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Whether you are magical, muggle or anything in between, graduation means one thing: Freedom. And for Lily and Severus, this freedom meant two different things. For Lily, this meant a new flat with James, Remus and Sirius, finding a job in London and joining the order. For Severus, it was his opportunity to get away from this hell-hole they call school and to join the death eaters.

Graduation at Hogwarts was really not much different than that of a muggle school. It was held in the courtyard, decorated with all four house colours. It happened after all the other years left. Awards were distributed and each student was given the opportunity to walk across the stage to accept their diploma while they shook the hand of Albus Dumbledore. And then at the end everyone threw their hats in the air while a flurry of owls flew overhead. Some students went home that night with their parents while others waited the next day to take the train. Severus was one of those students.

"You must be pretty proud of yourself Severus. Winning an award like that." snickered Crabbe, clearly making fun of him while they sat around the common room. Severus Snape had won the award for top marks in potion's class along with another girl in Ravenclaw.

"You're just jealous" Nott stood up for Snape, "because your highest mark was a P for POOR just like your face."

"That doesn't even make sense" Yaxley laughed and slapped one knee.

Severus wasn't even paying attention at this point. In reality, he wished he had the common room to himself so he could lose himself in thought. Tonight was the night. One more test for the rest of this life, but probably the hardest.

"What do you think it's going to be?" Goyle was now talking. Severus's attention snapped back to them.

"I heard we have to sacrifice a virgin!" Crabbe said excitedly.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard" Lucius exclaimed, all their attention shifting to him now as he wandered around the room picking things up, looking bored, and putting it back down. Lucius had already graduated from Hogwarts two years ago and was now working at the Ministry. He, like Crabbe and Goyle decided to apply later in life which wasn't completely uncommon. But although he would never admit it, he was rather nervous too. "What do you think Severus?"

"It doesn't really matter, does it. I mean, it's not like we could ever guess it, and even if we do, we won't know until tonight." Severus replied.

Everyone went silent at this point and sat around the common room lost in thought. Time felt like it wasn't moving and he had to wonder whether the waiting was the worst part of the test. Although, as they all walked across the lawn and into the forbidden forest, Severus took back that thought. THIS was the worst part thus far.

As the trees grew closer together, the moon light began to fade. They all stopped in the clearing with their wands raised in the air. The only light was now emanating from the tips of their wands and the only sound was that of bullfrogs and crickets that creept out in the beginning of summer.

So you want to be a death eater. A voice hissed through the trees, but no one could see anything or anyone. But do you have what it takes? Lucius Malfoy, please step forward.

Everyone froze as they watched him step into the bush and was engulfed by the darkness. Nothing happened for the next 15 or maybe it was 20 minutes but then there was a flash of light and intense screaming. They weren't sure if he was killed or had passed the test. Either way, each one was called one on one and the same thing happened every time. It was Severus's turn…

Taking a deep breath in, he cleared his mind and walked into the darkness. At first he couldn't see anything, not even the trees but then Lord Voldemort appeared with a mask figure at his side.

"To your knees boy." He hissed at him and Severus dropped like a sack of potatoes, wand still in hand. "Do you promise to always obey me no matter what?"

"Yes my lord"

"Do you promise to sacrifice your life to me for the greater good?"

"Yes my lord"

"And do you Severus Snape, promise to never betray me?"

"Yes my lord"

"Very good. Now drink this." And he handed him a small vial. Severus studied it at first. The liquid was black but watery. "Nachtserum" he whispered.

"Very good. Now drink it." The dark lord was impressed but also getting impatient. He hoped this one made it.

Closing his eyes, he took it back in one gulp and then he was transplanted somewhere else. Nachtserum was liquid nightmare, and it made your worst dream come true but only in your head. It was said that some people never recovered or killed themselves during the dose. But like any nightmare, what felt like hours was actually only minutes.

Severus wasn't sure what he was going to see. There wasn't much in his life that really scared him but before he had much time to think Lily was standing before him.

"How could you Sev!" she started crying. At first he was confused but then she continued to cry harder.

"I'm sorry!" he pleaded eventually wanting her to stop and tried to reach for her but she was always just slightly out of reach.

