Note: Auggie decided that I should write a sequel to the first part from his point of view . It's a little hotter than the first one.

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.- Measure for Measure, William Shakespeare.

It was always interesting to wake up in the soundscape of an unfamiliar room. Every room was different. Day was different from night. Here in Annie's room there was the mechanical whir as the forced hot air heater came to life, followed shortly by the hiss of the blowers. A clock on the wall went tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock annoyingly on and on. On the street below, the occasional pre-dawn car sloshed by on the wet road. He couldn't hear the rain, so he supposed it was only a light drizzle.

And then there was the breathing of the beautiful woman using his chest as a pillow. Her breath was even, in and out, in and out, but she was too fidgety to be asleep. She was either trying to fall asleep or pretending to be asleep. Or both. He knew she'd gotten even less sleep than he had over the course of the night. Sex pretty much knocked him out each and every time, but he knew Annie had laid here awake while he snoozed. Something was on her mind, but she didn't seem to want to talk about it. He wasn't concerned. Yet. They'd have their chance to talk. She was probably right that "the talk" shouldn't happen naked in bed in the wee hours of the morning.

She curled in closer and he gave her shoulder a squeeze, letting his hand trail up into her hair. She let out a soft sigh. He continued to graze his fingers along her scalp. He was finding he couldn't touch her enough—the more he did, the more he wanted to. They'd always had a pretty touchy-feely friendship, but it was a different kind of touching he was allowed now.

He didn't realize how ticklish she was. It was delightful. He'd known for a long time about ticklish spots on her side, but tonight he'd discovered a whole list of more private ticklish parts. And all that wriggling and squealing was really hot. He was actively trying not to tickle her right now. She'd stopped fidgeting and he was hoping she'd get that last half hour of sleep before they had to get up for work.

Work was going to be interesting. On a day to day level, not much was going to be different. He'd been overly protective of her for a long time now, and they'd always had a very familiar relationship for coworkers. So that would be the same. It was probably going to be best to keep this under wraps for a while, at the very least until they talked about it.

On the plane home from Amsterdam, he'd thought for a long time about how he was finally going to go about telling her what he'd wanted to tell her for months now. He was going to take her out to dinner—somewhere nice, and not just the tavern. Something completely different for them. They hung out plenty (or at least they had until recently), but it was always at Allen's. He wanted to mix it up, and make a statement that this was important to him. A romantic gesture, if you will. He was going to explain to her what he'd come to realize since her injury, about how he felt about her. That was the plan at least.

Then today they were holding hands through Jai's declassification ceremony. For the second time, Jai's star made him think about just how much could change so quickly—how life could be so short. And the more he thought about it, he couldn't wait until Friday. He had to do it tonight. He'd called his car service, and came over. He had no idea if she'd even be home. The last time he'd come over intending to make some grand pronouncement she hadn't been, and he chickened out for a while after that.

His intention had still been to confess all his feelings. But he got started, and she was standing so close he had to reach out and touch her. He made contact with her stomach and that t-shirt was so soft, and as he grazed his hand up her side, she leaned into his touch and his brain forgot about talking. He just needed to touch her. Now. All his nervousness melted away as when she kissed him back immediately—and enthusiastically—and then she laughed about how she liked this "talk".

There wasn't much talking after that, just one word instructions like "There", "Lower", and things like that as they ended up in bed. That first time had been fun and frantic. They were both still giddy about the whole thing. It was all new and they couldn't wait for the main event. The next time—and the time after that- there was more time for exploration, and he took full advantage of that, letting his hands—and mouth—examine every inch of her.

In his grand plan from the plane ride, he hadn't anticipated going to bed with her immediately. Granted, that was how he usually operated, but with Annie he wanted to be careful. He loved her too much to mess things up by rushing if she wasn't ready—thankfully she was. It might have been slower and more cautious if he'd stuck to his original plan—he'd have to make a conscious choice to take her home from a restaurant. But instead of a restaurant, they were in her bedroom. The bed was two feet away, and well…it was bound to happen under those circumstances.

Her breath was warm against his chest, her naked body pressed to his side with her knee thrown across his waist. God, just thinking about it was getting him riled up. Apparently, he wasn't too old to still have a night like this. It had been a while since he'd literally gone all night…probably not since Tash, and that was over five years ago now.

"Again?" Annie giggled, sliding her knee up higher.

He groaned in response. "If you keep doing that…"

"Oh yeah?" she asked throatily. Her hand slid up his side and then she shifted herself to straddle him. She kissed her way slowly along his collarbone, up his neck to his mouth. After a moment of this, he grabbed ahold of her hips and pulled her up to take a breast in his mouth.

She moaned. "Do we have time?" she gasped, as he flicked his tongue.

" 'm sure we do," he mumbled, switching to the other breast.

She squealed and shifted on top of him as his thumb ran along her hip. That was never going to get old.