Chapter 1: A New World

It was 4am in the morning and Bulma was still working on her newest invention, she took a sip of her coffee as she kept installing the computer into a machine, she had been working on this for the last two months straight only stopping when her kids needed something or when Vegeta puts his foot down and forces her to go to bed, she smiled as she turned on the switch as the machine lit up, so did the smile on her face, "I did it, it's finally done, oh I'm so excited! She yelled.

She then could hear footsteps coming towards her in the lab "what are you blabbering about woman?"

"Vegeta do you remember when future Trunks came to warn us about the androids, well I invented a time machine just like my counterpart did!" she said proudly.

"Why the hell would you want to invent something like that?" he snorted.

"Well… maybe we could visit the other Trunks and see how he is, even though he is here, he is completely different from his counterpart and his counterpart is still my son and I would like to see how he is doing, don't you ever wonder if he defeated the androids, if he is okay."

Vegeta turned his head to where Bulma couldn't see his expression truth be told, he knew his son was more than strong enough to defeat the androids, but he did miss him, he was a worrier, someone to be proud of, he was the one that inspired him to be a good father to this time Trunks and his daughter, It was because of that moment, that he still remembered like yesterday.


Vegeta felt a ki flying towards them and in the corner of his eye, he saw that purple haired kid again and then the truth was spoken.

Piccalo looked at the kid "Trunks is back!"

Then it finally hit Vegeta as he thought "Trunks? That's bissar he has the same name as my son… wait a super sayian from the future, of course it has to be! He's my son! Unbelievable!"

End Flashback

It was from that moment he made a promise to himself to be a good father, something his own father never was and never could be.

"So does it work woman?" Vegeta asked.

"Well I haven't made a test run, I was going to ask Goku or someone to go for me before I try to go somewhere," said Bulma.

Vegeta nodded "I'm not letting that idiot go; I will test it out for you but in the morning."

Bulma's eyes sparkled "really Vegeta? Oh thank you I can't wait to see if my invention worked."

He snorted "yeah yeah woman lets go to bed."

Bulma turned off the light and closed the door to the lab and headed upstairs with Vegeta to bed however two teenagers along with their uncle and brother were upstairs in Bra and Trunks personal living room playing truth or dare.

25 year old Trunks took a moment and thought as he smirked at his sister "I dare you to go into mom's lab and see what mom's new invention does."

"Are you crazy Trunks, you know under no circumstances nobody is allowed to mess with moms stuff," said Bra.

Goten pressed on "oh come on what is the worst that can happen odds are it's not even finished yet."

She shrugged "fine I'll see what the big deal is about."

The four of them walked into the lab when they saw a machine it looked like it was hand held and Bra looked at Pan, Goten and Trunks before picking it up.

Trunks nodded "go ahead Bra unless you're scared."

Pan then spoke "I don't know guys what if it does something bad to her, we don't even know what it will do."

"You know mom won't make anything that will hurt anyone," Trunks snorted.

Bra messed with the dial and then pushed the red button a blue light came over her and Pan got frightened and tried to push the remote out of the girls hand to stop it but the light enveloped the both of them and they both disappeared.

"Pan! Bra!" Goten and Trunks chorused.

The two of them looked at each other and then they heard the doors open and a voice behind them "boys, why are you in my lab and what was that light?" Bulma asked with her hands on her hips.

"We dared Bra to test your new invention and before she disappeared and Pan grabbed a hold of her, they are both gone," Trunks said putting his head down.


Then another voice was heard "woman what are you yelling about, I can hear you on the other side of the house!" yelled an angry, tired Vegeta.

Bulma cried as she buried her head in his shoulder "Vegeta, Bra and Pan are lost through time."

Thoughts raced through Vegeta's head his little princess could be anywhere back on planet Vegeta with the tyrant Freezia, his heartless father,the silence seemed to last for a lifetime until he yelled one word "WHAT!"

Bulma was hysterical "I got to call Gohan and Videl!" she said running towards the phone.

Meanwhile in the Future World

Fifteen year old Bulla's head was throbbing as she looked around the city was dark, in destruction, this was not her hometown that she knew, people were lying dead, it looked as if nothing but hopelessness was filling the air "what happened?" she whispered.

She could hear a laugh behind her as she turned around she saw Eighteen, but younger and a smirk on her face as she put her hand out "Eighteen"Bra yelled hopelessly "it's me Bra what are you doing!" as a blast came towards her, never training a day in her life she just put her hands up and like a flash someone was in front of her, he picked her up in his arms and flew, she slowly looked up at him "Trunks?" she whispered.

Pan looked around it looked as if she was in a doctor room, with bandages on her, she must have had a bad landing she looked over to see a blue haired lady, next to him was a black haired man, he looked it couldn't be "dad?" she whispered sitting up.

The man shook his head "no I'm sorry I don't have children."

Tears fell out of her eyes "daddy how can you not recognize me? Where is mom?"

Future Bulma looked at the girl "honey who are your parents?"

"My name is Pan Son and I'm the daughter of Videl and Gohan Son and my friend Bra she is the daughter of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs the younger sister of Trunks."

Gohan's heart started beating fast, yes he could feel his energy signal in her no doubt she is his but from another time and place entirely as he looked over at her questions ran through his mind..

" Was he going to make it?"

"Was he going to defeat the androids?"

"Was he finally going to know peace? "

"Was he going to start a family?"

He was scared more than ever now, he had a new responsibility on his shoulders to protect his future daughter while she is in this world even if he had to die in order to do it.

