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For over a thousand years she hunted in the dark. She took pleasure in luring in the weaker beings, humans, and making them fall in love with her only to take them to the edge of her trap and watching them fall apart. Her thirst for power and hunger would be quenched momentarily before boredom became her and she would move on.

Her maker, Caius had sought her out and turned her in hopes that she would be his concubine and serve only his needs but she had other plans. She swiftly escaped the Volturi only months after her change and they have not been able to capture and return her since. Oh, they tried, but each recruit they sent out was never seen or heard from again.

The only thing she remembered about herself was that her name was Isabella and before her rebirth her eyes were brown. Now her eyes were burgundy red and her body would make even the most gorgeous human or vampire a like wish the kill themselves. She was told she had the power of allure; a very strong succubus and since that day she used and abused her power every chance she had. She stood at only 5'4 and had long waist length brown hair that would shine auburn in the sunlight.

She had chosen the north western part of America to make her home this decade. She loved the lack of sun and that the constant rain would wash away her scent. Over the past hundred years her skin had changed drastically. It had gone from smooth and ivory white to a papery onion color and she no longer sparkled in the sun. Of course she didn't mind that part but while she no longer sparkled like a diamond her skin gave off an eerily unnatural glow that still hindered her from venturing out in public during sunny days.

Isabella prided herself in being a nomad of the deepest extent. Her last home was in fact the Volturi castle that thousand years ago and since then she had never lived under the roof of luxury. She was a vampire and had no need for such things; a shower once in a while was nice and even with her age she was still a messy eater but unless she was spending time around humans and needed to keep up the human façade she never bothered much.

Over time her speed and senses had increased as well. After her newborn year she had thought that strength was gone but after being in this life for a thousand years her strength and senses had increased to even above newborn capacity. It must have been something to do with age Isabella reasoned and never gave it a second thought; she was not one to look a gifted horse in the mouth after all.

She was getting bored with humans they only gave her so much satisfaction anymore and were no longer a challenge. She was there, sitting in the Forks High school café going over her plans for the lot of human boys who were bidding for her attentions when the door to the café opened and her nose was assaulted with the familiar scent of vampires. She discreetly turned her head and zeroed in on the arrival of the new students. She had heard the rumors but never in her thousand years did she expect the 'family' to actually be a coven of vampires. A grin spread across her lips when the blond male's eyes connected with hers. She had heard of vegetarians but the very idea of feeding from an animal turned her stomach. The scars that marred the male couldn't be seen by a human but she admired every single vampire bite; openly ogling him and not giving a damn.

Oh yes, her time in the small town had just gotten much more exciting. Not only were these vampires weaker than she, but they were on her claimed territory and up for the picking.

She turned her head back to stare out of the window and opened up her hearing, zoning in on the new arrivals as they took their own seats 'discreetly' as close to Isabella as possible. As she had scanned them she realized that four of them were mated and one seemed not to have the mating mark. She chuckled under her breath as she heard them talking of what they thought too soft for her to hear. They wondered what a human drinker was doing here and why she was on their 'territory'.

Her eyes narrowed at that and darkened to black. Not wishing to make a scene amongst the humans she hurriedly dumped her tray and still walking at a human pace made for her next class; History.

After school she would follow them home and her new game would begin.