Hey Guys, This is my take on a different version of the Hunger Games. It takes place before Katniss and Peeta and all that. I am really sorry if I got any of the facts wrong, and I will be happy to accept any helpful critiques. This is my first ever fan fiction so go easy. Hope you all like it!

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Chapter one

Bree's POV

District four is known for its seafood, beaches, mermaid legends and beautiful sea shells. It's also one of the more well to do districts. I have lived here for as long as I can remember. And for the most part I have enjoyed living here. My name is Bree Fisher. I am 16 years old And this is a story about how my life changed forever….

The sun was beginning to rise. Mother and Father would be waking up and Realizing I was gone soon. I just wanted one more morning to look at my beautiful ocean before the reaping. I knew my mother would be going crazy all morning trying to make me look pretty for it. I knew I wouldn't have had the chance to come here later. It was so beautiful...

The way the sun glistened on the waves. It makes me wonder what else is out there. Beyond the districts and the capitol. Someday I'm going to find a way to explore it. I want to see everything.

The sun was rising higher I knew I should be getting home..

I opened the back door slowly. The house was silent. Good. They are still asleep, but not for long. I tiptoed my way down the hallway to my bedroom and curled into bed for a few minutes of rest.

It felt like seconds had passed when my mother came in to wake me up.

"Good morning sweetheart, it's time to get ready."

I got up, took a nice warm bath, Scrubbed from head to toe. My mother brushed my hair and put it into a pretty fishtail braid. When my hair was done I walked into my bedroom. My mother had laid my dress on my bed. It was lovely, A gorgeous sea green color with pearl buttons going up the front. I slipped it on and admired myself in the mirror. I looked pretty I guess. Although my curly red hair was already beginning to frizz and my freckles didn't exactly help my appearance either. Not that it really matters. This whole reaping thing just makes me sick.

I walked into the kitchen to show my mom my dress. She was sitting at the kitchen table gazing out the window. She must have been thinking about her brother, The uncle I never got to meet. His name had been called in the reaping on his first year when he was just twelve years old and died in his hunger games. My mother had wanted desperately to volunteer to save her little brother, but sadly her nineteenth birthday had come too quickly.

"Mom?" I snapped her out of her thoughts. She turned around to look at me.

" Oh Bree, you look so beautiful.." She said letting out a sigh. She walked over to me and held me tight. She held me tightly against her. I knew this must be so hard on her. She always gets this way on the reaping day. When she finally let go she simply said, " I made your favorite breakfast, I hope you're hungry." I smiled and sat down at the table.

Later at the Reaping

Kids were starting to line up. I was starting to get those awful butterflies in my stomach that I get every year at the reaping. There were so many kids. All of them standing around looking as nervous as I did. Each of them silently hoping and praying that there name wouldn't be called. But two names will be called. Two innocent children will have to go to the arena and fight for their lives. One. One person, out of twenty four tributes will make it out alive. Bathed in riches, anything they have ever wanted will be theirs. But is it worth it?

It was my turn to sign in. The butterflies are back…I thought to myself. If you can call them that, they are beginning to feel a lot more like bats. "Next.." The lady signing people in said rudely. I told her my name and held my finger out for the finger prick. I didn't really notice it hurting. They either use an extremely tiny needle, or my nerves always get the best of me and I just don't notice. Possibly both.

I took my place amongst the other 16 year old girls and waited for the other children to get signed in. I couldn't help glancing at the younger girls. They are 12 years old. There is no way any of them would have a chance up against a huge muscular 18 year old boy. It just doesn't seem fair..

"Welcome!" Miss Terra (Our district representative) practically screamed into the microphone interrupting my thoughts.

Wow. I'm not quite sure my hearing will ever be the same after that.

"Well it's that time of year again folks. Time for the 63rd annual Hunger Games!" She squealed excitedly.

She started babbling about the importance of the Hunger Games in our society today, But I was to distracted by her appearance to really pay attention. Each year she comes to the reaping with a different color of skin. Yes that's right, skin. I guess she dyes it. Most people from the capitol simply dye their hair. This year her skin was a green blue ish kind of color. She had also sprinkled a fair amount of glitter on every inch of her body. She was wearing a huge golden wig and gold false eyelashes to go with it. Personally I thought she looked rather silly.

My thoughts were snapped back to reality when I heard Terra say, "Alright then. I suppose it's time to draw the names. "Oh! So exciting!" She squealed. She walked over to the giant fishbowl holding our names. I held My breath. What if she drew my best friend's name? Or her little sister's? There is no way in the world that she would be able to survive. What would Sydney do without her little sister, She would be heartbroken. I mean I can't even-

"Bree Fisher!"

My heart stopped. It was me….

Well that's it for chapter one guys. I hope you liked it. I will try to update my story as often as I can. At least once a week. If I can do more I will. Please comment and critique. I would love to hear from you. Thanks.