emotions under control at all times. In the battlefield, training will save you, emotions won't."

Once again, years of training saved him as he instinctively threw himself to the right. A explosion blossomed where he was just a second ago. "Item recognized as Sorak'amm Sbombs. Assassins specially use these as they contain a lot of punch and their explosions are muffled to a dull thump. The Larekekk are particularly fond of this weapon." his ear plugs whispered.

Countless lectures provided him with vital information. The Larekekk only use these weapons in trios. Because of their size, a trio would be the most formidable group with the Sbombs. One holds the launcher while the other reloads it. The last Larekekk would be in charge of covering the whole group. Chris analyzed the situation and came up with a solution. How am I so stupid? How could I miss the third person? He made a tactical retreat and slipped away silently.

As he headed toward the barracks, he could just make out other dull thumps resonating throughout the space station. I wonder how they slipped through the defenses. After all, this is the command post for the West Fleet. Unless they managed to infiltrate the space station by teleporting a small group of Larekekks into the station. He let his brain chew on that thought for a while as he continued down the corridor. Wow, all this is happening and I haven't even graduated yet, I'm just a trainee training in a "training compound." Live combat isn't even due yet, what on earth?

He rounded a corner and recognized two Larekekk creeping down the hallway toward the barracks. The door guard posted by the door was gently snoozing. Guess I should deal with whatever's happening right now first. As the saying goes, first things first. Chris gathered up his legs and leaped to the right of the Larekekk. As he expected, the Larekekks turned around and released a spray of darts as they heard the slight commotion. There was nothing but air to meet the hail of darts. However, Chris knew that the surprise wasn't going to last. Already, the Larekekk on the left was turning to meet him. He feinted an uppercut and the Larekekk responded by lifting his gun to block. For a split second, it revealed its one weak chink in its armor, the armpit. Chris immediately reversed the swing into an undercut, stabbing right at the exposed flesh. He then grasped the Larekekk and swung it onto himself as a body shield. The other Larekekk hesitated to shoot at his wounded comrade. Chris seized the hesitation and darted forward with surprising speed and agility. He twisted the gun out of the Larekekk's grasp and stabbed into the armpit. Chris held the Larekekk tight until it finally fell limp as its life force sifted away.

Chris let the prone Larekekk fall to the floor as he turned to the barracks. He saw the now alert door guard tightly gripping his gun. The door guard's eyes shown with fear as he raised the gun slightly at Chris. Chris recognized this as the East 1-3 Barracks. He scavenged his brain for the correct password.

All Special Agents were taught all the different passwords for the different barracks. They were etched in each Agent's brain for they could prove handy in the event of an emergency. However, this information could wreck the whole fleet if in the wrong hands. Therefore, all Special Agents were meticulously chosen and invited to try out. They would each have to pass a series of tests after one week of basic training. The tests would test the physical, mental, and psychological status of the soldier. Then, a group of ten men (The Shadows), would analyze the data and single out the individual soldiers who would then qualify to enter the two year, Special Agent training camp.

He approached the nervous door guard and said calmly, "The password is Hunter."

The door guard relaxed and questioned casually, "What's your business?"

"Apparently there is a war going on and no one knows it."

"That explains those two guys over there," the door guard said as he gestured to the two prone forms of the Larekekks. "Stay right here. I'll go rouse the commander."

The door guard promptly opened the door, slipped in, and shut the door. Chris peeked down the dimly lit corridors. No sign of enemy presence. Seems like this isn't the main force. Otherwise, this place would be overrun with aliens.

The door swung open, revealing a man in his 30's. Ruffled black hair hid underneath his hat. Smile wrinkles lined his eyes and mouth. He was about 5'3", with two muscular looking arms. Overall, he looked like he an 80-year-old Olympian.

"So, you wanted to see me? The leader of the AC Company, where we provide the air conditioning." the captain asked with a sarcastic smile, "I've heard that there's some commotion happening in the station." His eyes widened in surprise as he saw the two Larekekk sprawled on the floor.

