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Chapter 3

As the trio was approaching the planet they could feel two enormous power levels closing in on the planet.

Pan eye's widened "who are those power levels," she said worriedly.

Trunks eyes were closed, he was concentrating trying to figure out who it was, his eyes then snapped open Freezia and his father!" he yelled.

Pan smiled "we don't need to worry you guys we all are stronger than him by a longshot, Bra is the weakest of us and she could beat him easily," she started to laugh "Trunks let me fight them I can get it done in a blink of an eye."

"No, if anyone has to step in and fight Freezia before Goku returns it should be me, there is more of risk of yours and my sister's life then there is mine, I already exist in a timeline you all don't exist at any point in time, you girls cannot be seen at all by anyone, Bra you look so much like mother if anyone saw you and her side by side they would know your related somehow and if father suspects it.. it may not happen."

His eyes then shifted over to Pan "Pan I see Gohan in you and traits of Chichi, you can't be seen either and lower your power levels, listen both of you stay out of sight once we land If I need you I will give you the signal if not stay hidden understand?" he said in a serious tone.

Pan rolled her eyes "ok fine then, but If I see that you are struggling I will step in and you cannot stop me," she said determined.

He nodded "fair enough."

The time machine landed and Trunks got out and went towards the power level while the girls stayed behind and watched the scene from the cliff.

Freezia did his evil laugh as he looked at the soldiers before him "destroy every life being on this planet understand?"

"Yes sir!" they chorused.

They began on their mission which didn't get very far as they heard the sound of a sword slashing and the solders' falling dead before Freezia and King Cold's feet, they looked over to the cause of this and saw a teenage boy about eighteen short purple hair in a bowl cut in a Capsule Corp jacket and the smirk that mirrored Vegeta on his face, so… you must be Freezia," he said in more than a statement then a question.

His eyes went wide as he stuttered "who? What are you?"

Trunks smirked as he grabbed his sword and pointed it towards him "your end Freezia!"

He then smirked again "you're about to fight a real super sayian."

Without giving a chance for Freezia to respond he began to power up and then his hair flashed blonde and his eyes turned teal another super sayian was before Freezia.

Freezia was terrified of the boy, but he wouldn't show his father that he flew up and created a huge energy ball "this is for you father!" he yelled as he threw it at the boy.

All the zz fighters were watching the scene "who is that boy?" said Krillen.

"His power level is enormous he could be stronger than Goku!" said Piccolo.

Vegeta's eyes went wide "no I don't believe it, this must be an illusion the only sayians left are Kakkarot and myself and his half brat, he cannot be a super sayian there only three of us left, even if another baby escaped he would be mine and Kakarot's age not a teenage boy," he thought clenching his fist.

Freezia heard a loud crash and smiled cockily "I knew this kid wouldn't last long."

A voice then was heard as the energy ball started rising, the boy smirked "I'm sorry is this yours?"

He began to panic "no you can't be," he then threw another energy blast which caused the ball of energy to burst.

Yamcha's eyes went wide "that probably just killed the boy!"

When the smoke cleared the boy was standing proud as if nothing happened the z worriers were impressed with this boy.

He then grabbed his sword from his back and grabbed it and smashed it right in the middle of Freezia's scull he began to split as blood gushed from him, Trunks finished him off with one final blast into smithereens.

He then smirked to King Cold who was looking at him with fear he then put out his hand and blasted him killing him as well and made one final blast to destroy the spaceship.

The gang looked at the boy and was up on their guard they didn't know whether they could trust him or not, would he go after them they didn't know.

He turned around and looked at the others and yelled "I know where Goku is going to land you can follow me and I can show you the way."

Bra and Pan who were watching from their hiding spot decided to go along "I'm going," said Pan.

"Me too, I want to see dad," said Bra as she followed her friend.

Trunks was locating the exact spot looking in the corner of his eye he could see the whole gang behind and behind them was Bra and Pan.

He then descended to ground as well as everyone else he got out a capsule and threw it to the ground which appeared into a refrigerator "he won't be here for a while please help to some drinks while we wait," he said grabbing himself a pepsi.

The others hesitated but Gohan saw nothing but good intentions from the older teen "I'm going to try one," he said running towards the fridge and grabbing a grape soda.

Trunks couldn't help but smile at how niave and care free Gohan was, he hadn't see Gohan that way for a long time, the closest thing that reminded him of that free spirit was when he met Pan for the first time.

Piccolo could feel two power levels and looked over towards Pan and Bra "hey those friends of yours?" he directed towards Trunks.

Trunks looked over "damn it they were supposed to stay hidden," he thought "hey you guys can come on over here if you like."

The girls looked at one another and walked over Krillen was the first to speak "so you guys going to introduce yourselves or we just going to have to keep guessing?"

Trunks looked away "sorry we can't."

"You can't? What are you part of the secret service or something" yelled Yamcha.

"It's complicated, let's leave it to that," said Pan.

Piccolo looked over to Pan he felt a very familure energy signal coming from this girl, it was so faimilur but why, he couldn't figure it out, his eyes then shifted to Bra she was strong very strong these the fact that they won't even give out their names left Piccolo to not trust them completely.

Trunks then stood up "Okay everyone Goku should be here any minute."

The gang could see the twinkling in the sky meaning a spaceship was about to land cheers could heard from all around "Goku/daddy!" they all walked towards the huge crater where he landed.

