The night was cold and uncomfortable. Yet it was more inviting then the nightmares that had been haunting Annabeth for a year. She wandered around without a purpose except to escape her torturous dreams. With her Yankees cap on, Annabeth was invisible, so she didn't worry about anyone seeing her break the rules. She was head counselor, she had to follow the rules, but lately she hadn't been giving the rules any indication she cared.

She didn't care that there was a curfew; she often left the cabin and walked around at night. She didn't care that you weren't allowed to have outside food and drink inside the camp; she had a friend in the Hermes cabin sneak in her favorite comfort food. She didn't care that two campers of different parentage couldn't be lone in the same cabin; being alone with Percy was the only way to ease her mind.

Annabeth continued to aimlessly roam the camp grounds until she heard footsteps. Her insane mind formed a thought. No, hooves, not footsteps. CHIRON! Annabeth dove between the two nearest cabins, Zeus and Hera's, and threw her hat off. Chiron was amazing at sensing magic when it was being used. He'd sense her in a heartbeat. As the centaur passed, bow loaded, Annabeth crawled behind Zeus' cabin, her heart beating rapidly, but she now knew where she wanted to go.

She headed to the next cabin on the male side, cabin three, Lord Poseidon's cabin, and more importantly, Percy's cabin. When Chiron's hooves faded in the distance, she climbed onto the porch. She knocked on the beautiful driftwood doors which showed a horse being born from the waves of the sea. The carving was truly stunning, but Annabeth's infected mind messed with her sight. Instead of seeing the wonderful art, she saw things much worse.

Her fears and bad memories seemed to combine forces and attack Annabeth. The images got worse and worse as she stood there. Cyclopes morphed into spiders, and spiders morphed into the thousands of horrors that they'd seen in Tartarus. She felt like she'd been standing there for hours on end- one of the disadvantages of being ADHD. By the time Percy opened the door, she had tears streaming down her face.

For a moment they studied each other. Percy was in bad shape, he obviously was having a sleepless night as well. His shirt was off, and even though it was a freezing out, Annabeth guessed he was sweating from nightmares. As awful as he looked, he put on a brave face for his girlfriend.

"Aw, Annabeth, it's okay. Come here." Percy told Annabeth. On command, Annabeth fell through the doors and into the open arms of her boyfriend. She sobbed into his shoulder. Percy lifted her chin. "I hear Chiron coming. Go sit down, I'll be right over."

Percy shut the doors and locked them. He walked over to the bed where she had sat down. He picked up a blanket and wrapped it around the two of them. They both shed a few tears as they comforted one another. They didn't say anything, just sat holding each other.

As the night progressed into daylight, Percy and Annabeth sought comfort from each other. They decided to let sleepiness take over, hoping being together would tone down the evil visions, and they turned in together. Annabeth pulled the blanket to her neck and rested her cheek and hand on his bare chest. Percy pushed his half of the blanket to his belly button and wrapped his arms around Annabeth in a protecting way. Within minutes, they were asleep.