"Yes sir. I've discovered enemy forces on the station. This is only the scouting party. The main army will be following once the Larekekk manage to disable the defenses. My guess is their objective would be to take out the command center, that's where they can control anything." said Chris while keeping his gaze fixed on the captain, "So, if you and your company would accompany me, choose two platoons to go and rouse the others while we make it to the command center, that would be helpful."

The captain fingered his chin as he thought about it. Eventually, he reached a conclusion and said, "Very well. We'll go and be heroes with you. Soldiers! Up on your feet and suit up! I want everyone organised and ready by 0100, which is in three minutes! GO! GO! GO! GO!"

The soldiers in the barracks, all awakened from the commotion outside the door involving the two Larekekks, scrambled out of their bunks as they hurried to get ready. They put on their battle fatigues, gathered their equipment, and grabbed their guns off the rack. In two minutes, 10 orderly rows of soldiers were standing in front of the captain, ready to go.

"Now that's what I call professionalism," said the captain proudly as the sergeants checked that everyone was present in their platoons. Chris only rolled his eyes and nodded as if he was listening. These captains. Always bragging when they have the chance. Even if there is a war going on, the see someone else and they'll tell their company's story sugarcoated.

"Captain, time is ticking out. Every second we spend here means that the enemy is closing in on the command center. The whole fleet will fall if the West flank crumbles. Therefore, you should get on with the business now." Chris emphasized the last word in order to get to the captain.

The captain immediately retained a serious face, which just made him look older. His wrinkles creased into frowns, as he understood that this was a Special Agent he was looking at, not any ordinary person. "Yes sir. Right away."

"Good, then get on with it."

"I Platoon!"

"All present sir!"

"J Platoon!"

"All present sir!"

"Split up and rouse companies A-D. Raise the alarm. Say that you are acting on my orders."

"Yes sir!"


The two platoons quickly organized their members into pairs and the sergeants set about distributing destinations. The two platoons then quickly filed out the door and into the corridor.

"Everyone move out. We're heading for the command center at full speed. Along the way there will be uglies so be prepared." the captain said and was immediately rewarded with a series of laughs, "If you waltz into some of them, show them your dancing skills. Everyone else will forge on. When you finish your lovely showing off, catch up ASAP. Understand?"

"Yes sir!"

In all of this, Chris stood by one side looking vaguely disinterested. Always like this. These soldiers, good grief! No wonder we nearly lost at the Hactues Moons. Cause we got captains like this! Chris looked at the captain and said, "Are you ready yet?"

"Yea! But before we go," the captain picked up a gun and threw it to Chris. "Thought you might appreciate this."

Chris deftly caught the gun and inspected it. It was a Black Barret, a 16mm, semi-automatic, suppressed, medium range rifle. It was the standard issue weapon for Marines. In this case, the rifle was equipped with a 200m scope, capable of night vision viewing and thermal imagery. A silencer was attached at the mouth of the gun, muffling the resonating shots to a muffled thump. Capable of spitting out 50 slugs in a minute, it was a fierce and handy weapon. Moreover, it was loaded with armor-piercing bullets. Apparently they got a friend in the armory or this company is special. If they are special, I'm not really surprised. That would name the fact that they're the "A" company. It was like an ant compared to the weapons he normally used, but it would have to do in this case. He reloaded the gun, hearing a satisfied chink as a bullet slid into place.

"Thanks. Now lets GO!" said Chris just as he turned and ran into the corridor.

The captain smiled and pulled out a pistol. "Follow him boys. Everybody! Single file. Platoon A, lead the way. Platoon C! Take the rear. Everyone else lets GO!" The captain waved everyone forward and ran after Chris.

Chris ran through the maze of corridors, hearing the occasional yell of a soldier and the muffled shots of gunfire. There's definitely some skirmishes happening. I hope those two platoons got to the other companies in time. We'll lose if we're the only resistance. Conscious of the fact that Company AC was following him, Chris continued jogging toward the command center.

Then in front of him, a Larekekk stepped into view as it rounded a corner. However, this wasn't a normal Larekekk, it was an Ar'Larekekk, a heavily armored Larekekk. It had heavy armor, consisting of thick black plates made from strong fibers. They wore full body armor including a helmet. Their weapons also packed a stronger punch than the standard issue Larekekk ones. Overall, they were a big obstacle when you ran into one of them. Moreover, they normally travelled in packs of five. Therefore, as Chris saw the Larekekk, he decided to act immediately. He raised the gun, took a quick aim and squeezed off five shots.

