Chapter 1

Cammie's POV

"Peacock, come in." I heard Liz call over our comms. "Peacock?"

Macey. Macey, where the hel-

"Yes, sorry but I couldn't start talking into my ear like a maniac while a guy was trying to chat me up!" I heard Macey say through comms agitated.

I didn't blame her, seriously, all we had done over the past 2 and a half weeks was go on practice missions that Liz set up for us. But tomorrow was our first real thing. Jonas had messaged Liz that the boys all had their first initiation test tomorrow. It was basic. Tail suspect, and bug unsuspectingly so the COC's actual agents could then follow up (and most likely kill) the target.

We were going along for two reasons: 1) to ensure that the mission was a success, 2) to look out for whoever their assessors were. That way we could run their faces through face recognition.

I sighed as once more I realised just how easy these missions were. I say Bex crash into our unsuspecting target, bug him, take his finger prints and pick pocket him in the space of 2.3 seconds as they both fell over.

I turned and with one final sweep of the mall went to leave, but not before my eyes had landed one her. I blinked once or twice and then ran my eyes all over her again, taking in her bone structure and measurements, the only things that she couldn't change without it being obvious. I quickly turned my head and stayed still for 4 seconds then went over and sat on a bench, I stayed as still as possible, its easier to spot a moving target. I had no idea why she was here. No one actually knew we weren't returning to Blackthorne next term yet, well expect the boys. I saw her walk into a shop that was advertising a post-Christmas sale and tried to imagine her having an actual life as well as a social life.

But Abby doesn't risk putting even her disguised face on display for hitting the sales.

"Duchess, Peacock, out now." I said kicking into action, planning on leaving whilst she was in a shop.

"Um, yeah we are leaving we finished the mission." Said Bex in a 'duh' voice.

"No, seriously get out or were compromised." I said and immediately started walking slightly faster than average pace towards the exit, not good. I tried to slow down but my brain wouldn't let me, to remain unseen I have to remain average. Right now I know that I am anything but.

Finally I made my way out of the mall and towards Liz's van. I entered and breathed a sigh of relief.

"What was that!" screamed Macey, "You just tell us to get out of their or were compromised and don't give a single god damn explanation!"

"Abby." I said simply silencing them. " I saw Abby, and I don't know about you but I don't think she was here for the sales, now step on it Liz."

That evening we sat around the breakfast bar on high leather stools carefully going over our plan for tomorrow.

We have rented an apartment in Washington DC together for 2 months, and then we would have to move on, you can't stay in the same place for too long. But this apartment wasn't bad. We hadn't had to give any real details because we were paying extra to the landlord and the place was nice.

There were 4 small single bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms and a large kitchen with an island in the middle that we used to eat at.

It was one of those places with awesome nooks and crannies, hidden cupboards, gaps under floor boards and weird shaped rooms to allow for window seats and arch ways etc.

My room has a window-bed rather than a window seat; a large sky light, a book case and wardrobe, make-up table, desk, the usual. My duvet has a flowery cover and at night I could lay there looking up into the stars.

Macey's room has a large double bed with cupboards all down one side, a TV she could watch whilst she was in bed; lantern lights hanging form the ceiling and a photo wall behind the bed. Not to mention the massive wardrobes and make up table!

Bex's room has a large blue double bed, with awesome metal stars on the wall above it. The window is circular and she has a desk with her apple Mac, a wardrobe and a beanbag corner.

Liz's room has cream walls, a single bed that is totally covered in pillows and a rug in the centre of the room. She has a large desk with 3 different laptops set up and piles of books on the floor under it. Also, a wardrobe and an extra book shelf.

The living room has a large L shaped leather sofa with a flat screen and coffee table covered with used mugs, laptops and old practice mission files.

Lastly the kitchen had brown cupboards and a granite work top with a fridge that has a water and ice tap on the front.

(A/N Sorry for all the description but I couldn't stop once I'd started!)

I forked some more pasta with tomato and basil sauce in my mouth as we finally finished our plan for tomorrow. We had to be at Union Station for 12:00pm, finally, a real mission, I can't wait.