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He walks down a narrow path. Deep in the woods of England. Shining a flash light that he holds in his hand. He begins to notice lights and a small cottage. As he enters the clearing with the little house, he notices guards around. They approach him as he speaks "Um…Hi, I am Professor Shane. I come…"

"Follow me" the tall one cuts him off. They walk inside. Candles and the moon are the only light in the cottage. The man motions for him to sit at a very small table in the center of the room. " She will be out shortly." he says. Then he turns to walk out of the cottage, closing the door behind him.

Professor Shane looks around with wonder. This is what he has searched for his whole life. Finally, its has come full circle all of his theories and research. He has found her, Alcina. Just as he is thinking of her she comes into the room. As she enters he looks at her black and red robe that is touching the wood floors of the room. Her hair touching her buttocks as it flows with the robe. Her skin a pale shade of white. The moon light glowing against it. Not what Shane would have expected from a witch of her standards and with her magic. Her raven colored hair graces her face as she joins him at the table.

" Well, nice to finally meet you Professor Shane" she says. Her voice told her age. It was wise and calm. She looks only maybe forty or so. Professor Shane knows she is just reincarnated and the body nothing but a shell. He responds " Nice to meet you too"

" I hear you come for my potion, as it is time to set this plan in effect. " Alcina's eyes rise in response. " Yes" he answers.

"Good, You probably do not know the tonic expires in ten days." My associate tells me they have chosen another hunter and you have found the Bennett witch." Shane nods while listening. " It is very important that you have also found the other girl. For this plan involves a lot of people and needs to go smoothing. I have waited so very long . I am depending on you. Do you understand."

"Yes, I have everything set up. I have both. Bonnie is the Bennett witch and Caroline is the girl he has chosen. " Shane told the witch. " I have all the information I need for this plan to work. "

" Very well, all of this shows in their future but as we all know that can change with just one event not happening the right way. I need Klaus and this Caroline together along with you working with Bonnie. Everything in its right place and my hunter's will have this cure. Nothing will hold us back. " Alcina tilted her hand letting Shane know just how serious she was about this.

"Speaking of this cure, what exactly is it? How do all of those people link up. " He inquired.

" Just know that you have to give Caroline the tonic within ten days. Klaus was meant to kill my first five. It shows me in a vision. He had not broken the curse yet. That is one of the keys and the only one you will know of at this moment." She stood in front of the table and went over to a small cupboard. In it was a small vial filled with liquid. " It has no taste meant for a vampire to drink without being detected. " she instructed while giving him the tonic. " Now, do your part and what we discussed is granted ." Alcina placed her hand on Shane's back and walked him towards the door.

"Einar will see you out, there are many enemies that are watching closely. We need you to return to Mystic Falls." She motioned her hand for one of the guard to come over. " I will send for you once all is done" she turned back and went in.

Shane turned around to answer because he still had questions. He said "How will I know what to expect if it works? How will you send for me? I…."

"Come along" a deep voice answered " We know everything about you and how to contact you, just do whats requested " " NOW MOVE" Einar demanded. "Oh.. Okay, I am sorry if I seem pushy, Just…. "Shut up and keep moving" Einar cut him off. " No explanation. " Move, there is a pack watching us now". As they moved to the clearing Einar looks to both sides and holds his hand up stopping Professor Shane. " Wait" he says.

"Okay, they have dropped back. Have a safe flight. Well, don't just stand there go.. GO!" Einar shouts.

As Shane boards the plane, he takes his seat. Leaning his head back he hopes he can do whats asked. If so he will be very powerful. As the plane takes off he turns and looks out of the window gripping the tonic. Shane smiles devilishly then leans back into the seat.

If only they knew his plan. Shaking his head because unlike our gang back in Mystic Falls, Shane knew things where about to change big time.

Meanwhile…back in Mystic Falls

Caroline walks into Elena's room and breathes heavy. "What is it Caroline.?" Elena asks shaking her head and smiling. She was just waiting on Caroline to make a remark on the break up.

"Well..what is really going on with you and Damon" she asked. While taking her finger and twisting her hair around it. " Come on Elena " her voice raised a little " I need this, please " she continued while shaking her blond curls.

Caroline did in fact need this with the drama playing out just a couple of days ago between her a Tyler. This was a much-needed break. Her and Elena had kind of lost touch since her change. As Elena started to explain Caroline thought of another issue, Klaus. She knew in the back of her mind she would have to go on that date, but for now she wanted to enjoy this alone time with Elena. It took her back to when there was not vampire drama and they just talked about boys and cheerleading. Good times she thought.

"Earth to Caroline, are you listening" Elena was just standing there waiting for Caroline's full attention. Caroline happily nodded and grab Elena's arm while they flung themselves back on her bed. "Yes, Elena, I want all the details no holding back." They turned towards each other and Elena said " I miss you, Care Bear" smiling at the blond beauty.

Caroline replied while wrapping her arm around her " I miss you too, Lena. Spill it "

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