Chris knew before he fired that even the armor-piercing bullets would not penetrate the tough Ar'Larekekk armor, so he aimed for the neck. The Ar'Larekekk took on a surprised expression, then fell limp as five armor-piercing bullets pierced the weaker neck covering. They penetrated the flexible neck covering and lodged themselves comfortably into its neck. The Ar'Larekekk fell prone to the floor and Chris exhaled in relief that his aim was true. And that was when everything went wrong.

A group of four Ar'Larekekk stepped into view as they rounded the corner with their guns raised. One of the Ar'Larekekk hefted a SBomb and readied to fire when he saw the lone human. To make matters worse, four more Larekekks rounded the corner right behind the Ar'Larekekks.

Chris had only seconds to act. He leapt to the right while desperately shooting randomly at the enemy. His shots were wild and they only bounced off the armor of the Ar'Larekekks. Then the Ar'Larekekks opened fire and the SBomb propelled itself toward him.

Chris awoke to the sound of his earplugs constant mutter. He opened his eyes and saw blurry spots going in and out of focus. He could hear vague sounds of gunfire and muffled explosions. The Ar'Larekekks must be engaged with the soldiers. I must be in the middle of the firefight. He began to move but a burning sensation on his side stopped him. Chris slowly moved his hand to his side, conscious of the fact that he was in faking death. His hands encountered wetness and then he felt a metal rod. It must be the dart. I must have been shot. Chris had been taught in the practices of first aid, in fact, every Special Agent was required to be proficient at it. So, he first slowly removed the metal dart. The pain was excruciating, but he was trained not to make a sound. The dart was a full inch long. He set gently to the side and then silently ripped a piece of fabric. Chris then tied it around the wound tightly as to staunch the bleeding. He looked around, looking for his gun, then he spotted it. It was lying around 5 inches away. Chris knew that if he were to survive, he would have to move fast, very fast. He readied himself physically and mentally, and sprung into action.

He first propelled himself towards his gun, sliding along the floor. Then he grabbed the gun, spun around, jammed the ammunition in, and sprayed the Ar'Larekekks with lead. All of this accomplished under 3 seconds time. The Ar'Larekekks were caught completely by surprise. 2 Ar'Larekekks went down under the barrage of bullets along with 3 Larekekks. The rest adjusted their aim for Chris, but he wasn't there.

Before he even acted, he knew what would happen all along. Chris knew that even though the gun was equipped with a suppressor, the gun at full automatic would still provide enough recoil to send a person flying, unless he was standing firm. In fact, that was what Chris was counting on. He had spotted the captain and his men, firing from behind a makeshift mound of dead soldiers. Chris then inferred that a Black Barret with a full clip on auto would provide enough propulsion to propel him to the captain.

Chris slid all the way to the mound of dead soldiers and stopped there. He then leaped over the mound, into the company of two other soldiers. "Hey look, its that dude. The dude that took out the two Larekekks." said one of them. Chris recognized him as the door guard that he had bumped into before. Yea. I'm that guy. Instead, Chris chose to be silent, reloading his gun and peeking out at the enemy.

"Hey, mister. I'm talking to you. Where were you when we lost everyone? Hu-"

Chris tackled the two men sending them flying backwards just as the mound they were at exploded sending pieces of blood and meat flying everywhere. The gunfire intensified as the Ar'Larekekks took the opening and charged. "RRRAAAARRRRLLLLL!" the aliens yelled at the top of their lungs as they ran towards the humans. Chris snatched a grenade from one of the soldier's belt, tore off the top and threw at the charging Ar'Larekekks. I hope this works. This was a trick he learned in the Special Agent Training Camp.