As the door opened the friend they all knew and loved was standing there, as cheers and yelling could be heard "welcome back Goku/daddy!"

He looked around to see all the smiling faces of his friends and family with a few unfamilure faces as well "how did you guys know I was going to be here?"

"This guy knows all about you daddy, and he's a super sayian" said Gohan.

He looked over at the new guy in the group "a super sayian at his age that is incredible.

"Kakarot you fool how could you be so nieve our entire race was destroyed the only ones left are you and I plus your half brat there is three of us if he escaped he would be your age at the youngest not a boy,"Vegeta reminded him.

Bra listened to her father she didn't like this version of her father, not at all.

Trunks looked at Goku "can we talk for a minute just the two of us?"

"Hey buddy anything you can say to Goku you can say to us!" yelled Yamcha.

Goku looked at his friends reassuringly "don't worry guys I'll be right back."

The duo flew away from the others "so what is it you wanted to talk about friend?"

"I have heard about you by reputation and I must know can you turn super sayian?" asked Trunks

"Well at first I couldn't control it but now I can," he said as he powered up his hair flashed from black to gold as his eyes turned teal, Trunks was amazed by the sight.

"This is awesome its been a while since I have seen it."

Goku smirked "now what friend?"

He smirked back "now we both will be super sayians," he replied as he himself transferred into one.

"Now I'm going to attack you ," he said pulling out his sword and pushing it towards Goku and stopped "why didn't you try to avoid it?"

"I searched your feelings I knew you would stop," said Goku smiling.

He then without saying another word tried to attack with his sword again but Goku blocked every attack with ease.

Trunks smiled "everything is true your great, fantastic!"

Trunks decended to base form followed by Goku.

"Sorry for all the secretcy but I need your word you will not repeat what I'm about to say," said Trunks.

"You have my word," said Goku.

"My name is Trunks I am from 20 years in the future, Vegeta was correct when he said you and him are the only sayians left, I have my blood from him he is my father."

"What Vegeta a father that is incredible," Goku said happily he then looked over to Vegeta "yes yes I see the resemblance wow…"

"I will born three years from now you cannot say anything or it will not happen," said Trunks.

"But I didn't come here just to tell you that I'm here to warn you in three years two powerful enemies will attack west city they are strong beyond strong all of the gang we are not enough every one of them die in the hands of him except my master Gohan along with myself… and years later they got him too," said Trunks trying not to cry.

"Where was I didn't I help you guys," asked Goku.

"No you died before it you get a rare virus to the heart, you didn't even get a chance," said Trunks.

"That sucks that that is my fate, I don't get a chance at all?" said Goku.

"No," whispered Trunks "but now you will," he said getting a medicine out of his pocket "in my time there is an antidote just take it when it hits and you will be fine," said Trunks.

"So you came back here to save everyone in your timeline, by beating them here first," said Goku.

"My timeline is already done but I know for a fact by coming back and warning you guys this timeline will be saved," said Trunks smiling.

"How do you know for sure?" said Goku.

He smiled as he pointed diagonal to the two girls "my story gets more complicated those girls somehow came back through timelines they are from this timelines future by about 20 years or so in fact after I get done here I have to return them back home," said Trunks.

Goku looked over at the girls " the blue haired has to be Bulma's child that's for sure, no doubt about it."

"Yes she will be my sister, in this timeline but because of my father's early death she doesn't exist in mine," said Trunks.

"So who would the other girl be?" said Goku.

"In this timeline I don't know how many years but your son will find someone to love and that woman over there is his daughter, your granddaughter."

Piccolo who had been listening to the entire conversation eyes shot open, which Gohan noticed.

"Whats wrong Mr. Piccolo is everything okay?"

He smirked "nothing you need to worry about." For now" he added in his head.

"What my son, will have a daughter," he then turned to look at her "yes I can see a lot of Chichi in her as well as Gohan, that's amazing she's absolutely beautiful that's for sure," said Goku.

Trunks nodded "that she is."

"Hey! I'm guessing you all are leaving soon right?" Goku said in a serious tone.

"Yes my mother is worried and I have to get those two home" said Trunks.

Goku's eyes went from a light friendly dark to a dark that is frightening "Gohan is too young to understand but on behalf of him and myself I will say this while she is in your hands you will protect her understand," said Goku.

Trunks didn't even have to know who he was referring to his eye direction didn't remove from his granddaughter the entire time"Of course Goku, you have my word," said Trunks.

He smiled "that's all I ask."

"Well the girls and I have to get home, I appreciate you hearing me out Goku," said Trunks.

"No problem we will be ready for them, no worries, and you remember your promise," warned Goku.

"No problem man," he said as he flew off, the girls followed suit.

Goku then flew back to the others "so what did that guy want?" said Yamcha.

"Well umm.." started Goku.

"If you won't tell them I will and don't worry I will leave out the matters that were meant to be kept private," said Piccolo.

Once the story was explained the others were in shocked "so they are coming in three years huh?" said Tien.

"I say we prepare for them, all of us," said Piccalo.

"So is everyone in are we going to do this?" said Goku.

"Yeah" the whole gang chorused.

"Ok come on Gohan we start our training first thing in the morning," said Goku.

"Right daddy," said Gohan.

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