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Chapter one:


As I was lying peacefully on our bed, I felt his soft, delicate fingers running down my spin with feather like touches, I smiled.

He always woke me with the sweetest ways possible.

What am I talking about? His my Edward! my sweet, caring husband. The purest soul ever walked in this earth.

I can feel the heat of the sun on my bare back and thighs from the window, giving me warmth and satisfaction.

I moaned lightly from the feeling of both Edward's icy touches and the light heat from the sun.

"Good morning, sleeping beauty!" he breathed lightly in my ear, making me shiver with pleasure.

My smile widened slightly "morning!".

I felt his lips brush across my shoulder lightly, his breath making me tingle all over.

"Time to wake up, love!" he whispered lightly "it's officially the first day of your career, excited?" he teased me, laughing lightly.

I groaned, my happy mood is over, and I wanted to be mad at him for ruining the morning for me, but he's right I should wake up soon if I wanted to make a good imprison in my first day in the job.

Before I even have the chance to get up and stretch my aching lamps, I felt Edward's lips lightly brush across my naked back, dawn to my butt, just before he reached it he blow a light breath, spreading Goosebumps all over my body.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to contain the sounds of pleasure, my body's only reaction to his caring touch.

He kissed the skin there lightly before nibbling on it with his teeth.

I felt my body getting hotter and more aware of his soft icy touches and kiss's.

I would never get enough of him, his soft touches and kiss's were like an electric shot going through my body and making it like a living wire.

He was my everything, my husband, my lover, my soul mate.

My soul mate.

No matter how much I had a piece of him; I'll always want more.

Last night was…. Simply amazing! He always made it that way.

We were celebrating my new job, although we know about it for months but Edward seemed to like the idea of _celebrating_ right before the big day. And I have to say that I enjoyed that celebration very, very much.

I moaned. "That is indeed a nice way to wake up" I breathed slightly, with a groggy voice.


"Alright my lovely wife, you should get up and take a shower, while I make your breakfast" he kissed my bum slightly, and then got up from the bed.

I got up slowly with a groan, and picked my robe off of the hanger and tied it around my body, then headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

I was surrounded with the euphoria of my all-too-familiar strawberry shampoo, and I smiled. It all seems like a normal day, like every day, but it wasn't. It was a very important day for me, and very frightening one too.

When I was finished with my shower, I got dressed quickly, from the clothes that Alice left for me and applied a very simple make up on my face and looked in the mirror to see the final look.

I have to say, I looked decent enough for my first day.

I sighed. I hope everything goes well today.

I felt his present's before I saw him, his arms went around my waist from behind and rested his chin on my shoulder "Hmmm, you look beautiful, love" he kissed my neck softly.

"You think?" I asked him nervously, pulling at the ends of my blouse trying to somehow look better.

He pulled both of my hands in his and intween his fingers with mine.

"I don't think so, I know so" he smiled lovingly to me.

I looked at his reflection at the mirror and blushed. I don't know why he always look at me that way, like I'm his most prized possessions, I know that he sees me that way, but I still cant believe that I am his and he is mine, that he loves me forever. I have to pinch my self every day to make sure that all of this is not a dream.

"I think that I 'll be keeping the teenage boys off of my lovely wife today" he said, teasingly.

I laughed. " Yeah, right!"

"I think the boy's will be more interested in the girls with short skirts and tanned skin then me." I turned in his arms so I was facing him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Besides, I have my own teenager to worry about!" I kissed him lightly on the lips once, twice, and then giggled when he tried to deepen it further.

"Haven't you had enough, I think last night was pretty eventful." I said, still chuckling.

"Never!" he managed to say between kisses.

His hands were starting to roam across my hips; up inside my shirt until he reaches the bottom of my bra, he stopped briefly and then sneaked his hands under my bra and squeezed gently on my breast.

I bit my lip, and whimpered.

God, that feels good. Every time he touches me, _even innocent touches_ would always give me pleasure somehow.

I know that if I let him continue any further, I would be late for my fist day, and that would not make a very good imprison.

"If you will continue this any further, I will be late" I said, my voice shacking very badly, at the same time trying to pull his hand off of me.

He groaned, but eventually gave up.

"Fine" he sighed, frustrated.

He tugged me along with him, to the kitchen.

"Come on, your breakfast is ready from a long time ago" he said.

The kitchen was felled with the aroma of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. My mouth instantly watered.

"Mmmmm, it smell's good" I moaned with delight.

He smiled softly and pulled my chair for me, always a gentleman.

I pecked his cheek and sat dawn. I didn't waste any time, and dig in my delicious food.

I was aware of him staring at me, he always do that. Not that it annoyed me or anything, it's just that I get embarrassed when I spill something on. And that will add to my way long list of clumsiness.

When I finished, I cleaned my plates and headed to our bedroom.

I checked my self in the mirror one more time then grabbed my bag and car keys and went to the front door with Edward waiting for me.

He held my hand tightly in his and opened the car door for me.

"Good luck, love. I 'll be there at seven with the whole family" he grinned playfully, and kissed me softly on the lips.

I groaned. Emmett won't give me any peace of mind, I'm sure he will try to pull something to embarrass me.

He chuckled at my expression.

"Emmett!" I grumbled.

"Don't worry, I'll keep him dawn" he rubbed my arms up and dawn, trying to sooth me.

I calmed dawn a bit, but I was still worried.

He put his hands on either sides of my face and looked deeply into my eyes, all trace of laughter was gone and was replaced with love and adoration.

My breath catches in my throat and I was held prisoner to the force of his soft, golden, piercing eyes.

He was beautiful, more then words can describe, inside and out.

"I love you." He whispered softly, with so much love that it made my insides tingle.

I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat. What is he doing to me!

"I love you too" my voice was thick with emotion and I barely spoken the words as a whisper.

He smiled softly and kissed my lips deeply.

"And, your going to be great today. I just know it" he said with a smirk after he pulled away.

I got inside of my car with a sigh and started the engine.

"See you in a couple" I mumbled softly.

He pecked my lips one more time then closed the door.

"Yeah, bye"

I drove out of the driveway, headed to Chevak high school.

I weaved goodbye to Edward, although I would see him in a couple of hours but still… I felt the need to.

I drove dawn the streets of Chevak with everyone staring at me, or rather staring at the new shiny Volvo that my dear husband bought it for me, I just couldn't stand the Mercedes after I found out that it was bullet proof, so he bought me one like his but slightly different, Mine was a shiny, black Volvo.

I avoided all the stares and got to the school's parking lot and parked at the teacher's parking space.

I cut the engine, then leaned back and slowly took a deep breath.

I looked at my wedding band regretfully. I know that no one can know about Edward and i being married, because Edward is a minor and i would be a teacher in the same school he attends, I would be faired right away. I twirled the ring around my ring finger a couple of times before I took it off.

I frowned.

It just feels wrong to take it off, this ring tells the world that I belong to someone, that I belong to Edward, and taking it off is just…. Ugh!

I'm Edward's, and I won't hide the sample of our love away.

I pulled off the small chain that was around my neck, and inserted the ring through it and put it back one.

I smiled slightly when I saw the ring dangling around my neck and right across my heart, just like it's owner, always in my heart.

I gathered my courage up and exited the car with a loud sigh.

This should be wired; being the teacher in the same school your husband is attending to.

Like, being his teacher.

God, how am I ever going to focus on the class without stealing glimpses of his face every now and then, Ugh! This is embarrassing.

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