Normally you would pull the pin from the grenade. Then you would throw the grenade sending it flying through the air. After ten seconds from you pulling the pin, the grenade would then explode. However, this would be inconvenient if you had to have the grenade explode in a short amount of time. Therefore, the Special Agents developed a technique to make the grenade explode after one second. Actually, one Special Agent discovered by accident and nearly killed himself in the process. The technique involved pulling the head off of the body of the grenade and then throwing it. This would destabilize the explosives inside the body, resulting in an explosion after one second. But, if you did not throw the grenade fast enough, it would blow up in your face. That is why although the Special Agents are taught the technique; they are highly discouraged to use it unless it was an absolute emergency.

In this case, Chris was gifted with the talent of speed. The grenade sailed through the air and blew up in the leading Ar'Larekekks face. The resulting explosion was muffled, but the physical effects were clearly seen. Scattered pieces of armor and alien meat were scorched and spilled all about. "That was gross," one of the soldiers he tackled said in disgust as he peeled a piece of alien meat off of his body.

"Talk about it. But that was a fancy move you did there. How did you do it?" asked the other soldier.

"Screw that soldier. We got a priority mission. Now let's get a move on!" the captain said as he jogged past them, leading the rest of the company. Chris stood up, brushed off the scraps, and followed the captain.

"Nice to see you, sir." said the captain with an emphasis on the last word.

Chris showed no sign of recognition or reaction, he merely said: "How many casualties did you take?"

"Total count approximates it at nine dead and thirteen wounded. Four are fatally wounded so we can't move them. Only one still has the fighting spirit in him."

Chris sighed, so early in the passage and their casualty rates were already soaring. "I hate to say this but we are gonna have to leave all the wounded soldiers behind. Let two soldiers stay guard and the rest will continue."

"What! These are my soldiers you're talking about. Two soldiers are gonna get them all killed! Is that what you are! A cold blooded killer!" the captain snarled and he stopped in his tracks. The whole company halted as they heard the commotion.

"Bringing the wounded men with us will just slow down our pace. They will also be a big obstacle when we get into a firefight. I am merely putting the safety of humanity before our soldiers," Chris replied calmly, but he could feel his anger boiling. "You as a captain. You should realize your priorities. What was that oath you took when you joined the navy? I will put the safety of mankind before my friends, my family, my blood, and my comrades. Are you honoring your oath right now?! ARE YOU?"

Their faces were inches apart from each other. The captain was pure angry. His wrinkles were pulled down, clearly pronouncing his anger. The captain looked into Chris' eyes and was pulled in. Something in those eyes made him stop. They were cold, a murderer's eyes. He felt like he was looking into a black hole, an endless pit straight to the fiery pits of hell. He knew Chris could kill him in ten different ways right there and then, and he could do it if he wanted to. Slowly his anger drained away, and a feeling of fear replaced it.

"V-Very well sir. I'll g-get to it r-right away." the captain stuttered and immediately set to work on choosing the two guards. He gave them an order, mumbling to the soldiers quietly. The soldiers widened their eyes, as they understood, then slowly, reluctantly, moved away from the main group, heading towards the wounded men. The captain came back, looking tired, depressed and dejected. He turned around, looking one last time at the wounded soldiers he was leaving behind. Then he turned and resumed jogging in the direction they were heading.

Chris hated doing this. He felt deeply guilty and sorry toward the captain. However, war is war. Compassion and emotions will lead to eventual failure. And in war, failure means death. Chris, as a Special Agent, was taught to put a tight restraint on his emotions. Even if his family was being insulted, or something outrageous was happening, Chris wouldn't even flinch. Instead, he would proceed according to the mission objective. The captain however, wasn't taught as he was, so his emotions would run deeper. But in order to survive in war, a captain must be ready to condemn his soldiers to certain death if it meant the success of a mission. Chris loaded his weapon and jogged after the captain.

After a while, they reached the command center. The two hallways that connected to the command center were pitch black and empty. The double doors were shut as protocol required it to be. There was no evidence of commotion of any kind. In theory, the whole thing was perfect. Except for one thing, the guard was missing. The captain stopped and pantomimed some orders. Five soldiers crept to the doors silently. Two soldiers split to both of the doors. They placed a small metal box, which stuck to the door. Then they retreated back to the main group. A soldier was listening intently to his headphones. They were connected to the two metal boxes by a thin wire. He then passed the headphones to the captain who put it on. The captain frowned then handed it to Chris. Chris put it on. At first he heard nothing, just static. Then he heard it. A tiny shuffle. A small movement. A tiny clink of armor.