"You're nothing but.. but a freak!" she screamed at him and he cringed. "You'll always be alone! I could never love someone like you, Snivelus."

He tried to bargain with her but before he could say anything more, a figure clothed in a long black robe and hooded face appeared and raised his wand. "This is all your fault!" was the last thing she said before the figure raised his wand.

"Crucio!" and red light shot from his wand and hit Lily in the back.

Severus tried to help her but couldn't move. He tried to yell for help but nothing would come out of his mouth. She was screaming and her eyes were starring at him, begging for it to stop, as if he was holding the wand that was torturing her. But as he tried to fight his way towards her, something was pulling him back into the darkness and the last thing he say was a flash of green light and the screaming stopped but her eyes were like full moons in the darkness as her body laid lifeless on the ground.

"NOOOOO!" he screamed and woke up. It was over. His heart was pounding and he was covered in sweat as he laid on the forest floor. It was so real…

"You passed the test" the dark lord smiled and gave his hand to help him stand. Severus was still in shock but accepted the cold, gangly hand. "I was hoping you would make it."

And with that, the dark lord pointed his wand at his wrist and there was that bright light again and now Severus was screaming for real. It was as if someone was trying to rip his skin off from the bone. But just as he thought he couldn't take it anymore, it stopped and he looked down and there it was. The Dark Mark.

After graduation Lily returned home with her parents, James Potter and his parents. He was very adamant about making their parents meet, and this was the best time. They had arranged for a port key to be ready, but when they appeared in the backyard, it was…. Different. The grass had been replaced with a field of wild flowers and the house was decorated with wreaths of garland and what appeared to be fairy lights to muggle eyes but in reality were actually fairies. Over the backdoor was a sign that read "Congratulations". He lead her to an arch way made of birch and lilies. She was so surprised she had to cover her open mouth with her hand as she looked around.

"This is so beautiful. Thank you" she said, not really sure who was responsible but when she turned around to look at James, he was on one knee.

"Lily. I know we have only been together for two years, but I can't imagine being with anyone else" he said and opened a box containing a diamond ring. He didn't mention the fact that there was a war coming and there might not be any other opportunity.

At first she didn't know what to say and looked around at all her family and friends who apparently were also in on this. Her eyes began to fill with tears and she looked back at James. "Of course I will marry you James Potter" she smiled and in a big hug he spun her around as he kissed her. After she put on the ring, everyone began to cheer and walked inside for food and drinks. That was one of the happiest nights of her life and she slept peacefully in her childhood bed which she charmed to make bigger to fit James.

The next day though, she packed up all her stuff and waved good bye to her parents as they apparated to their new place. Sirius and Remus were already there. They thought it would be best if they all shared a flat since they were all newly graduated and had no jobs.

"What the honeymoon is already over?" Sirius joked as he opened the door to let them in. The place was furnished and covered with charms to hide it away from muggles and intruders.

"Yah yah" James pushed past him to get all her stuff in. She looked out the window and they were surrounded by shops and cafes and only a few blocks away from diagon alley.

"When's the first meeting?" James asked.

"Tonight." Remus said, as he stepped out of his room. He was starting to look tired and older as the full moon approached. "Apparently" he continued "Dumbledore wants to have it here."

"Does that mean we have to clean?" Sirius looked around concerned, as if that was their biggest problem. Their was boxes, dirty dishes, socks, candy wrappers, garbage, and bottles scattered around the place. It was actually quite impressive since they've only had it one night.

As Lily and James unpacked and Remus and Sirius cleaned, time passed quickly and next thing they knew people were flooing through their fireplace and knocking at their door. Everyone sat around the livingroom on the mix matched furniture. It was actually a comic sight. Dumbledore was the first to talk as he sat on what appeared to be a muggle beach chair.

"First off. Lets welcome our new members: Lily Evans, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and thank them for their lovely hospitality" As they all applauded Lily looked around and could recognize a lot of faces. "Now onto real business, as we all know…."

As Dumbledore continued to talk, she leaned over to a red headed witch who was a year older than her and was known as Molly. "Is that it? Is there no test?" she whispered, feeling stupid for worrying the whole day.

The red headed witch looked at her and smiled. "No of course not lovey, who do you think we are? Death Eaters?" she giggled and then went back to listening.