Bulma's heart was beating fast "a daughter,her and Vegeta's daughter?"

Her eyes went wide as she thought of a flashback.

The android had knocked the door down she laughed evilly as she blasted me.

An hour later I woke up in the hospital, my doctor looked at me "we were lucky we could save you , but I have terrible news from the impact of the blast your baby didn't make it.

She was pregnant and she didn't even know, this was three months after Vegeta's death , that android, that monster had killed her baby."

End Flashback

She hadn't told anyone that story, not even her son that he could have had a younger sibiling, she looked over at the blue haired girl and began to tear up "a daughter," she whispered.

It finally hit her, something must have altered their world Gohan had a daughter, her daughter lived one word then came to her mind, what her father had been trying to invent since she was a little girl, A time machine!

She looked over again seeing the girl asleep and Trunks standing over her like an overprotective brother, and seeing this she was determined "I'm going to change everything, you will be born in the next timeline, I will see to that," she then glanced over at Pan "both of you."

Trunks looked at the young blue haired girl, he felt immediate overprotectiveness of her he then looked up as he made a silent promise to himself he was going to protect the only sibling he will ever have those androids won't get near her, he will see to that.

As Gohan looked in awe at his sleeping daughter he then heard the t.v. that interrupted his thoughts.

"We interrupt this program for breaking news of android activity they just attacked gengertown killing almost everyone in sight.''

Gohan clenched his fist, "I'm going to fight them."

Trunks nodded as he left his sister's side "I'm coming too."

A voice then was heard behind them "hey I'm up for a challenge I'm coming too."

Gohan's heart fell as he looked at his future daughter, he could see that she had the heart of a sayian fighting in her blood but there was no way in hell he was letting her fight "no you stay here with Bulma you need to heal so we can get you home to your time."

Pan was about to argue but Trunks and Gohan powered up and flew out the window.

Bulma ran to the window as she watched her son and his best friend fly off as she held her hand to her heart "you both better come back, that's all I can say."

Pan walked over to Bra "I'm going to help dad and Trunks we all know that we have fought stronger opponents I can beat them easily."

Bra nodded "well if you're going then I'm not just going to sit here I'm going too."

"No! Absolutely not! Pan you heard your father and as for you young lady.." Bulma began to choke as tears fell out of her eyes as she whispered "I already lost you to the hands of that female android she's the reason you're not here with Trunks and I in this world, and I'll be damned if I will let it happen again."

"Mom I'll be fine, and Pan can handle her own too, we both have trained with our fathers," the two of them flew into the air and out the window "Bye mom/Bulma!" they chorused.

"Get back here both of you I mean it!" Bulma yelled she was angry but then a tear fell from her eye she looked just like a spitting image of her but her spirit was a spitting image of her father Vegeta and she smiled "Vegeta please watch over her."

Pan and Bra were flying they could feel Gohan and Trunks energy level they were just standing on the top of a mountain she landed behind them and without him turning around he spoke "I knew you would end up coming," he said disappointed.

"Dad you don't know me all the villains I have fought I can do this," said Pan determined.

Bra nodded as she backed her best friend up "our fathers have trained us, we can do it."

Trunks shook his head "no way I'm not losing my one and only sister no way," Trunks said looking at his sister.

"Trunks I'm stronger than I look," she said with a look that resembled Vegeta.

Gohan looked out into the sky as he put on a soft smile "I guess we will let them fight."

Trunks looked at Gohan "your insane Gohan! They will get hurt, what would your counterpart say he wouldn't allow it, and I'm not letting my sister fight."

Pan laughed "Trunks we will be fine" she said getting in fight stance Bra nodded "right!"

Gohan stood in between them he pulled Pan into a light hug and smiled down at her he then patted Bra on the back and made two energy balls in each hand and hit Pan and Bra with them knocking them out on the floor.

Trunks eyes went wide "what the hell Gohan why did you do that to them?"

"Trunks I can feel their energy it didn't hurt them, but just as you said I don't want them fighting against the androids do me a favor take them back to Bulma's and then you can meet up with me.." his eyes then met his "I want you to make a promise to me If I don't make it I'll put it in your hands to defeat the androids and to protect my daughter and your sister while they are here and to see that they get back to their time I leave the only part of me left in your hands Trunks I wouldn't trust her with anyone else."

He nodded "I promise I won't let anything happen to either one of them you can count on me Gohan."

Trunks started to go pick up Pan when Gohan walked behind Trunks and punched him causing him to pass out.

"Sorry Trunks I have to be assured that you will still be here to rise when I die."

Gohan smiled as he kneeled down to his daughter picking up her head in his arms "even if it was just for a while and even though I won't get to see you grow up in this time I'm glad to have at least met you Pan and to know at least I in another world will get to have a child and a family, take care."

He then looked at Trunks "Trunks your my brother from another mother and best friend, I wish you nothing but the very best once this evil is over, but if you let anything happen to my daughter I'll haunt you from wherever I end up."

Gohan then turned super sayian and flew to the scene of the androids he was determined to defeat them even if it killed himself to do so.

Authors Note: So yeah… I have always wondered what it would be like if Bulma met the daughter she never had a chance to have in her world and Gohan met his as well. So please tell me what you think so far like it? hate it? don't care for it just be honest I know I have loads of improvement before I become a good enough writer like some of these fantastic authors on here but practice makes perfect right? Leave a review and let me know what you think. : )

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