Chris handed the headphones back to the captain and nodded solemnly. The captain acknowledged the nod and then said something to the soldier next to him. The soldier picked up the black box that was hooked up to the two boxes on the door. He pressed a button and the door exploded. The door disappeared in a fiery tornado that ended just as fast as it appeared. The command center opened up to the waiting soldiers and they ran in.

The command center was littered with desks that had papers and computers scattered on them. It was about the size of a classroom meant for 50 people. There were three screens at the front of the room that showed the various movements of the fleet. When the first soldiers charged in, the first thing they noticed was that there was no movement at all. The normal flurry of movements was nonexistent. Then they noticed all the blood stains and how the desks seemed to have been placed as a barricade to defend itself against intruders coming in from the door. That's when the Larekekks hiding behind the desks opened fire. A hailstorm of darts met the charging soldiers, peppering them with darts. They spun and danced in the storm as their life seeped away. The next soldiers met the same fate. Eventually, a pile of dead bodies made a makeshift barrier for the soldiers to hide behind. It was bad.

The ground by the doors was littered with bodies, splashed with bright red blood. Bullets and darts flew around the room, embedding themselves into anything. The situation was worsening by the minute for the captain. In their exposed position, they were taking more and more casualties as the enemy merely sniped them off. Chris, with the soldiers at the front, was similarly frustrated. He peeked to the side of the mound he was hiding behind and took a shot at another Larekekk doing the same thing. Its head exploded in a pink mist as Chris ducked back under cover. Although Chris' uncanny marksmanship did the humans a big favor, it wasn't enough.

Then Chris came up with an idea. He hurried over to the captain and explained it to him.

"Captain, order five of your men to follow me at all costs. When I give the signal, have half of your men fire, or throw grenades to the left and cause as much distraction as possible. After two seconds, have the other half concentrate their fire on the desks on the right for five seconds. We'll charge the right and hopefully flank them. When that happens, do whatever you can to sweep them out." The captain nodded, growing more enthusiastic as the plan began taking shape in his mind.

"What's the signal?"

"You'll know it when you see it."

The captain immediately set about, issuing orders and distributing extra ammunition. Chris went about preparing the signal. He took out a secret weapon that every Special Agent had. It was a small round cylinder, about an inch in radius. It looked small and insignificant but it was a powerful weapon. Also known as an EMP (Electromagnetic pulse), this was a smaller version of it, specifically modified by the Armorers. This particular one would release a EMP that would shut down all weapons used in the Seminar, or most of them at least. However, it would only last for fifteen seconds and only affect weapons in a five feet radius. Moreover, all Larekekks have an energy blade, which is not affected and is just as formidable. Therefore, the success of the plan counted a lot on pure luck.

Chris hurried back to the captain who said, "Ready."

"Good. When the enemy stops firing, tell your soldiers to giv'em h-."

"Roger that." the captain said with a wicked smile on his face.

Chris hurried back to his original position where five soldiers were waiting for him. "Ready boys?"

"Heck'yea!" they chorused.

Chris took out the metal cylinder, pressed a button, and lobbed it over the Larekekks heads. There was a second where the gunfire did not lessen and Chris began to worry that it all failed. Then, the darts stopped and Chris yelled, "GO! GO! GO!"

Everything went as planned. The left flank opened up as half the soldiers stood up and began firing at the enemy. One of the soldiers lobbed a grenade, followed by a splintering explosion. He saw a Larekekk stand up, wave an energy blade, and go down under a hail of bullets. Nevertheless, the Larekekks were also fighting back. He saw a soldier fall as a spinning energy blade sliced through his body. All of a sudden, everyone else on the right stood up and fired upon three desks on the right. Hundreds of armor piercing bullets splintered the three desks leaving an opening in the barricade.

