Well, this is another short one. If any of you know Piccoloisgreen, who by the way is a fabulous author, you'll know that P has a collection of drabbles based on DBZ fanart, the link of which I'll have posted in my profile. I've decided that because you can never have too many drabbles, and sometimes I need BV stuff to just vent instead of incorporating them into stories, I've decided to do some drabbles for those pics too. Another author has done the same, but you can check that out through Piccoloisgreen's story. This particular chapter is also an entry for the Blue and Black Livejournal Community's Earth Custom's challenge.

Chapter 1: In Class (Picture # 28)

Trunks's left eye twitched.

It was a rather annoying trait that he'd inherited from both of his parents, his father in particular. Eye twitching was an action that meant all hell was about to break loose, and everybody who knew him for more than ten minutes knew that they'd better scatter before he exploded.

That wasn't to say Trunks actually had a temper. As hard headed as his family was, Trunks was normally very calm and patient. He wasn't one to get riled up unless his pride and honor was insulted, or the pride and honor of someone he cared about. Tiny insults like him being a spoiled rich kid or how he was a teacher's pet (he wasn't) didn't bother him. Besides, no one had said anything of the sort to him since Jr. High. Trunks was a popular kid.

So why, you ask, was his eye twitching? What, you inquire, is irritating him to the point of eye twitching in the first place?

Well, that is a very good question. It could have something to do with the fact that his college history class was utterly boring. It might have something to do with that girl that was tapping her pencil on her desk right behind him. But most likely, it was because of that flame haired shape in the window.

Determined not to look, Trunks kept his blue eyes on his teacher, pretending to listen intently to what he was saying. He held his pencil in his hand gently, knowing he could break it into splinters if he squeezed it even a little bit, scribbling things in his notebook whenever he heard something important. He was amazed that no one seemed to notice yet, or if they had, then they'd be too shocked to say anything. Hopefully.

No sooner had he thought this, a young girl about his age raised her hand. "Professor Yamato?"

The professor looked up. "Yes, Evie?"

"There's a man in the window."

Professor Yamato looked at her quizzically. "Excuse me?"

Evie pointed up towards where Trunks was sitting. The demi-Saiyan squeezed his eyes shut and buried his face in his arms on top of his desk, wishing Saiyans had some kind of invisibility powers. Praying to Dende that no one would see the resemblance, he listened on in horror as the class finally noticed the presence of a very dangerous, sometimes homicidal, and apparently bored man in the window.

"Evie, I'm afraid I…oh, oh my! Trunks, open that window immediately!"

Oh, God, no.

His tanned face burning crimson, Trunks slowly stood up and unlocked the window, sliding it open. His face was slightly hidden behind his purple bangs as he glared daggers at the man. "What. The hell. Are you doing?" he hissed.

His father looked at him disinterestedly, his head cocked and propped up on one hand. "Waiting for you to look up, dumbass. What are you, blind?"

"I'm in class!"

"I know. Although I don't see why it's necessary…"

"You can't just come and interrupt me while I'm trying to learn -"

"Trunks!" Professor Yamato cried. "Shouldn't you be helping him?! He's hanging off the windowsill!"

Trunks slapped his forehead. "I'm going to kill you. Slowly, and very painfully."

Vegeta snorted, as if to say, As if, and grinned, clearly amused.

"He's going to fall for sure!" someone in the room said.

Trunks's face got darker. "He won't fall."

A boy that sat beside Trunks stood up and peered out the window. "Holy shit, he's floating!"

The class erupted, and nearly everyone jumped out of their seats to see. Before anyone could make it to the window, however, Trunks yelled, "SIT!"

The class froze, stunned, and sat back down, and Vegeta snickered. Trunks turned to glare at him heatedly, scowling his infamous Vegeta-like scowl, which his father mimicked on instinct. They stared at each other for a long time, and finally, Trunks snarled, "Goddammit, Dad!"

Pleased that he'd won the staring match, Vegeta smirked and waved his hand in a 'come on' motion. "We're leaving," he said.

"No," Trunks growled, "You're leaving. I'm staying here and finishing class."

"Or you could do as I say and come on." The sentence was said in that tone, the one that meant Trunks would get his ass whopped if he didn't get a move on. As angry as he was, the young man paled slightly and hid his face behind his bangs again.

"I'm coming," he muttered.

Vegeta looked satisfied and smug, folding his arms and flowing back from the window.

Trunks cleared his throat and looked at his teacher. "Professor Yamato? My dad is checking me out. I'll, uh, have a note tomorrow."

Yamato nodded, perfectly speechless, and the whole class watched and Trunks gathered his things and put them in his shoulder bag, the walked to the window and opened it a bit wider. He put his hands on the windowsill and crouched.

"Um, Trunks?" a girl squeaked.

He dropped out the window just as she opened her mouth and disappeared, only to poke his head up a second later. "Yeah?" he asked, embarrassed.

"Never mind," she said in the same high pitch.

Trunks's cheeks turned heavily pink, and he shut the window behind him before flying off with his father. When they were a good distance away, he snapped, "Now what the hell was so goddamned important that you had to expose the fact that my family can fly?"

Vegeta's eyes narrowed at Trunks's tone, but then he realized what question was asked. Now it was his turn to look embarrassed.

Trunks raised an eyebrow. "Dad?"

Vegeta ducked his head a little bit and muttered, "Today's your mother's birthday, and only Bra has gotten her a present."

Trunks's face paled significantly, his blue eyes wide with absolute horror. "Oh, shit."

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