"C'mon soldiers, let's GO!" Chris sprinted forwards towards the gap without looking back. He could hear the constant chatter of gunfire as the soldiers provided suppressing fire for them. Then, he heard a dull whine of an energy blade heading right towards him. Chris slid, leaning back as an energy blade whisked right above him, an inch away from his face. He stopped behind a desk, peeked out and fired several rounds at an unlucky Larekekk. Three more soldiers joined him. The other ones must have taken energy blades. Well, this will have to do. The three of them stayed there, firing at any Larekekk that charged at them. Chris reloaded countless times as numerous Larekekks charged their position. One of the soldiers got his left arm cut off while the other simply was cut up by two of them. In the end, Chris was the only one left fighting in the trio. He gripped an energy blade and thought; It's time to end this madness. He threw down his gun handled a pistol in his left hand. Then Chris stood up and charged at the Larekekks, yelling as he went.

A Larekekk popped out at him but he raised his pistol and shot it in the face. Another Larekekk charged him, its energy blade hacking a downward arc toward him. He parried it with his own blade and shot the Larekekk in the belly. Two more Larekekk charged him side by side, both stabbing at him. Chris threw down his pistol, gripped his energy blade with two hands, and attacked. He forced his energy blade downwards so that the two Larekekks blades slid to the side. Then, Chris changed his grip and slashed at the first Larekekk. It slid through its light armor, severing an artery. The other Larekekk recovered from the initial block and began a swing but never ended it. Chris had already pulled out his knife and stabbed the Larekekk in the neck. He pulled it out but it wasn't over yet.

After charging through the enemy, Chris was now located in the majority of the Larekekks. He was completely surrounded. Then everyone charged. Chris threw his knife backwards, impaling itself in a Larekekks face. He turned and slashed at three Larekekks and stabbed at another. Pulling out his knife, he ducked, narrowly missing an energy blade, then kicked with all his might at the attacker. The Larekekk flew backwards, knocking over several of his comrades. Chris sidestepped as a Larekekk slashed at him. Then he pounded the Larekekks arm, shattering the bones, and took its energy blade. Turning around to face the next attacker, he stabbed the wounded Larekekk behind him. Chris ducked and swept his next attackers feet and stabbed downwards, ending its life. Chris left the blade there, standing straight in the Larekekk.

Chris stood up, gripping his knife loosely. Blood dripped from the knife down onto the blood stained bodies. He stood in a circle of dead Larekekks, all in a variety of gruesome postures. His shirt was stained with blood, ripped and shredded in multiple places. This was what a Special Agent was meant to be. A killer. There was a ring of Larekekks surrounding him, aiming directly at him. Chris breathed calmly. If I started it, then I have to finish it. He swiftly picked up an energy blade and hurled it at a Larekekk. Then he jumped for the two nearest Larekekks. The other Larekekks fired and Chris heard darts flying behind him. Chris tackled the two Larekekks and used them as a body shield. Multiple darts struck the two Larekekks on top of Chris. He then pushed them away and sprinted towards the rapidly closing gap. A dart hit him in the shoulder but he kept running. All seemed lost, and then the soldiers came.

The captain was at the front, leading the soldiers and shooting at the Larekekks. Soldiers charged and fell as darts struck home. For a moment, the Larekekks were distracted and confused. Confusion spread throughout their ranks as the soldiers burst into their formation. Chris seized the chance and rolled toward the nearest Larekekk. He stabbed, dodged, fired, and stabbed again. His mind went on autopilot, rolling through the enemy, hacking down anyone that got into his path. He was a killer robot, killing Larekekks with mechanical precision and skill. The Larekekks were being reduced in numbers and the captain's soldiers seemed to be winning. Then, there was a commotion at the two doors.

Chris looked and saw two soldiers fall as Larekekks poured in the double doors. He saw the captain turn and see the Larekekks. The captain pointed at them and shouted at some of his soldiers. They immediately turned around to face the new threat, but the Larekekks outnumbered them five to one. One after another, the soldiers began to fall to this new threat. A Larekekk charged him and Chris stabbed it in the throat. However, the movement caused his shoulder to release another spurt of blood. In his already weakened state, Chris could stand no longer. He fell to the floor and began losing consciousness. He could see the captain standing above him, firing at any Larekekk that came near. Then he went down under a hail of darts. Three other soldiers came to his aid and fought off the other Larekekks. Chris blacked out.